Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Recently Nasdaq at USA gave profit better than DJ. In the current economic situation, financial equipment seems like go to history. So, if we some new idea or IT delivery to market, I think this is positive to help us have a better future.

If most of the rescue from government had step into end. The new IT may help us see another new century or new rally for new economic. So, invest into IT stocks is a good choice.

I do not know why, GHLSYS started its rally from 23 cents. Although in between the shares coming down after a short rally. But its always has a good support from resistance level. Like broke 28 cents and when it was came down, it was stood at 26. After broke 30 cents and hit 38 cents and during adjustment it was sucessful stood at 33.5 cents.

Every adjustment would not broke the previous starting point. It was shown good signal. At last, I was found 3A going down trend and although that is technical rebound but better stay away from this counter.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Projected Wrong

Today, the adjustment had arrived KLSE. But there are 2 counters given some profit, 3A and Jadi. In the discussion, I had commented 3A going back to 80 and Jadi would closed better than 22. The final result shown I was wrong.

Why I have been made such comment? Because base on the volume done up to 3pm. The Jadi is better than 3A. There are same group of people monitor it. In the bad market, normally hold the lowest cost stocks easy than high cost counter. This is normal circumstances.

I am believe there are several reasons behind make my prediction wrong: -

a) Most of the 3A shares under control.
b) There are not very sure the major shareholder intention of Jadi.
c) The margin account not ready yet for Jadi.
d) No support/specific news to allow them created for Jadi.

By the way, just be careful trade on this 2 counters. Because the funds might pull back by bank if the market continue adjust down in the coming months.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

300 Million.

In your bank account balance showed 300 million. Do you feel enough? If you are ask me the same question. I am really in doubt.

In fact, if I have such money. I will plan to use 50% of the funds to control one listed company and well structure it. It is a base for me to acquire and take over more company. That is my investment vehicle.

3, 30 or 300 million that is a lot of difference. Some people while trying at Jackpot to win 3 miilion .They have always said, I will be enjoy my peaceful life in the future. Obviously, they do not aware inside their mind, what is their requirement?

Some people use the money buy a shop lot or a house. But if he/she choose a high range property. Finally they are still working for bank and If they do not plan well. The end result is broke.

Buying shares similar like your own some money in hand. You should able know what is exactly what you want it. Otherwise, the assets be come as yours long term liabilities.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jadi & 3A (Listed at KLSE)

3A started its rally from 34 cents. It has not turn down anymore after this level. Jadi started the rally from 15 cents. Why I have selected this 2 counters be my today post?

Because, as your are noted I am happy walk around the shares firm. Today, in the shares firm has one good player talks about 3A and told us the major shareholders been accumulated more than 55% of total paid up. Other related parties also control some stake. He further told me the new factory situated at China started operating and contributed about 3 times better turnover than last year. The result will announce at next month and projected price maybe can reach 1.00.

At last, he ask my advice. My answer is simple, if everything is correct and factory in the first year running at 100% production capacity. It could be happen. But, I am just wondering how is going to absorb the capital expenditure and initial expenditure about 150 million. ( Factory investments cost about 150 million).

In this case, recall my memory about Fountain and Suremax. These 2 stocks initially given a lot of good news and stood at high price for long period. Finally the result is dilisting at KLSE. Personally, I do not like such stocks because there are monopoly by someone and allow certain people happy on that.

Last, they also told me, another stock going to move higher. That is Jadi. Is it true? Please keep your eye on. I really do not know.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


After reading a post from equity . Got a very bad feeling because as an ordinary people. We are always face such treatment. No matter your are hard working or not. Someone always have better benefit or privilege than you. If your are outstanding one, you should able to use in hand resources to create your world.

Like the founder of Google or Microsoft. They own a specific skill created some super equipment in your life. You need the said skill day by day to enjoy a better facilities.

In the equity market, how to create some super skill like Google or Microsoft? First, there is no such things be happen. Because there is a place for rich people to corn someone. If one day you found it, maybe you has been created a new play ground for rich people and such place provided better return or fast money.

You only can brave to buy in equity market. Use certain specific thought and specific money to enjoy the game. Please do not listen such stupid comment. Just Like: -

a) IF 20 years ago you bought in the said share or
b) IF 20 years ago bought in and hold until today.

Not to said that is impossible but it must be followed a lot of specific condition. Otherwise such stocks you bought just parking in your hand for 20 years and before you sold it and grab the profit. You been pass away. Of course, it has a success case in the world. Now he is number 2 riches man in the world. Name Warren Buffet.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Move on Genting

As I said on yesterday, if someone continue promote the shares. The specific counter definite have some activities going to happen.

If your are reading newspaper everyday. You should able know how to identify the real news and bad news. Use it as your speculate weapon and earn some money. A kopitiam's topic and gossip must be brings you in to bad situation. Until one day, your are not able to know what is exactly happen in the world.

A fact now in front of you and me. A big funds know how to cover themselve and made a specific topic attract your attention. In the begin state, usually news in the common area give you some sweet and honey. But your are standing under the sky. So, finally the rain and sun melt it easily. All yours effort will go by a day.

Which is Next????? E&O or Latexx????

Negative become Positive

Good turn to Bad or Positive turn to Negative . It was happen everyday in the world. But buying shares should learn Negative become Positive opinion. So, it was made people crazy on it until you can't stop the induce and take out all your money from bank to join in the game.

Just like a lady, when she was young it make you crazy on her. Finally brought her to your bed room and follow by married with her. If I am not mistaken. In year 2007, most of the paper continue recommend a stock from Malaysia Market. That is KNM and Gamuda. Your are easily obtained such data of these two counter. But finally after 2008, there is hardly see such report.

Now, Genting and IJM become a superstar in local newspaper. What would think about them? So, imagine your are be superstar in one day and dream it. Maybe you have learn something about that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holiday Brings Uncertain

Holiday in the country brings your investments be unsafe. Why? People selected the stocks always created a mind. It was always reminded you are in the long term strategy. One day, if some bad issue happen in the oversea countries. They are forgotten the strategy. Afraid and bad thinking start accumulated in their mind and while market open, they did one way , that is sell.

So, speculator always must learn how to control the self emotion. Today, Hong Kong and Shanghai perform different. One is up and the other one is down. It seems like future market better in the US DJ.

If KLSE equity market tomorrow open. What should you do? Haha. Take profit and run if your stocks have been earn 2 times or more than 80% yield from beginning of the year.

Monday, September 21, 2009

8 Counter Contributed 80% gain

In Malaysia market, many of stocks gave more than 80% yield to investors. Those specialist used it as advertisement to promote their funds. Some others just tell you last few months he had selected such counter and make so much of money.

Actually, if they have such skills they have earn enough and no need allow people aware it. So, the corn case always created while your are trusting them. People have been used simple way to attract people attention. Too complex method brings people doubt and scare.

Today Malaysia market closed because of celebrating of HariRaya. Hong Kong, Shanghai and Euro do not follow. At this time, Euro market perform badly and hope can recover while it close. Malaysia should not have any surprise to continue the rally because the funds almost finished utilised by government.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not Feeling Well

These 2 days not feeling well, In my memory, long time not been sick. Now fall sick seriously and not even can do anything. However, thanks to who name it as google ask visitors click ads at here. Its does not earn much but just showing some appreciation on my post at here.

Market has been reach another level. It seems like not one can stop the up trend. If there is not adjustment at this year. Everybody will suffer in next year. Equity and others resources may not give any gain in the coming year. Because most of the good effects have been reflected in this year.

If you used mathematic to calculate the trend and based on chat. It did not show you anything on current status. You have used others method to identify the equity market. That maybe using the cashflow in the market more easy to know it better.

After an heavy adjustment on last year. Government pump in a lot of cash into market but it was only gave to those powerful people. Ordinary people could not enjoy it and taste it. So, if certain group of people misuse the said funds, market will go to one way direction and not created a good base for future. Finally everybody will suffer for it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dry up your brain and pocket money

Buy equity sometime brings feel dry up your brain and pocket money. The pressure hit you badly and brings more more disappointed in your life.

There is game can cause you regretted forever. If your are playing pick a 4d number game. That night you should be able know the draw result. Share would not give you spot results and it will badly hit down because of other external factors.

Some people hate playing shares because it will cause you feel uncomfortable daily. One day you still hold it in hand, the final result still uncertain. Some people like it because it will brings you a dream. The price today negative does not means forever remain. It can be anytime hit higher than you holding cost. This is a dreams. So, if you have such plans, means you are holding a dream. The dream may come true.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Strengh of Ringgit Note

Recently Currency Malaysia Ringgit stronger against USD, it brings foreign investors earn more than what they have been expected from equity.

The USD note drop bring Oil, Gold, Oil palm and others natural resources hit higher price in the future market. That is why I have been predicted the gold price will hit to 1300. That is possible.

USD dollar toward to lower brings no reason for klse equity market have any adjustment because our main index counter main business are selling natural resources. Its help those company have better performance in the coming season. The profit can registered better than previous.
At the end of day, KLSE was hit above 1220 and closed at high. It will continue the rally until it has found an excuse of adjustment. Good effect of strengh of Ringgit Malaysia.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good money with Msport

Msport recently hit down 49.5 cents, This counter after listed never gave any profit because one of major sell off. Today this share finally hii up with high volume. This is a good chance for you do some short term speculating on it.

Those people who select KNM will give another bad return on next day. Of course tomorrow it would not be same as my prediction. But just trade it careful on this counter.

After a short break, E & O going to start its rally again. If you have holding power on any heavy adjustment. This is a good choice. The festival soon arrive in the few days time. Malaysia should have some good news on that to match with the good day.

As a human being, others matter also important in your life. Just take this game as entertainment. You may really have joyful on it

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good day with Good Money

Today, Jetson-wA given a surprise move. It was give a profit about 20cents per share. My friend has some tips and bought in yesterday. He has earn about 20k.

So, when the above case happen on you. You are happy and hope for another round to earn the same money by one deal. As i am aware, that is difficult and may not happen again.

The above said stocks not 100% match with the fundamental value and recently It was jump out from 10 cents. The rally is long and been hit up more than 500%. It is unusual run and unlimited move under the normal bid.

Hard Earn Money

Hard earned money, If you read my chat box at here. You are aware 14 articles in the 14 days only can earn 5.75. Bad return with hard work.

In the equity market, within a second you can earn more than 500 if the said shares you bought in up about 5cents with 100 lots. (100,000 shares). Sometime you will felt unfair and disappointed. Would you be stop me write a note and post it at here.

Today in the company, I had scold someone because she has not any authorization but insist that I must forward the documents. Actually she had against the act. As an accountant, we should know the ethic and not even can forced any one disclosed the information. So, I have classified her never brought her brain to the office or maybe forgotten fix it up proper.

In this case, I found that someone is grity on power. Actually company already give a notice to me must go. Soon, she will control. Nothing she is worry unless you are not confident.

In the shares market, a lot of investors have such attitude and finally those investors registered unlimited lose. You must know how to hold it when necessary. You also must know release it when necessary. You must be patient on waiting.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Miss the boat

During the rally in the equity market. Sometime we will miss the boat. A rally can be last for 3 years and could be only 3 weeks. Such period we should have some reasons can not join in the party.

Now, a lot of people start asking me. Why market rally can stop? They felt regret in the early stage was sold everything. Because in year 2008, most of the stocks registered loss and this year in a chance for them recover some loss.

They are brings such uncomfortable if rally continue. Who know market rally can be higher than what we are expect? Control the bad emotion now brings you steady and calm.

In the game, we should know stay away and replan our step on our life journey. Instead of concentrate one way, if anything bad brought inside on only game. You may forever regret. This week KLSE do not give you profit as well as the future index market. Gold has been broke 1006, and anytime can see it will touch 1300. This is bad signal for equity market.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


When your are using Google search on my nick name. You could found my blog at here. But if you using MSN's bing serach machine, it might need more time to find my blog.

Now I am be friend with equityname. Because last time I was wrongly misuse the google ads and clicks the ads by my own. Now I am published advertisement from Google ads under his account.

I am believe a lot of people wondering how come I never place any stock at here as recommendation. Friendly speaking, I am still looking some funds and plans for future. Because I am soon be unemployed and must have some steady income to maintain my family daily expenses.

Depends on blog ads can not earn much for normal living cost. My record is 5 months only earn less than RM100. Not even enough for me pay monthly telephone and net fees. So, writing blog here only for entertainment. Malaysian said " Cannot CARI MAKAN"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Behind the fact

Everyday we must meet a lot of people. Sometime you do not know every word you had speak might hurt someone. Every person carry a difference emotion on everyday. So, how to define it and make it as easy and happy ending.

That is impossible for everyone changing in every minute to meet all people. Similar you are investing in the equity market. Every deal comprising with difference opinion of people. Some one would like to sell and someone may like to hold or buy in.

Every price done at every second included difference opinion. Some time your are outsider of such deal. But someone pull in join into said deal.

Tell you a story, Recently my employment going soon terminated but some how have some busy people would like to threathen me in advance and giving some indirect warning. Although she/he is a outsider. Of course my post carried with strong power on execution of company matters. So, maybe someone aim it for so long and now could not wait the final result and so, decided take action in advance to manipulate and control on it.

So, as a small society consist of many people differnce thinking. I do believed equity market consist of multi million or billion wealth. The dirty way of deal more than everyone imagination.

Friday, September 11, 2009


When your holding stocks are penny stocks, you are now feel disappointed. The KLSE index was broke 1,200 and those penny stock cuurent price was registered lower than when market hit 1100 at month of June 2009.
What should you do at now? Cut it or Wait? There is no proper answer on that. I am just aware if still hold such stocks in hand, the risk percentahe become higher.
Usually ordinary people would like to compared with someone. Like now you are holding RM100,000 at bank. You used to compared with those people who had earn multiple time of return on same value on past 20 years ago.
They forgotten one important factor. During those day he did not have 100,000.00 in hand. Because he still need to pay instalment on his house. That is stupid way of comparison.
Furthermore, his friend never told him RM100,000 for him maybe represented about 5% of his total wealth. So, any things happen on past 20 years, he still can survive with others saving.
Think it proper, before your are decided jump into the same boat.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


In Malaysia, not many people could received salary at rm3000 per month. If you have earn this amount means your daily income about 100. Speculator sometime need to buy few counter in one trading day. The minimum charged by per contract cost 100.

Speculator job become difficult because you must earn better than 100 per day. Maybe you should use online trading but also need some cost.

Perhaps you should consider keep the 100 in to bank to earn some interest. Bursa Malaysia is the one corporation enjoy the fees while market index up or down.

So, if you have 3000 reasons must buy in shares. On the other hand, you also have 3000 reasons need not buy in shares. Hard earn 3,000 can spend it on one day. 3,000 days hard to saving 1,000 dollar.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good Return

After China last week hit down about 6.7 %, most of market strong rebound. HK come back 21,000 and Malaysia broke 1,200 points. If you had collect some shares during adjustment. Now you should have good return.

Sometime effort was there but not 100% guarantee the return is good. Perhaps you are not accept it as fact but as a human being you must know fail also is your good experience or achievement. Yesterday, I went to shares firm and make some prediction.

I had predicted KurAsia broke and touched 655 cents and close at high. The final result shown I am wrong, it was registered close at 6.15 cents. Why?

This final results out of my prediction because I was not refer the previous transaction and its history price. Just go there and make a simple prediction. The data in front of me was mislead me and the facts was covered.

Equity market should not based on current beautiful move to decide the step. It should be refer the overall performance and sentiment to identify the rally or adjustment.

Yesterday experience had told me, Do not be a reporter simple wrote some article and use it for fill in the blank on newspaper.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

907, 911, 915 & 918

The above number not provided for your are to bet at Magnum or Toto. The above 3 numbers are bad day. Investors still remember last year September 15. Lehman Brothers asked for Bankruptcy protection. It was started the financial crisis and badly hit the world economic. September 11, US faced attack.

September 18, is my eldest brother pass away anniversary date. September 7, I had received unfavourable judgement from court. As an ordinary human being after found most of bad things happen on specific month. Your are start caution on these specific month.

In Malaysia, one popular game named it 4 digit. Just select any 4 digit and buy it from PMP, Magnum and Toto. If you strike it correctly, you will receive some money. 3 difference draw control by three listed company. If I am not mistake, 3 companies join up the turnover per annum amounted 3 billion. On the other hand, the underground business(black market) on these is more than double of their turnover.

Manipulate economic activities bring wealth by certain group of people. Hence, specific date for them means specific trade. No one happy collect some bad memories inside the brain. But no such number or date, means you are pass away and forever loss all yours right in the future.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Market Rally Back?

Equity market continues the rally after a break. HK index go back to 20,000 above and Malaysia index also broke 1080. That is a good news.

Equity market easily absorbed the bad news and continue give brave people enjoying the profit. Are you one of them?

Market should too obvious give you a note it want to come down or go up. If it too easy allow normal people aware that. I am believe no one wants go to school study and wasting their time at there.

They will prefer ask kid stop study and give kids 100 dollar to enjoy the million in the coming 30 years. Rather than now spend so much for them to study.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy & Sad

While you are checked the last Friday world's major index. All registered at positive and it will brings you feel comfortable. Equity market always give you some surprise before your are noted.

Recently, Genting Group just show that surprise although that is a news from it will open the Singapore Resort early than schedule. It price had shut up more than 10% in a week. Unexpected run delivery a good profit.

Last year, before the heavy adjustment in month of September. Citigroup stood at 50 USD per shares. After that, it had touched below 1 USD. Unexpected down delivery a negative return.

The above cases happen in equity market everyday. Sometime you prediction is like that but final result always bring you surprise and unbelievable. Are you ready to accept it?

Friday, September 4, 2009


As blogger at here, actually happy reader or visitor come here to obtain some info. I am well know surfing internet can help individual improved. I had frequently used it as my dictionary. In the internet world, some equity data update sharp and accurate. Compared with them, I am low class at here. Like Stockq, most of the famous world index been update by 15 minites and support some chart for reviewing.

Today, I had read Nanyang press newspaper and found a article telling bullshit. But wondering he has received a award from Securities Commission. The writer said when he was 15 years old been started traded and buying Union Paper. He further added most of investors gone to Bursa and crying at there. If your are traded more than 20 years, Your are aware he was lie.

During that time, Hua Tai was a king. If i am not mistake, it was hit above 200 per share. Autoway and Omega are a corn case. How come he only indicated Union Paper brought him suffering. Furthermore if he only 15 years old, he should holding in trust. Is it his parent allow him bought in speculator stock. In my mind, this all are questions.


When I was young. I had read a lot of books. The books give me some knowledge and always remind me be a human must keep aggressive on your life. Never give up when your are facing problem. In the equity market, it has further guidance me more the meaning of life.

There are teaching me,
a) do not dream
b) Be brave
c) Be patient
d) Not compare with people
e) Not gridy

Its continue giving me more and more lesson. When I won or lose, there keep on teaching me a new lesson. An investor must own a dream to purchase a stock can contribute double or triple return. This is motivation on you to start learning the skill and keep up study the report. In fact, there is no many people can understand the data in the report.

If your are a speculator, What is the lesson he should learn it? Speculator must learn double or triple times on every report. Every single share price movement must well know than others. They will keep on asking Why? Why? Why? Price drop must ask why. Price up must ask why. Speculator must have enough time to capture the movement of share price. Speculator must make a decision before the chat appearing any signal to buy in or sell off.

Hard! Hard! Hard!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Black & White

A famous song sing by MJ named Black & White. He was passed away in this year. In the shares trading, A Black Knight or White Knight still take an important role for shares trading. Both of them can turn the shares price up and down. They have strong approach skill and well know market trend. They have own strong analyst on valuation of assets. They have strong manipulate the assets become valuable. Without them market shares price do not have such attractive.

Speculators must well know both of them. Especially their character. Because they can provide a ground for you earn some money from that. The same skill or tactic or method of approach on certain company affected the shares price.

On the current market situation, you are hardly accept those analyst report. They have wrote a very good report to support their own holding. All nonsense and inmaterial data were written in their report. Please do not trust them.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bad News

US DJ trumbled about 185 points on last night. It will continue on tomorrow. If it would continue adjustment on coming 3 days. The whole world market will drop heavyly.

So, as an investors please try adjust your investment portfolio to reduce the lose. The bad news going t join up together. If your are not ready, this crisis will hit you badly.

When every body enjoying on the beach actually hard to understand Tsuhami will arrive. But some signal usually happen on surrounding area. If you been well prepared, maybe the loss will minimise.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


In this world, I am believe a lot of good and high educated people better than me. In the middle of road when a poster drop from sky, it may hit many people who own PHD/Doctor certificate . That is possible. But I am wondering some people if he has classified himself high standard as so. Why he is interesting come to people blog make noisy but can't even post some good article for people read and as reference. Unlucky I have found one.

They just hidden behind and make noise. Like my blog , a fellow named SBJCO come here giving me some advice. But he have never link up any blog for me to study his article. Maybe he is very smart but I am wondering why he wants to select my blog and read. He should avoid my blog when he thinks I am lower standard than him.Of course, I want to be improve my skill but I also hope someone can giving me some guide/reference. I been hoping a teacher stand in front of me instead of cover his face and non stop criticise.

Like a dog never watching a pig how to survive. Like a normal people won't interesting on a Begger's life unless he is same standard as him.

I am admit a lot of people want to be number one in the world. Like a speculator always aim for daily income touch million by hit a counter. But he won't go to compare with poor people. He will select some top skill people to fight. Otherwise become low class.

As a Malaysian, I am shameful when our government select some low class standard country to compare and telling us we are better than them. If one day I can achieve somethings in my life, I think I should looking forward instead of use own skill to step off people.

In the equity market, I had saw a group of people silently prayed certain stocks coming down. And then he/she jump in and bought it. Final result is, he/she get burn more funds than others. Good speculating way is pray all the shares move substantially, (You Happy , So Everybody Happy.)

Lose my job

Soon, I must left my employment company. I have been working there 17 years. It can said all my working history and experience been recorded at there. Based on my age, its hard to be same wages and power in the new company. My personal attitude also bad and stubborn. It further reduce my chance to get a new job.

Actually think to be a full time writer at here. But ads income earn here not enough me buy a bread for day. Want to be a full time investors in the equity market but i have no capital.

Me like a old age corporation listed at equity market. Has step into bottle neck. Turnover been achieve but heavy cost attached it together. So, the final result is negative profit. KLCI turn into the stage must clear some inactive stock to attract more investors.

I am hoping KLCI succeed to achieve from quantity to quality. Not like me, be a rubbish in social and sleep at home hoping for help.