Thursday, October 22, 2009


I need a lot of dreams, hope it can help me know better about equity market. When childhood time, I have no dream. Because a normal life did not required. Now I really need some dreams to bring up my confident.

Yesterday night, Euro and DJ perform badly. So, today it will give Asia Pacific countries do not continue the rally. As normal, I had cut my stocks in hand. Now need to settle the debts.

Which counter is the best choice on today? Is it Mtronic can rebound? Is it yesterday I cut those stocks today better? Is it DBE and TPC come back to higher price? Is it Genting and CIMB lead the market index hit higher?

Above question all need my dreams give me some guide. But that is so sorry. My dreams did not told me anything about that. Hence, need to come back to fact and study again.

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