Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to know who is corrupted

We can invite officer to one of the develop city to carry on the investigation rather than sitting at office just dreaming. They easily find  numbers of youngest living luxury life style in the said country. Follow by the question who giving them such money to spend. Finally, not only can find some one been corrupted and so also can know who never paying the taxation. A lot of people said in the country we had so many rule and act to protect us. But you and me well know, how many really executed and effective.

If officer just well know checking the employee income and enforce the tax on them. Why can't they spending some time visit the shop lot. He can easily detect some one never paid a single tax but living in rich man style. The people under employment although short reporting or paying less than normal, but at least they have been fulfill as tax payable. So many high income people hidden behind and in their life time they never pay a single cent of tax. Is it fair to ordinary employee?

Government always claimed that the subsidy given not appreciated by population? Why? Because the big beneficiaries are those business man. Every kilo of sugar subsidy absorbed by government the difference goto business man. So, why we should appreciated the subsidy? Because they never help us at all.

The Government officer never applied such rule to control the misuse of subsidy. Their duty is distribution the subsidy and do not care about the subsidy go where. They duty is spending out the budgeted figure and so can relax at office. So PM always wondering why the subsidy does not effect and so can turn it as support by ordinary people.