Thursday, October 29, 2009

Better or Worst

No one have good scanner to obtain the accurate prediction on daily move of the shares price in the equity market. I am always wrong. The wrong projection on it did not kill me but bring some hazard in my life.

Recently my immediate boss received a lot of complaint on me. He personally does not happy on that and told me I did such things are trying adopt some inrespect on him. Some how, that was wrong prediction on me. Similar like me predict a share movement. Actually my intention is allow him to select a best worker for him. I do not want to holding such documents as weapon. Surrender out the documents give him a good opportunity make a good decision.

So, in the shares market. You must know to release some stocks in hand. It just give you a new bargain power to select some stocks. If you are always holding some stocks with negative return. Finally you can only someone enjoy the good return and you are sitting behind have some regret and feel sadness.

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