Saturday, October 17, 2009


This morning post a note at here did discuss about Pbbank. I think some of reader misunderstand I did a recommendation on it. Actually, I am suppose to give some alert to reader, please watch up and update the latest information about this counter. Some bad news have been confirmed and going to impact this counter share price.

KLSE equity market did a well closed and break the strong resistance 1253. The penny stocks still giving us some profit. The volume done steady and some outstanding stocks (previously never moved) been start chasing back to match with current rally. Although the regional market closed at negative but it won't stop KLSE penny stocks continues registered its higher price.

A bad news from DJ, the index open with negative and it was lose about 106 points in the beginning stage. Next week, we can see the market moving volatile and some stocks give you feel panic. But if you have enough experience, we should understand that is giving you some true data and provide you has a ground to study more about each counter activities.

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