Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hard Earn Money

Hard earned money, If you read my chat box at here. You are aware 14 articles in the 14 days only can earn 5.75. Bad return with hard work.

In the equity market, within a second you can earn more than 500 if the said shares you bought in up about 5cents with 100 lots. (100,000 shares). Sometime you will felt unfair and disappointed. Would you be stop me write a note and post it at here.

Today in the company, I had scold someone because she has not any authorization but insist that I must forward the documents. Actually she had against the act. As an accountant, we should know the ethic and not even can forced any one disclosed the information. So, I have classified her never brought her brain to the office or maybe forgotten fix it up proper.

In this case, I found that someone is grity on power. Actually company already give a notice to me must go. Soon, she will control. Nothing she is worry unless you are not confident.

In the shares market, a lot of investors have such attitude and finally those investors registered unlimited lose. You must know how to hold it when necessary. You also must know release it when necessary. You must be patient on waiting.

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