Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yesterday, I mean Wednesday DJ perform uncertainty because it had broke 9,800 in the morning session. After few hours trading, it was suddenly came down and closed at negative. Thursday, the same scenario repeat again. It was uptrend at morning but after that come down to about 114points. But after Obama announced provide a new vancancy but 5 billion. It had succeed reduce the losses. Closed negative about 29 points.

I am believe Asia Pacific will follow the step and the vision on the next month of equity market turn black. So, time to readjust your portfolio and minimise yours in hand stock. Until the next signal has arrive in the market.

3A does not give you more profit in the coming 2 weeks. What is the support? If I am right to select the support level. I will choose 73cents. Of courrse, I am not the said group to monitor it up or down. Just Guess!!!!!!!

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