Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DJ Fall down

DJ index opened good and closed at down about 104 points. It will giving Asia Pacific pressure on today. Sometime what you have expect does not happen. So, re planing your investment is become necessary.

Malaysia market trading at 16 P/E ratio. That is too high and Budget 2010 do not give any good news on it. So, it hard to reduce the overall earning power of corporation. Shares market hard to predict its move, you only can use in hand extra money to play. Otherwise, although you have collect at lower but you necessity in yours life force you sell cheap to someone.

Notion can not run as my expectation because the penny stock in the market start fall down. No incentive and no special news can help individual stock move. DBE and TPC become a killing weapon to everybody. Mtronic will go back as sleeping snake.

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