Sunday, November 8, 2009

Next Week

In our life there are a lot of next weeks. If wants to predict the future movement on certain day. It will brings you unhappy. As a player in the market, we should happy what we have earned. Not wasting time to identify the future. The prediction of future task is GOD's job, is not human duty.

A lot of analysis felt unhappy on penny stocks rally because they are emphasis to study valuable stocks. But small market like Malaysia, that is not easy to buy in because those stocks being control by certain group. Analyst did not happy because they can't earn anything from that.

The USD devalue and low interest policy by FED of USA give chance to some people borrow money from that and invest into commodities and equities. They further predict USD can drop further and so they can pay lower on their borrowings.

So, anytime USD up. It will brings panic and disaster again to them. So, carefully watching the trend on USD may help you reduce yours risk on investments. Next week, if index has adjustment heavy, it will affected the penny stocks move. So, just wait and patient before jump in buy anything on that.

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