Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is it a last chance?

This morning, after read news and view my chat bot. Most of the negative comment to KLSE equity market has delivered. That is a big warning.

Actually as a speculator, most important thing is share price must be fluctuated with fast. Otherwise I could not have chance to buy in or sell off. Of course, based on the comment and technical analysis, adjustment will coming. In my opinion, there is an opportunity to trade.

The big lose on my buying stock might happen but I should be able to take such risk. In the first place, I won't allow my lose registered unlimited loss. Also, it would not happen because my due date is coming soon. I have to sell it on/before due date.

High risk good return always in my mind.

My stocks in Hand: - Ramunia-Wa, Mobif and Saag-WA.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bad Day

Bad Day of me, a tactic used by to speculating is out. Yesterday I have managed select 2 stocks to play. But is did not help me minimise the lose. Accumulated lose is big and next week must settled it. Otherwise, account will be temporary suspend.

Of course, this is not because of KLSE equity market did not stable. Mainly due to I am a speculator and time of buying in is wrong. Holders might not same situation as me. I am facing a riches and funder hit. They trying kick off those speculator like me.

Foreign funds instruction of purchase is difference. They giving an order with price range. Normally they buying at price range of 10 cents for penny stocks and 50 cents for heavy weight counter. Example buying from 1.10 to 1.20. So, we can see the price jump up at 5 minutes with high volume with upper trend. After that the price will consolidated at that level.

Speculator like me if buying with them will auto kick off when reaching on the due day. My method is out but benefit to holders. Life is going on and now, this game will become more interesting.

Stock In Hand: - Ramunia -WA, SAAG-WA and Mobif

Friday, May 29, 2009

Oil Stocks (Ramunia –WA & SAAG-WA)

As my prediction, oil stocks started its rally. International oil and gas price will hit USD 78.If there is come true, estimate KNM will touch RM1.00. Base on the above, I am here suggest buy in SAAG-WA and Ramunia –WA to enjoy the rally.

Construction and properties slow with consolidation at this level, until some good news deliver from our PM of visiting China. Of course early morning adjustment most probably hit the investors panic and worries.

Normally, it would happen frequently. There is nothing to worry about if you have holding power. I am a speculator and today loss a lot. Broking firm has chasing money from me.

I am continue buying and hope today can cover or minimise some lose.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Huaan, Mobif, Dbhd & Ramunia-WA

The above shares as at today closed price registered negative and hit him badly. 2 weeks effort of me gone with the winds. Actually I should hold full responsible on that. I have never seeking any advice because no one should bear my burden with my lose. Shares market is a good game and so it teach you faced the mistake you have decided.

In the journey of investment, every mistake teach me a good lesson. Nothing is worry because we lose money and we never lose our life. As long as we standing on the earth, the game is continue. Always remember, this is only a game in your life. It should not take over yours other things in once time.

Today bad performance on high volume stocks finally pull the KLSE equity market in the entire day registered negative. But I never felt any nervous because worst than today's performance, I have seen before. I never watched my in hand stocks but concentrate on watching government link stocks performance. Because if the said stocks broke certain level, I must take immediate action cut off everything. Otherwise, market still stable and confirm that is minor adjustment.

After about 5 hours observing, I never found any bad signal has arrived in the market. So, estimated that is only 20points to 30 points adjustment will happen. It should be adjusted from 1057 to 1035 points only. Expected it should be rebound from 1033 points.

Of course, most of my stocks will face heavy impact because there are speculator stocks. Now, must think to raise some money to cover loss, because I had spend it in my holiday. Bad! Bad !Bad !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ramunia -WA, Kinstel , Mobif

As usual, open the online quote to view KLSE equity market in the morning about 9.30am. In this time, I will select few stocks as my daily target for day trading. I had select Bjcorp LC again as my first choice. Finally, I had sold it and earn some money. In order to maximum profit, I have immediately bought in silver-wa. It also given me some profit. Silver -wa hardly delivery to sold it as my target price. Finally, I must cut it off 30 lots with zero gain. That is about 3.30pm and changed it to Huaan at 46 cents. Huaan started its rally about 4.25pm and I had suceed sold it 48.5 cents and registered some profit.

The above long story is my daily schedule on today market. That is happening daily and usually help me minimise my coming loss. Remember, I had chose some wrong counter bought in at yesterday. I do not know the final result but seems like negative. There are : - Ramunia -WA. Kinstel and Mobif.

As at today, there still marked loss and seems like won't give me any profit in the coming due date.

Overall performance of KLSE stocks not well, although Asia Pacific's equity market all contributed positive results but KLSE index marked negative.

Ramunia-WA, & Dbhd

Remember at 4.15pm yesterday, I had just talked about Bjcorp and its LC at here. But this 2 stocks start moved up at about 4.25pm. I have make some profit from that.

Today I wants to talk about this 2 company. Recently Ramunia have a deal with SimeEng. It was confirmed on 4 of June signing the agreement. Today most of the oil stocks faced heavy delivery and did not perform well. If you trust market will go on and hit another level. Oil stock maybe should taken into your consideration to buy in. In order to minimise the risk, in my point of view, Ramunia _WA is the best choice.

In year 2007, Dbhd is a superstar and helps a lot investors enjoy the rally. Now, terbau have go back the rally, but Dbhd still left behind. Recently it was hit 26.5 as year high. I think if its can broke this level, another wild move will happen on it.

Last 2 days, scomi, incken brings me a big loss. Hope there were not happen again.
My stocks in hand are: - Ramunia _Wa, Dbhd, Mobif and Kinstel.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bjcorp, Bjcorp-LC

KLSE equity market today had started consolidated at 1050 points. It did not have any superstar in the market. I had bought in Bjcorp because it had broke this year resistance. Usually it will perform wild and hit another new level.

Most of the stocks when hit below yesterday price, it has come out some support. Market hard to see any heavy adjustment. Unless the external issue delivery from oversea.

I had spend all my money in the holiday. so, required a bit hard working to earn back from market.

As at now m stock in hand are : - Bjcorp, Bjcorp-lc, Dbhd, Mobif, Ramunia-WA and Kinstel

Monday, May 25, 2009

Good Rally

KLSE equity market closed high at 1st session. Most of the properties and construction stocks can buy now to enjoy the rally. I had selected 2 stocks buy in. There are DBhad and Mobif. Market hardly to hit below 1030 points. if you have strong holding power. You are really enjoy the gain.
My point of view is simple. Just follow the trend and buy in. Every level you expected resistance level easily broke by high demand. I am still on leave, So I do not wants to waste my holiday. So, just a simple note to everyone.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fear and Hapiness

"你是我最苦涩的等待, 让我欢喜又害怕未来" "You are my extremely waiting for it, brings me happiness and fear about future." A Chinese famous song namely " 哭砂". The meaning of first and second sentence of its lyrics. It had 100% reflected most of the equity investors' emotion.

When you are reading this post, I am on my way to holiday.

Monday when market open, it might give me an impact on loss. I hope I can turn it to positive. Loss feeling does not brings me fear but had told me in this round, I had faced some stronger player and better trader in the market. This round the opponent parties much more stronger than what i have expect. They have own a solid bullet (money). They do not care about the current price and buy in at certain price range. They have set the target price on every stock it have lockup by them. They also do not care about short term loss on unrealised stocks.

Is it that will brings me fear and worry? That is not. I am plans to change some tactic to face and meet this new environment. More patient and steady compulsory required in this coming round of rally. Otherwise easy kick off by such impact of adjustment.

Happy surrounding me although I might lose but it have guide me a new experience. It should easy to capture it especially lose would brings you more fears and tension.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Changed Direction

KLSE equity market now has changed the direction. The above RM1 to 2 price range stocks perform better than penny stocks. Players suffer a big loss on penny stocks. They had realized such changing but couldn't follow because of worries it will incurring more losses. They are planning wait the penny stocks returned. But disappointed have accumulated after 10 days adjustment on such penny stocks.

I had heard a lot of lose case in the market. Some of them prefer quit for while and some said market already gone. This group of people usually use own individual point of view to identify the market. They have never brought any good suggestion. They stood at one way to describe the current market status.

I am always stand behind them and listening such comment. Some points I had to agree but some I have my own point of view to against them. Like yesterday, I did a good deal help me earn little to cover my coming loss.

Those stocks I had bought in would not give me any profit but I have believe they might not disappointed me at the cut off point. I am going to have a short leave and enjoying my holiday. But support by IT technology I should be able monitor closely the trend of equity market.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Unexpected Rally

Asia Pacific equity market could not continued the rally but KLSE equity market at4pm given us a surprised. There are 2 news : -

a) New bridge for Malaysia to Singapore extend to Iskandar.
b) BN control back Perak State

It was a impact and finally help index hit up about 9 points. These rally will continue at Monday or maybe a week. These upexpected news help me minimise my loss to RM3k. Hope can me more in the coming days.

Today I have done few contract by day trade, it also help me earned little gain to cover the coming loses. A lot of investors can not afford such bad sentiment in the morning and afternoon. So, they prefer stay away from market, but they all felt regret and disappointed in the late evening.

Stocks In Hand: - E & O, Scomi & Incken


Heavy lose on scomi , It could be more than 5k. Market at 4pm yesterday, most of the stocks have a big adjustment. It was indicated today market would not be good. As a speculator, faced a loss should not buy more to average it. Just think to reduce my lose as much as possible.

My selection on this round actually due to high volume or active stock. It has main topic on corporate exercise but also can't ignore the impact. As usual, today is my bad day. I am plan to control my loss do not extend more than 10k. Hope can be control.

My stock in hand: - Scomi, E & O and Incken

Thursday, May 21, 2009

IncKen, E & O & Scomi

KLSE equity market at morning session had performed wild. Up about 7 points and suddenly drop to negative 1 point. Most of the penny stocks in the process of consolidate and force selling are continue. Some counter given little profit but won’t derived any profit after minus the brokerage.

Weak holders should quit for while until some buying interest comes back. This current sentiment is not good for trading. It will allow you pay more brokerage than you profit. If afternoon my stocks in hand never turn back and I am predicted must lose about 3k to 5k.

If you are enough optimistic, you can try buying in at 3.30pm. It maybe can give you a good price to pick a stock.

Stock in hand: - Incken, Scomi & E & O

Scomi, Incken & E&O

Why I had chose the above stocks? Because of: -

a) E& O - This counter recently did not perform outstanding and were not gave any good profit. But its constant at certain level and ignore any adjustment as well as ignore any rally on index. This is mainly due to someone has plan collect and accumulated its holding at this price range. It have own charactere like previously famous stocks like AnnJoo, Spsetia and Digi. I was given it high valuation, if one day or maybe within a 12 months, its price shut up same as SPsetia. I won't surprise.

b) Scomi - After a good rally was done at last Wednesday and Thursday. It was faced heavy adjustment on Friday and this week Monday. But yesterday surprising it would not hit below 67.5 and still stood at 69 cents. Is it a signal of achieved or challenge/break the recent high of 80? But that is not important. The good news is: - it had already like a market leader to others. If it sucessful hit higher than 80, KNM will given the number one title out to Scomi. That is funny and interesting.

If you wants to join my party, I am always welcome.
Stocks in hand : - Scomi & E &O & Incken

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weak Holder Kicked Out

Today KLSE equity market given a surprise to everyone. It was hit 21 points higher than yesterday. But most of the player just busy on clear in hand stocks and most of them registered lose. It was given a lesson to investors, market were not controlled by you and me. It will choose its own way and kick off some people.

That is a good news for speculators, because everybody will start at beginning points again. No one have any advantages and privilege. So, today I have selected some stock to test the level. There are : - Scomi, Incken and E & O.

It may not given me any profit but is good to test current market's pulse. This is dangerous but worth to test before heavy buying. I am still remember E & O and Scomi are the first choice when I was in the market on 23/3/09. This round I chose them again.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kinstel & KUB

Today finally I had found 2 stocks can giving me some confident to buy in, there are Kinstel & Kub. Because of : -

a) Kinstel – Yesterday hit as low as 70 cents and successful go back 80 cents closed. It was negative because today it will face the heavy delivery by high price of 93 cents. But at 10.30am to 11am, it has surprised me stood at 83.5 cents. The alert of heavy delivery has eliminated and gone. No one will lose because I had believed some holder has averaging the price to 82 to 83. It is giving a good signal for up trend on this counter with its high support volume.

b) Kub has registered the high price record at 58cents and yesterday was hit down to 445. Now it has come back to 50 cents and no signal of high volume deal on today will deliver into market. That’s mean most of the purchase has been paid and collect it as long term investment.

In view the outstanding run on both counter, I am here recommend buy in for short trading. You lose will minimise because both of them has created the strong support at 805 and 48 respectively. These two counter maybe can exempted by any heavy adjustment on index, because demand over the supply at certain level of its price.

Is it a good support?

Yesterday some of stocks had place out their support price. Like Kinstel at 70 cents, Liondiv at 51 cents...etc. Is it a good support level for them? In the down/bear market, this always happen some support price seem like a good support. To identify it, that is difficult.

But what i see if those counter in the coming days hit below yesterday lower price. Such stock will registered lower until you unbelievable. So, usually I am prefer stay far away and won't join into these dangerous place. Investors like to guess lower price and always blame themselves could not capture it. For me, that is not important. I am prefer a stock can move up further although is expensive rather than spend money to buy/test its' lower/bottom.

Someone who can collect at yesterday lower price maybe can enjoy some gain. But how many times they will be correct on guessing? Do you wants few lorries of money to do such way on you investment?

Stopped buying since last Tuesday cause my hand itchy. But stop a while will help my view and my mind clear to observe. When is my buying day? I do not know.................................. I am waiting..........................

Monday, May 18, 2009

No Chance

KLSE equity market in the first session registered at negative with traded at high volume. The volume done on the screen could not give/convince me any reasons should buy in at this level. A lot of writer/analyst highlighted the support level at 1000 points. In my point of view, 1000 points is not the real support level. Actually, they have been misleads group of people who trusted them start buying.
Actually in my opinion, to identify the first support is not easy. It should be on the 3 times or 3 days consecutive hit the same level. That level only can be the first support level. At this moment of time, I must be a negative investor. I also trying convinced some one who trusted me must caution.

In this game rule, if you are never trading. Market hardly eating yours in hand resources. You also required be patient and having some self-control. Actually, that is difficult to control. Similar like me, I must keep on remind myself.

Today KLSE equity market mostly follow others market step. It had indicated own sentiment has been spoilt and easily convinces by others. In these circumstances, I am preferred it’s continue hit down badly three days. Maybe it could found the first support and given me a chance to buy in and earn some money. But it was failed and performs as mixed run. It given me an alert, I should not buy in at this period of time

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy Day

Usually investors busy on rally day but my busy day fall on market perform badly. It is because the more information had collected at this period. You should be able well know "What is the extend on equity market in the coming day."

Well prepare and hard working on those day is necessary and more data will appearing during bad time. You should able well know one stock support level. It also given you a signal if next day which level of price it should break it to continue its rally.

High price and lower price on past record should erase it from you memory. Otherwise it will stopping you dare to collect the said stocks and run it too early.

After this week, I am going to spend my holiday about 3 or 4 days. A short break to help me accumulated more energy to face these cruelty game.

Assumption !

I have made few assumption on equity market, there are : -

a) Rotation adjustment on Index counter and Penny stocks in KLSE.
b) HK equity index go back below 15,000
c) Another impact from DJ.
d) Gold price up
e) Asian Pacific currency drop

The above assumption made entire world equity market swing down badly. A bad news about economic continue spread over. But that is last and final hit on equity market. After that, slowly recover on shares price and start created a strong base. But i do not know how long and how strong on this coming adjustment. I am waiting the data appearing and hope I can understand.

Due to the above, holders should start prepare in advance to minimise loses. Of course market would not predictable as I thought. But well prepare become necessary to meet such impact. All the time, I claimed myself a little bit crazy. Because equity market is crazy , I must work crazy like it.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

That is bad!

KLSE equity market made some adjustment on 2nd and 3rd liner counter, It were brought most of investors panic. The declined on such shares did not affected the index because of: -

a) Previously those index link counter had adjusted.
b) Some investors did not feel that seriously
c) Hoping from rebound

Actually this Monday, market had irrational move. But nobody aware that because penny stocks still gave them profit. They aim for better profit and hope that long rally continue. As a speculator, I had noted but obtained a lot of critisied. Nobody trusted me and further they blame me.

In fact if I am done such mistake and made wrong prediction just reduce their profit but if i am right on prediction, they will registered lose. Against me do not bring any benefit. Blame me also can't rescuse on their loses.

As i was mentioned, all my information derived from data. Its hardly wrong and beyond the fact. That is bad no one trusted me on that.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Past Experience

Ten Years ago, Every time in the end of rally. I had found still holding some in hand stocks, those cost price far lower than current price. It was gave me regret and sad. Every hard money day by day lose and finally cut at one time. Such experience told me I am still navy and stupid.

Today, I saw a lot of people repeat my step as before. Although I warn them but usually they replied me they have strong enough holding power to wait. Soon of the later, while market rally come back we can see they only scare and stand away watch you are making money. After the rally almost over, they will follow. These story happen every time and repeat again.

Do you be same as them? Do you wants just like them open a big mouth with complaint? Do you wants keep on blaming? Do you wants push all the responsible to someone to reduce you mistake?

If you repeat the same reaction and emotion on yourself. At last, you are the loser. Please do not forget, I am a human being. My power wouldn't bring down the market points. My power wouldn't affect you decision? You lose wouldn't direct go to my pocket. My blog also do not have any convince power to affect you wealth.

So, market run as its way. I am just try my hard to explain it whatsoever I have known from the data which is appearing in the market.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life is meaning full

When you are stopping buy shares, you will feel life is meaning full. Actually playing shares required a lot knowledge and experience. I believe a lot people just watching one or two particular shares only. They do not care about environment/sentiment of market as well as other activities on others shares. So, they are hoping that shares bought by them must go up, others should go down. Finally, they also join into one group namely "lose gang" Why?

In the shares market, if you wants make money/profit. You should hope all shares up together. While people have earn money definite they will offer higher price to buy yours in hand shares . If you heart is selfish, every single cents also do not wants let go to other people. to earn it .At last, you stocks still in hand could not offer out and finally registered a big big lose.

In fact, I am well treat the data in front of me be my good friend . There are teaching me must be faithful, sincere and not cheating. Hence, the data also treat me well and inform me in advance. They telling me "what is the right time buy in or leaving" They never fail me as well as I also never cheat people.

While data in front of me blinking at every second, they had said something. You must learn to capture such information to plan you investment. Is it a miracle? No, every data representing a meaning. Please try hard learn on it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do you Learn?

Yesterday I was too late stepped into broking firm. As usual, lot of investors still enjoying the rally. I am walk around and couldn't comment anything. Because I do believe when people concentrate playing a game, i should be quite.

I noted some heavy weight counter still consolidated at one level. it would not giving any profit to everyone. But those who like playing the penny stocks maybe still gain some profit. Is it a signal to turn down? I do not know. I am watching, thinking and analyst on that.

But I am happy my self control improve. previously in this period of time or as well as the penny stocks still moving. I were not give up and continue playing. This round I learn some tactic/ I will keep it for next coming round. Maybe can double up my profit.

I am waiting my payment and preparing spend all money for my family trip. So, next round I should earn more and keep it for my own. These few days, I am hearing a lot people saying they wants to keep it the said stocks to meet the target. I have also hearing this stock can reach that level and the other one going to move another 10 to 15 cents.

In fact, a lot of people had changed the attitude on current status on global economic. The V diagram has highlight and was agreed. Hence, they had concluded the recovery coming soon. They further advise me buy in. I am temporary quit because I am tired. In fact, my brain has stuck and can't know about the individual support level and resistance level on individual share's price.

Do you choose listen on good news only?

As a speculator, I have to learn accept the good and bad news. I don’t like against the market force as well as don’t care others people reaction. Of course, someone chose listen you comment but actually they are prefers listening on good news only.

In the month of Jan to Mar 09, my blog recorded about 150 readers per day. But while equity market was hit closed to 980 points. The number of readers increased to 500 per day. These things happen because they are concern about some tips in my blog. Furthermore, during these periods of time I had continued writing some good news about the market.

But I can foresee the readers soon will give up reading my blog. Because these coming days I would not intend to continue my trading in the KLSE equity market. I want to spend all my gain to enjoy my life.

In fact, if you want comment something bad about the game to group of people who still enjoying the sweet and honey in the game. You will face difficult and cause people do not like you. Some how they prefer ignore you and start to hate you. They further bring thousand of excuse and reason blame you and criticised you.

Actually I do not care about their feeling. Because my objective is clear. Earned money from the rally of equity market and follow by enjoying life.

Of course, I should give a note at here because I have to faithful to everyone who trusted me. I must inform them I am temporary leaving equity market because I had found some uncertain things going to happen in the market.

However, we can’t select the news if you want to be a winner because facts would not erase it by way of ignore or escape.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Special Run on cetain Counter

Usually I do not care about the previous higher and lower record, because it will confuse you while you wants to buying stocks. I just care about the behaviour of the said stock. Why?

If you set a higher price, it will stop you enjoy the rally and also stop you indentify the current market situation and its momentum.

If you set a lower price, it will bring you jump in too early when its happen an heavy adjustment or you will not buying in the right time when its want to start the rally.

Current situation/status apply to all stocks, if you blocked youself too early or too confident. It will bring you into bear trap. Just forget about the previous price and obtain a real information on current situation. It will be more accurate and realistic.

People who living in the past may lose to aim better future. People who apply one rule to survive will bring himself staying in the corner and do not know what is happening in the world.

Be a speculators, the consistence policy should apply it to all stocks. Like example, every stock enjoy gain for 3 cents. It should be firm and steady on 3 cents. More than that consider is a bonus and do not apply it one time at 3 cents and others at 4 cents and the others is at 5 cents.

As I said, earned money should known how to spend money and enjoy you life. I was quit since yesterday and will be came back again if I have obtain some good data from the equity market.


That is warning whoever still holding some stocks or preparing buy again after an adjustment. This coming adjustment will hit until you weren't believed. Every support is a trap. Only way can safe you investments or money, Just sell off everything until the daily volume reach certain low level. Market will not giving you any profit because most of the people lose money.

Market will have few level to break down because the heavy volume delivery at every level. The data told me on yesterday about 3pm. I wasn't believed until I had changed my selling price 3 times also couldn't done it. That was a time I do believed market no support and searching an heavy adjustment soon.

My stock in hand is ZERO. Yesterday I must cut off Resort and BJcorp - LC. It has write off all my Friday and Monday's profit. I am not regret although my pick up day not due yet. I also noted some bad news has arrive Asia Pacific. That bad news now wants to join up soon. I am afraid if there join up at this point of time. It will totally spoilt all effort on recent rally.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Prediction : - Market Rally is Over

Why I commented the rally was over? Because : -

a) Suddenly most of the stocks run it higher on the same time. Last time that is only a specific stock were happen.
b) There is no instant reason for certain stock can hit the higher level.
c) Most of the index link counter registered lost especially those heavy weight counter.
d) Today higher price when compared with closed price, that is a big difference.

Based on the above, I had sold all stocks in hand althought some of them registered negative. Especially Resort and Bjcorp -LC. I will quit for while, until some positive data has arrive again. I do not wants fight against the trend of the market.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Genting Trip

Yesterday I was invited by one of my friend visit Genting's casino. Last few years ago, I was frequently visited the place and playing Roulette game. It was helped me earned some money from that as well as getting some free points.

Resort Berhad is subsidiary company of Genting, it's helping to manage the casino at Genting Highland. But now it listing price drift at 2.31 to 2.50. Why this rally round it can't acheived better price than Genting? Maybe its looking/waiting some good news. Or some big funder trying pull it at that level for easy monitor. So, finally it will giving a surprise to everyone soon.

Along the trip, I found that the place still attractive people and continue earn profit from consumer. Like us, 3 out of 4 is losing money in the casino game. The earning rate about 75%.

Today morning our super analyst in the local newspaper still commented market soon be adjusted. Maybe 20 times projected, they may correct one or two times.

However, I am soon leaving equity market because I wants to spend some hard earn money to paint some colour onto my life. I do not wants my life surrounding by figure.

Stocks in hand: - Bjcorp-LC, Mulpha and Resort

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mulpha, Mulpha -WA Bj Corp LC and Resort

A bad day for everyone who sold thier holding in the morning. Actually market had a good rally on last few days, It needed a rest.

I am enjoying the game becuase although I never earned much on last few days but I had managed earn some daily expenses. Until today, I couldn't find any good stocks to buy in and enjoy the huge/big yield. How about you?
I just took some profit and enjoy my life. It will remind me this is my hard earn money. I should taste it and use it for my life.
Now, My stocklist changed again after market closed. There are: Mulpha, Mulpha -WA, Bj corp LC and Resort.

Bjcorp- LC, Timecom and Resort, Jotech- Wa

A good news from jobless claimed at USA brought DJ hit high again. But this does not help KLSE will follow the rally because we are not one of the developed equity market in the world. But another good news from oil would bring up our market, that is oil price had hit above 58. This good news will help KLSE hit another 50 to 60 points on current level.

A lot of investors brought State of Perak politic issue as a bad factor. But as an ordinary people in Malaysia, who win or lose on both parties did not bring anything to us. Of course the balance of power would helping us monitor closely on our resources instead of someone misused it.

I am believe market want have any adjustment, it will not direct informing you and me. Some bad data will hidden behind until you are not belived and you minds will telling you continue buy and trading in the market.

As at yesterday, my stocks list are : - Resorts, Jotech-WA, Bjcorp -LC and Timecom. Wish you are can enjoy buying same as me and join the cheerful party with me.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

BJCorp –LC, Jotech –WA and Resort

KLSE equity market in the morning had a small rally about 11 points. It was needed a rest. Market searching the balancing of transaction. So, today KNM demoted to 3rd place at volume page and SAAG be a leader now. It is a good and healthy replacement because if one of the counter stand too long at number one. If any adjustment on that, it will affect the rally.

After the morning session, my intention has change. I was bought in rJotech –WA and Resort. Buy in Jotech –WA because of Jotech has been broke the strong resistance at 7 and Resort was hit again 2.56 and finally reached higher price of 2.57. I would like to say these 2 counters should start the rally again from this price.

In these rally hard to see any loses because 99% of the stocks has registered 5% to 10% higher than bottom. On this level, monitor closely on yours in hand stocks and control it by way of identified its resistance. It will help maximum yours gain.

Another Good Day

Market will hit higher and higher. Please do not guess what level it can be reach. Just concentrate on your holding stocks. Mulpha will hit higher because of resistance has been broke on yesterday. Bj corp totally out of this rally but it has also broke the resistance.

I just enjoy the rally, but also attached with some bad moved stock, Like sanbumi. I wish it can give some run on today. Take profit and enjoy your profit is your priority concern.

Stand on own principle and do not follow others issues influnce your decision.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mulpha, Bjcorp LC and Sanbumi

The above mentioned stocks still have a chance to meet higher level. Because during financial crisis, there have been hit down more than 70%. Now, there had pulled back 5% only.

KLSE equity market perform good at closed. It wasn't hit down below 1000 points. So, sucessful bring 1000 is a strong support.

Most of the counter registered off high toward the end. Tomorrow is another good day for Malaysia investors.
In my list of holding, I am still keeping Bjcorp - LC, Sanbumi and Mulpha

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kinstel & Perwaja

As I had predicted on today noon, market index counter passing the rally to second and third liner counter. Like Ranhill, Zelan , Jaks and KHSB. Yesterday topic are index counter (heavy weighted company). Today are Construction and Infrastructure related companies. So, we must guess what are the category of company will lead the market on tomorrow. Is it raw materials’ company? Kinstel & Perwaja (Steel Bar)or Cement (YTLcement).

If you had careful analyst/study to those company had achieved the high price. You maybe noted such companies are foreign investors favourite investing company. In year 2008 before the financial crisis, foreign investors are listed as major shareholders on the above said counter. Is it they have been back and reinstate the shareholding again?

The local newspaper still refused to admit foreign investors had step in KLSE equity market. Because they just based on form 29A or 29B to identify it. Please do not forget if foreign investors just bough in about 4%, they did not or not necessary made such reporting to any authority.

But as a speculator in the market, I am welcome all parties enjoy these games. Today, Ramunia has been suspended, it was made my trading account left limited trading limit. So, I never captured any profit contributed by Ranhill and Zelan.

My in hand stocks: Kinstel, Perwaja, Ramunia – wa and Sanbumi

Kinstel and Sanbumi

Today, KLSE equity market in the first session most of the hot stocks opened at high closed at low. It was gave most of the investors panic and worries. Is it market want to have big adjustment or turn down will inform you in such method? The answer is definite not like these. Hence, I have classified it, market needed a rest for consolidation.

Market wouldn’t give you any warning if it wants to have adjustment. It will quite did it and you would not aware at all. While you are noted, market had weak and registered the low price.

Why today I selected Kinstel? Actually Kinstel is a leader in the steel bar industrial. If you confident Lionind should stand above 1.00. There is no reason Kinstel can not touch 80. If kinstel maintain at 60, market would not healthy and most of the fund manager will lose their job. Like UEMland and MRCB always difference about 10 cents at these rally.

In order to highlight Kinstel price match with current index point. I think fund manager will do some funny show on this counter. Of course, this is speculator issue on Kinstel.

My Investment Value Reduce

From 23 March 2009 until yesterday, Everytime I am playing per equity by minimum volume of 50 lots and keep daily investment value of RM120k at everyday. But, today I have start reduce the value at 50k per day or plans to quit soon. I need a rest.

In the past 30 days, my data in hand had fully utilised. I can't search stock I am familiar. I can't believe the resistance of such stock has been broke. I am not even known What is the next level. Yesterday, I was sat in front of display screen of computer. I couldn't understand the stocks price, Just has a feeling "So Close So Far".

The above factors happen on me, Is that a warning to me? I don't know. In fact, shares price and playing shares already bind me on daily. Those circumstances should not happen on me.

My points of view, market index will continue move as these few days. So, I prefer keep low value of share in my hand.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Super Run at Asia Pacific Equity Market

Is it equity market has come back to bull run? If you bought in at low price in somewhere Jan 09. You can feel that. Today, I had managed earn little profit because I had lose direction. From morning to evening, no counter is my favourite. My mind had blocked by some data and can not find the way.

Until the market almost ended, I just tried bought in some Ramunia -WA. In view of the super performance in the entire Asia Pacific equity market. No signal of adjustment will arrive in coming trading days. But I has been stepped inside some bottle neck. Inside my heart, fears manipulated my plan and warns me continue these game.

Lost confident on my purchase and while looking in front of the display screen. it seems like every stocks can drop if I buy in at that price. Although my opinion tells me that, but i believe market index still searching another new high level. Until one day, my mind tells me market still bullist. It may be a signal of adjustment will arrive. Please believe it, "Market will not listen my instruction and it will always run against my thought."
My stocks in Hand: - Ramunia -WA and sanbumi

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Principle of Speculator

As a speculator, usually bring an empty pocket to call buy in the market. I have a limited time and money in hand to play one specific counter. So, I wants to : -

a) Take profit fast
b) Minimise my lose
c) Control myself not gritty

The 100% must faithful the above condition but finally lose gain extra. But that were help you escape the crisis of adjustment of shares. Broker do not like me, because always need buy in volume and worry I can't afford the loses. Because they can't sell our holding stocks to pay the lose.

In order to minimise broker's worry. I am not interested to receive any payment of gain. Until such a time highlighted there is a final or end up of rally. I will ask some withdrawn of the profit.

Sometime I like a jumping frog and something I be a wolf. No one can predict my step because I am a speculator. In KLSE I have to say this is easy because I would not faced more funds manager in the market. If I am at Japan Nikkie or DJ USA or HK HSI. I think this is a difficult job.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Good Holding Stocks

Sometime readers would wondering why I had sold out my stocks so fast and just earned a little money from that. In my theory of speculating, I am always believed the profit should distributed to all. My had planned as far as today my profit is better than my daily wages. I am happy and also should allow people enjoy from that.

So, every stocks for my minimum earning should have one cents extra from my cost with minimum of 50 lots. If you traded as these theory, you would not hold more stocks during heavy adjustment in the equity market.

Refer to KLSE yesterday performance, Index link counter registered high price and leading the market recover all the points back. It was indirect told us, market would not brings any bad impact in the early day of next week. It should be easily hit and cross over the 1,000 points by high volume.

For me, it is a difficult task to select the high yield return stock to play. So, I has to remain last friday stocks to enjoy the coming rally on coming Monday. In hand stocks are : - MKland, Johan and Sanbumi.