Friday, October 9, 2009

Mixed move at Asia Pacific

China equity market been rest about 6 working days. In these days, other market perform good and steady. So, today china has a strong rebound to retrieve back the gain. Finally, It was up about 4% above.

Others equity market did not follow its move because they have been run wild during China's holiday. Hence, there are no surprising to close with calm at this week end.

Malaysia finally hit 1236 and going to touch 1,300 soon. There is about 64 points to go. But every ten points up needs to spend a lot of money by Government. Market seems like short of cash flow, everyone claim that there is no weak and hardly consider looking for a new job.

Despite on attitude of new generation. There is not easy to find a good job for existing worker. Everybody care about in hand job and some how there is not easy to find a honest word in every meeting. They worries, More and more worries loss in hand job.

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