Tuesday, September 30, 2008

US DJ FALL 777 points

Congress pledged to hammer out a new financial bailout proposal, but it was unclear how much support a new plan would get. The lawmaker in USA rejected the first bailout brings US Dow Jone index hit as low as 800 points. The fears also bring Euro market hit almost average 5% low over the country.

Asia market morning open may fall the trend, Malaysia KLCI also can not avoid the coming bad and fear adjustment.

Please do not try to buy in at this level, because the first heavy adjustment would not bring you any profit for technical rebound.

As yesterday i was told at here, please sell future to gain some profit. Now become realise.

Monday, September 29, 2008

KLSE market preview

After market traded almost one hour, some counter already hit the supported price. It seems like market will going down again.

Let me highlighted my own indicator for your are reference: -

a) MRCB touch 67.5 cents
b) Maybank Suspended
c) Kinsteel touch 60 cents

Furthermore, the top volume counter mostly registered negative. If your are asking me What shall i do now? I would said : please go to Future KLCI sell the Oct 08 and Nov 08 contract to earn some money.

But the margin profit is about 20 points difference. Good Luck buddy!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Media’s Financial News - My way To Survive

As an investor, the simple way to obtain the latest related news about you investment is from newspaper financial analyst. A lot of super hero, usually we named them as “Professional” also has special forum to identify or introduce their skills or investment strategy to public.

The professional always emphasis the investment should avoid those non- profit company. They further added the earning plus positive tangible assets in the company could reduce your worries. Eventually, the share price will reflect their fair value of the said company.

I am 100% respect such Professional man, because in the past 30 years their investment portfolio was proved it. Like Warrant Buffet, in his history of investment, he did it.

Therefore, if you and me want to be a success investor, I think in the coming 30 years, we should fulfil the following conditions: -

a) Coming 30 years we would not died or having heavy illness.
b) We must guarantee in our list of investments portfolio, that is no one company would face bankruptcy.
c) We must insist the said investment’s funds maintain.
d) We must reinvest our dividend.

Friendly speaking, such hard conditions I personally 100% can not fulfil and maybe God also restricted me to fulfil. In Malaysia, Media always promote certain company news for individual investor to refer. The data or information always left out one important issue, there is “Time Consuming”.

I am appreciated the reporter and “professional” always provided me financial data. But after the crisis happen in year 2007, I would not follow their strategy as well as never trust the projected target price reporting in the media.

I am using such data and information to recalculate and analyst my own investment. Hence, every crisis before happened. I was away from that.

Maybe I am lucky. But this is the only way I can survive in the shares investment market.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

KLSE Market Close at higher price on penny stocks

Today morning KLSE index member move at side way. A lot people worry the index counters hit low again. Hence, the investors prefer to stay away. In the securities firm, I brought a question to everyone. Why Malay owned counter steady? But there is no answer at all.

Market closed at morning is low when compared with yesterday. But after 3.30pm, the small up rally started by Ranhill Bhd and follow by Terbau. On that time, Terbau hit 44.5 cents and Ranhill break the 72.5 cents. It is strong resistance for both counters. After this two counters hit the higher, I also found that Equine also break 49 cents at 4.35pm. Close to the end of trading, Equine hit the 51 cents and closed at 51.5 cents.

So, based on the above data, I found that this up rally would not be running in long period of time because: -

1) The index link counter refuse to move.
2) International market will not deliver any good news.

But, if you want make some money for HariRaya festival. Please consider buying the following counter, My own prediction prices are: -

a) Terbau- buy in at 48 cents, and must run at 51.5cents
b) SAAG – Buy in at 35 cents must run at 38 cents
c) Ranhill – the higher price is 79 cents
d) Equine – can hit 58 cents

Please do not follow my prediction, it can be wrong and buy in on your own risk.

Suspicious attitude should bring together into investment of equities

In 52 weeks ago, AIG was registered one share cost USD58. When compared with today market price about USD4. That is a lot of difference. In the world, AIG is classified as a super 5start share. Its’ also one of the member of Dow Jone index. 3 weeks ago, if you in front of everybody and told them AIG share will fall down at today’s price. People reaction is scolding you as much as he can. Furthermore, if you ask them the reasons, he/she was presented to you the history yield and history price to convince you must holding the share until you died. Because AIG will living longer than you in this world and the pay out dividend can support your life expenses before you died.
But after 15 September 2008, they will give you another reason, Why we should not holding AIG share! Only 21days the difference comments/opinion totally misleading you.

On the above case, now you should aware rapid changing on every second is one of the main factors for investment of equities. Not only you should change you strategy by time to time and also always must bring the suspicion enough attached with you strategy.

I am still remembering before this Financial Tsunami happen, A lot of people claimed that I am wrong and bullshit. But now they seeking my advice to solve their problem.

A friend, almost 5 years never contact me, but yesterday suddenly ring my Hand phone seeking for advice. I was told him, “That is not a big deal because in this 5 years you already received a lot of dividend.”
He was reply like this: ” No, some shares was given dividend and partial investment, the dividend is nil. Now, I am facing the capital reduce 50% already. What should I do?” He further added “If place it at Fixed Deposit. It won’t hurt my capital reduce substantially, Please guide me!”

This is a greatest joke for me. Because previous he also claimed me is a big speculator. Do investment never bring brain and fire me waste money like waterfall. Now, he should aware that I am actually well knows the share investment. My strategy of investment like that because I am always bring suspicious on my investment portfolio. I will lose on litter money but I safe my time to earn from others because I believed I 100% would not survive longer than any corporation which is listed in equities market. And I also believed “Started from Zero eventually would go back to Zero.”

“In equities market, although I am not good enough but during the crisis times I was away”

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Multi-Level of Bumper

As an investors 15 September 2008 faced a horrible adjustment in the morning. That day I was on leave at home. But the bad news one by one delivered to me. A lot of queries brought to me about this heavy adjustment. I believed they are lost the direction and looking for some support.

Friendly speaking, these adjustments I was foresee in advance (Refer to my previous article) but do not known such heavily. Today, a week past from black Monday. The detail data one by one reported on media. After read and analyst, I found that: -

a) This crisis is a multi level bumper.
b) Six months time from now only can view the actual fundamental value of economic.
c) In the coming six months, Asia Pacific currency rate drop against with USD and reverse will reduce heavily.

I believed every one understand the pyramid direct selling concept. Those corns man use this format to cheat people money. Now, USA’s financial Institution unambiguous used this concept for financial product and indirectly was created a bigger multi level of bond to absorb the cheaper funds for investment. The starting base slightly difference but after roll over of few times of maturity fund. This pyramid direct selling concept auto appearing on every maturity due date. Beginning stage, the higher level people did not aware this and finally no idea to solve it.

It’s because the issue bonds has been involved so many level of bondholder. Finally brings hard to identify it and cover it by way of discussion. While the loan maturity expired, it brings multi level of loan holder appearing in the meeting. Every negotiation becomes complex and difficulty.

But on my own opinion this multi level hard to solve it. But the advance IT equipment will help human to identify it faster. Hence, I identify the actual economic fundamental value will be appearing in the next six months.
Therefore, long-term investors still have enough time to select the right share for investment. Please do not hurry up.

Monday, September 22, 2008

What is Share Investment?

People known it but refuse to accept it and try not to involve it. It seems simple but finally brought a lot of people lose everything in hand. Beginning stage they enjoy it. After time going on, they found disappointed and regret to understand this game. Why?

If you have been an investor, you may experience: -
a) You are happy while the shares you been bought, the price up.
b) You are frustrated while the shares you been bought, the price down.
c) You are frustrated while the shares you been bought, the index up your share price down.
d) You are happy while the shares you been bought, the price up but the index down.

The above circumstances often repeat on everyday. Make you no direction and confuse. Finally cause you uncertain you mind and hard to make any final decision.

In my opinion, share investment requested a person with full of knowledge and education. Without anyone, it wills bring you a limited yield but maximum loses. One strategy or one skill should not apply in to it. Every moment or every minute share price changing, it consist of several reasons. Hence, applying one method on to it always bring an unlimited losses.

How to describe it? How to analyst it? That is difficult because a second of dealing, it possible consist of million difference minded people involve in one market or one deal. In fact, in our normal life trying to understand one person also difficult. So, it becomes complex and hardly understood.

In order to minimise your risk; I would say that is no way or ideal way to escape it. I would said priority is, you must always keep relax and calm to understand every data and capture plus understand most of the people’s desire.

“That maybe is the only way to run out from every heavy crisis in the share investment game.”

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hold shares until you died but still zero return

After reading few articles talking about market movement on tomorrow morning. Most of the writer agree that Monday open is High. Because all technical tool telling us is high.

I am in doubt the high, Please do not forget although overall is price up but the important thing is" Would it can granted you and me any profit or gain?" So, now is a time for you analyst/restudy you own investment portfolio in hand become important job for you.

Like a lot of super star said buy shares should buy those superstar or five star stocks. Others stocks not steady and can not defence any high impact of adjustment. They further added, use a little bit time to hold it, the return will back.

But the above theory today hit by recent bankruptcy case, that's Lehman Brothers and AIG Group force take over by FED, USA.

The above experience teaching me. In equities market, no permenant theory can be sustained forever.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

How does the Financial Crisis Happen?

I think a lot of people does not understand why this Financial Crisis derived. Let me identified or describe a circur of this dilemma.

First, A, B & C people go to ABC Bank borrow RM500k loan each. ABC Bank requested them everyone giving RM250k deposit to support the loan. After everything completed, ABC bank compiled this loan amounted to RM1.5 million sell it to DCS Bank and on the same time asking addition loan from DCS Bank. It does not equivelent to RM1.5 million only. ABC Bank will request DCS bank lend about RM2.5million. The RM1.5 million as deposit. Then, DCS bank go to another party do the additional loan again. Final, the deposit RM750k finally can loan out 20 times extra. If everytime succed, that amount loan floating is equal to RM15 million. If anyone in between does not fullfil the loan contract. The last person only eligible collect back RM750k only.
This is a real show now happenning in USA . The above example only highlighted 2 times loan only. Usually the Inestment Bank may do it 5 or 10 times leverage loan to Hegde Funds operators.
Some more is now the original borrower does not aware his loan already sold to unknown person. Who is the ultimatel beneficiary not body can locate it? It can be only 10 person or maybe finally involving more than 20 banks. Every one involved own partial benefit on such deposit.
This is a greater joke but is a fact in this Financial Crisis!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Usually a lot of people think there are very smart to observe. They are trying to focus in advance during the impact of “Tsunami”. This dilemma still hanging around time, they can use imagination to identify something were happen. So, maybe they are better than radar or computer.

I think I am stupid. So, every time while the Tsunami still hanging around. I am still observing but finally only I am alone to aware the “Balance” after over the dilemma.

My theory of investment, “strong observing of environment is necessary and priority. Because every data and current situation happen, It can be change the sentiment of investors. On the same time directly changing the fundamental of economic.”

During the impact of Tsunami, if you could tell me you obtained some data, this is bullshit and not realistic. I am 100% not believed.

As a responsible man, provide the data to people must be accurate and has a supporting ground. Otherwise, it may bring people lost of wealth and health.

So, today is first day of Financial Tsunami left from equities market. Please read carefully in hand data before any further decision. A lot of data still need to collect and analyst. Fast decision may bring you another bad impact.

Lady and Gentlement ! Please be careful.

I am not a God of Shares Market

Since Monday to Thursday, I received several questions about the shares market trend? They normally asked: -

a) What is the bottom?
b) Can I sell all my shares in hand now?
c) Would it good buying now?

Why they are asking such question? In fact, I am aware and understand their feeling. But I must sincerely and faithfully inform everybody. Actually I really do not know what is going to happen in the future.

Let us analyst some data in my hand.

1) USA’s financial institution was facing a problem on liquidation of assets in hand to settle the loan. This is main reason to impact the equities market.
2) Previous Commodities price higher impact the inflation stand at high level. Today, commodities price hard landing affected the USD currency stronger.
3) No demand due to economic slow.
4) International currency exchange rate unstable or rapid changing affected the cost of production and funds hard to definite the original cost.

That is also has some several good effect to equities market. Like: -

a) Central Bank of every country supporting the equities market and absorbing the bad loan.
b) Bad Financial equipment or instrument eliminated by this crisis.
c) Commodities looking for suitable price to fit the demand.

Based on the above data. Is it can tell you equities market hard landing is over? Friendly speaking, it could not tell you much. Because the above issue only can accumulate day by day until one day they join up together. Which one is join up faster indirect reflect into trend of equities market faster.

Please don’t ever ask me such questions anymore. Because it is impossible I can know better than you are. In additional, if I can know early than you, I think now maybe I am station at Hell or Heaven. Why? That time maybe I am God or Ghost. Haha!!!!!!!!!

At last, please fully understand the data in hand. Melt it and put into you intelligent brain to analyst. Maybe can help you knowing the actual direction of equities market.

DJ Up 410 points !!!!!!

DJ market yesterday night up about 410 points. Is it a signal crisis is over? Now, I predict the Whole world Funds Manager already start to rescue thier own home town. Hence, USD become stronger as well as Asian Pacific will be more suffering the impact on inflation. it will spoilt the economic base.

Furthermore, is it a crisis over or not. Also need to read again all economic data from USA. In Malaysia, tough is today market must hit above 1005 points only can giving you some profit. Of course a lot of people will say there already do some buying on yesterday. Today can enjoy the profit, but I also believed they has been tried several times to enjoy these litter profit. Would you wants be same as them?
The sentiment of market still weak, and tonight I predict DJ will coming down again. The reasons are : -
A) Today up points did not cover Wednesday down points (410 against 440)
B) USA already hit as low as 10,600 points
C) The crisis should be recover from bottom(Original economic Fundamental) instead of using Government Force to rescue.

Wish You are Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sharing My Experience to Everybody

A lot of investors classified himself as a good estimator. They were always claimed that they could pick the right support level for the index as well as at the right price to buy in. But they always forget one major issue that is economic element.

Economic element in one country created and accumulated become a group of wealth, To easy liquidating and faster growing up brings the assets converted to script for easy transferring. So, if economic element without any supporting based or ground. One day, the said script may turn as rubbish.

This few days, in the securities/shares firm. I have been received a lot of assumption on lower level of KLSE index. But, I never concluded anything. Why?

Because I do believed in the office of all funds manager, consist of few hundred of calculators busying doing this job. Why should I bother about this?

I also believed they are smarted than me 100 times. After the estimate figure has been obtained and table in front of their decision-maker. Definitely, they will do some activities in the said market. Hence, the transaction data will be display in front of screen. That time is the right time for us to plan our investment.

Of course, a lot of people may claim this is a bigger bullshit in the world. How can you understand the meanings of the transaction data? Actually, it can be done and my past article written at here has been proven that. Otherwise, I become a liar already. Please do not treat me as a god, I do not know the future. My estimation all based on the data. Let me tell you, how can I predict the index could fall to 1006 points.

On such day, I observe the future index and Genting Berhad share movement. The future index hit lower and break 1036 point to 1027 points in the morning. The last 2 month transaction, it is impossible you can see 1036 points at future index. On the same time, Genting Berhad shares last done price at RM5.30 at total volume of 1,600,000 shares by one contract. This two last transaction is my indicator. Because, I always believed someone has a sufficient and realistic information already knowing something may happen in the said market. Follows by while I ask myself if Genting Berhad adjusted about 10% lower on the RM5.30, what is the level of composite index of KLSE? After simple calculation, I believed the support level will fall to around 1006.(usually will be difference around +- 3points).

The above experience is not a first time been right. It already helping me many times escaped from the crisis. So, please do not over value yourself. Trust the data obtained from transaction screen and trying converted it to real information. People can liar you, but fact (data) does not cheat you.

What is the support level at KLSE?(Please Wait)

A lot of people now predict the support level of KLSE. Is it realistic? If you ask me, i do not predict because i let the data tell me.

While you are doing the prediction, you already classified yourself is a "god" . If you are knowing the real support level, means you are eligible has knowing the power. Please use this power go to casino earning some money rather than your are playing this tough game.

So, as a responsible investor. please do not quote any support level to afraid other people. In my hand all data shown negative direction of KLSE . So, still avoid from buying in market. Wait Wait wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What is my feeling after KLSE Market index Reach 1001 points

Today, KLSE market hit as low as 1001 points. My posted innit prediction at last week has been realised. If you ask my feeling now, I could say I am feel sadness rather than happiness.

Why? The shares market games are really hard. I am always hope and wish I would wrong projection in advance. Because if I am wrong the worst thing is me would received a fire/scold by people. It should not bring any bad impact/changes on people’s wealth. People still rich and harmony.

On Monday night, while I was sited in front of Internet watching the DJ30 index heavily adjustment. My bad feeling surrounding me until I must informed MSN friend I could not stand in front of Internet and forced myself must sleep early to purposely avoid this bad news impact.

That night, my previous experience back and disturbing me in the whole night. I am totally aware felling of people who still holding a lot of position in the equities market. I really cannot stand on it although I am aware this adjustment coming soon and personally has been cleaned up all my position in last month.

Therefore, although I am so sharp noted the figure on KLSE Index but in my heart really bad feeling now.

Lehman Brothers bankrupt brings advantages to USA

Today, I am referring all my articles wrote at Shares Investment Blog. I found that I was done the right move and escape from yesterday crisis. So, the understanding the game rules in shares investment is very important. I am always believed if certain things/factors you are not understand was appearing or happen in the market. You must quickly stay away. After giving some appreciation to myself, let us come back to today topic.
Lehman Brothers hit the market heavily adjustment mainly due to USA government refused to give any assistant/support. The high expectation from whole world burst and felt disappointed. Finally, on 16 of September it was successful created a “bomb” in the financial market.

Before the declaration the application of Bankruptcy. The higher level of Wall Street have a meeting each other in Government Office. Lets here to make some assumption on the said meeting.
The decision-maker after analyst the outstanding loan and doubtful loan in Lehman Brothers’ Book, they found that: -

A) Top 30 loans holder is Asian companies, Asia Financial institution and Asia Central government.
B) Euro and USA company involving only 20% for doubtful loan.
C) Rescue Bankruptcy Company against the game rule.
D) The issue may impact the President Election campaign.
E) Other financial loans may face downgrade again if absorbing the said loan.
F) The funds saving for other financial institution.

Based the above factors, they also concluded if allow Lehman Brothers Bankrupt. Entire world will help USA settled the doubtful debt by way of written off. Finally brings USD stronger and USA population less burden. It is better than giving further tax incentive or others assistant.

Hence, this financial Tsunami, I am here concluded, “A Good Show has been done by USA”.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shares Market (Who is Ultimate Winner?)

A lot of people claimed that be a winner in equities market, money or cash in hand is a major issue. But, I had a difference opinion on that, because I am always emphasis “patient” and “wait” is important than cash in hand.

Let me give an example, If you have USD50 billion cash in hand on last year. That period is beginning stage of financial crisis on sub prime loan. Lehman Brothers’ shares price heavy drop on that period. You are used that saving bought all the shares of Lehman Brothers. Today, final result is your holding become “NIL“.

The Tamasek Holding in Singapore and China reserve fund did the same investment strategy. But today, unrealised loss in their book is multibillion. A lot of people also claimed that is impossible. That is nobody stupid like I say, solely invest one counter only.

Please do not forget, last year FED of USA and Central bank of Euro, they have been injected the funds into Financial market because they trusted/believable the super funds could help market be stable. The redorded amount was bigger than USD50 billion. But final result is also same as above. They all are riches and powerful but finally also eating the same “bad fruits”. All rescues become negative effect to help economic turn better or stables.

Hence, the meaning of “Waits” and “Patient” become realistic and is a proven theory to invest equities market. Fully understand these two words bring you to gain/maintain better than others people, instead of like a “No Head Fly searching the delicious foods”.


无可辩驳的是没有本钱是其中之一的因素,但不是绝对的因素。让我们想一想,如果您在不当的时间买进,就算您多么有钱到最后可能一无所有。举个例子,上一年您手头上有五百亿美元,在去年这个时候买进Lehman Brothers 的股票,我相信现在是一无所有。很多人会说那会这样傻,那会只是买进一个股票呢?

就是会有这样的事发生了。那就是美国的FED 和欧洲共同体的中央银行,为了援救银行动用的资金比以上的更多。只因为他们相信这一措施可以缓解市场。他们不只有钱也又势力,结果却是越来越糟糕。所以在股票市场金钱不是主要因素,而是耐心和等待的人才是最后的胜利者。

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lehman Brothers applying Bankruptcy protection In USA

This is new impact to whole world equities investment market. Actually i predict KLSE plunge down to 1006 points is due to this bad news. Of course i do not know the which bank will be collapsed but after take over bid by USA government to 2F. It may impact the credit revolving become tough.
Another bad news is Merryn also accept the take over bid.

As usual, a lot of rich man waitings this opportunity to invest. But i still maintain my previous opinion, Run out from the equity and future comodities market. Save you money enjoying interest is the best way.
Some more dangerous is predict the lower price for individual counter. Please do not forget , no one is "god" can predict correctly the lower. So, if you continue predict that the more suffering you must carry in this bad time. Please believe, everything started from "Zero", it can go back to "Zero".

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Next Week KLSE

A lot of people worry about 16 sept 2008, politic issue. But as an investors, please believed the one factor could not hit the economic down to deep sea. Because everybody need to survive in this world. Only few factors join up together will brings the shares market goto unpredictable level.

I am still giving negative view on KLSE market, because of USA dollar strong and oil palm price lower.

No stock recommend, and restructuring your investment portfolio is priority job.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Warning (1006 points)

The KLSE composite index may see as low as 1006. This is due to several reasons: -

a) Malaysia Currency against USD may hit RM3.52 to USD$1.00
b) Palm Oil future hit the supporting line of RM2, 300 per metric ton.
c) Valuation report from foreign analyst will downgrade against the KLSE composite index member.

The above bad issue will be continuing impact the market index hit lower and the strong support level will stand at 1006 point. But it is can sustain at this level or not, it also subject to bad politic issue must immediately eliminate at this point of time. Otherwise, few factors join up together may brings index searching another support level.

As an investors or long term holder, please avoid and out from market immediately.

I really hope this article can help you are adjust your investment portfolio.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is it any chance to make money?

No, although the fed rescue the big 2 giant at USA, but this only apply to USA market, Furhermore this is only a small funds to rescue. Everymonth USA got a lot of bond deal, the whole market need about 1000 billion usd to rescue.

Malaysia market , MRCB move until 73 cents stop. Means the market need further adjustment to view and searching the bottom.

So Still need careful to buy any stock. for long term investment.

Friday, September 5, 2008

DJ Market

DJ market on 4/9/08, hit down 344 points. After financial/sub prime loan crisis, every heavy adjustment is not bring any surprising. Why i am here talking about it?

As last month, i remember wrote a note highlighted that DJ may move from 11,200 to 11,700 in this period of time.

But my own indicate has been broke by yesterday. The DJ market hit as low as 11,188 point closed. This is a dangerous level. So, I am warning everybody quick run out from market, because after breaking this suppoting level. I forsee market may have a heavy adjustment on this period of time. If i am not mistake, hit down 1000 points lower is not an impossible level. Of course is not one day can hit 1000 points but it will slowly slowly adjustment day by day.

CareFUL CareFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shares market VS Economic theory

A lot of analyst treated the shares market as normal trading market. In their mind, demand and supply theory fully adopting in the market. Hence, always advice people buy in low and sell at high. Is it the present shares market working it simple and direct?

In the early 1970 and beginning of 1980, I believed the above theory fully reflected in the shares market. Because of the limited of share issue and limited of company listed. The environment evidence already proved that the above theory is right.

Now, If your are still applying the same normal economic theory in the equity market and commodity market. I believed you are now facing financial difficulties.

The complex of trading activities and manipulation issue actually total injected into simple trading market. Hence, I do believe this crisis or future crisis happen in the economic or equities market is deep and long.

Human become smarter or maybe human desire become hungrier always brings the simple thing convert it become harder and difficult.

So, if you are a simple investor in the market. This is a time for you to retire immediately. This game was not longer fit to you. If you are continue playing and adopting the simple theory. I do believe one day you assets will be burn it to negative.

Please understand more others factors will direct or indirect influence the market before you invest in the equity market. Not only one theory, it must be 10 or 15 theories adopting in the same time. This only can help you be a winner.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long Time Stay away

In overview KLSE market, actually i do not want to repeat and repeat again. The market is very bad. The bottom i could not know yet. So, actually nothing to tell you are.

This few days busy to write a story by chinese. The chinese blog consist of all my experience in shares investment.

Btw, since i am standing here. Definitely should guide you are a bit " Why i never invest in share market now" This is because: -

a) When i do not know the actual situation
b) When i waiting something bad arise
c) The data in hand all shown negative
d) Something i am not understand, still looking answer

The data in hand is the USA, the bad thing is "not only a hole need them to cover up". There happen a eartquake in the equity market and the financial institution but nobody admitted.

So, The worst synerio will come anytime. Everybody good luck, "I hope my prediction is 100% wrong"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!