Monday, October 19, 2009


1263 not lucky number for you to buy Sport Toto special draw at tomorrow. That is a new record at KLCI. The penny stocks are the main actor in Malaysia equity market. Most of the volume done stocks hit high record. If you ask me, which one i bought in at today. That is Notion.

Notion previously has some corporate exercise. The proposed exercise was 5 shares merge into one. After that the par value per share is 50cents each and market price assume at 50 cents at now, after the exercise the cost price is 2.50. In the market rumous, that can reach 3.50.

So, assume that is another 20 gain for me to earn. Market seem strong and steady. No signal of adjustment but try to avoid those stocks previous was gave you high gain. Choose another stocks to play is ideal plan.

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