Thursday, December 3, 2009

2 Million

In Malaysia, statistic showed 2 Million people have been migrated to oversea. If they stay at here, hawker at daily can do extra 2 million people business. If they use mobile phone at RM1 per day, that company would registered extra 2 million dollar turnover per day. The effect is big and long term basic.

Now, Jerneh was changed hand. I think soon Mr KOK may announced his have been migrated too.So, the number one riches man title in Malaysia should changed hand. Maybe he had done it but Government Malaysia refuse to declared that. Otherwise the equity market will face bad effect.

There is a step, First was PPB, second was Sugar business, Third was Insurance. Forth is ?????????. Maybe shang or Maybulk???? Who knows? These is a bad signal and red alert to malaysia equity market. No one interested to own company registered at here. Number two was dislisting his business before. Now transfer out good prospect at India and Indonesia business and listed again. Is it cheating us again?

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