Monday, August 31, 2009

等价交易 Equivalent Deal/Transactions


When you are buying a stock at a price, Do you think is Equivalent Deal? Exactly is correct. Otherwise you won't taken out your hard money purchase it. The Equivalent Deal based on your mind to decide it. Not market price. If you refuse to purchase a stock at that price. Is there the said price not equivalent with its fair value. Absolutely not.

So, what is the equivalent price or fair value in the shares market? For me that is impossible task and hard to identify. Future results in the company will tell you. Who is right! Who is wrong!

Recently, Party MCA internal problem started from some one required a fair treatment. Some outsider further claimed that some one took his money. That is funny.

In this incident, I felt uncomfortable. Because everyday I had received a payment of wages from my employer, If one day employer claimed me back the money. How am I going to refund? Also worry some people need claimed back my coffee money because NNNN years his had bought me a free drink. How can I remember that? Funny!!!!

So, equity market trading on such way. That is so many people will claiming back the money from someone. Is there fair?????

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Why market like that? Just imagine if one of your friend today treated you well but tomorrow showing you a black face. Do you want be friend with him?

Just imagine, you investment game rule previously and now totally difference. Do you be brave and aggressive to invest it more? Similar everyday your are step in to same place but most of the people you have meet is stranger, Are you dare to talk much?

Recently, KLSE changed the game rule(tick size) and merge the second board with main board. On the same time, 100 index link stocks reduce to 30 only. Are you feel comfortable?

Market need some time to absorb the new things. Usually there must have an adjustment on it. If it continue manage and support by same group of people. One day the burble will burst. Hopefully the said group have enough funds to monitor it, otherwise the adjustment must be heavy and unpredictable.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why Google do not know sharing profit with blogger?

Google's capitalisation more than 30 billion. How come never sharing profit with those people? They encourage blogger label its advertisement at every where of the blog. But the regular reader stepping at read post do not help blogger earn anything.

Futhermore, They have use blogger information to increased the content of search machine. Then its earn more information and up to date news in its search machine. In that to attract more advertiser interesting on it.

US DJ move at 30 points range, it has not shown everything is good and maintain at 9,500 points. Assume that more than 30 days continues at that level. Who can make money on buying? Malayisa equity market worst than that, the tick size on shares price give bursa and broker earn more brokerage and clearing fees. Investors just sit in front of the computer crying. Malaysia Government always like that, they won't consider suitable or necessary. They just wants to follow others with minor objective. Finally only certain group enjoy the benefit.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mislead Data

The financial report for member of FbmklCI most of them registered positive. When compared with previous the profit decreased above 50%. It was an impact from last year financial crisis. The recovery yet to come back and will continues affected the turnover and profit in the coming financial year ended.

Well performing at equity market did not reflected the fact. Investors claimed that equity market is ahead about 6 months from that. Hence, they bought in and waits for the recovery. The simply projection and calculation giving them have such confident and support market at this level. Finally, spread over the buying interest on those inactive counter.

Yesterday, most of the equity market registered negative. But DJ closed at positive. Is it US economic better than others? Is it any good news has derived from US? When you are in the market and trading started from last year, you will found your are now standing at lower ground of the stage.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blink, Blinking

On the shares on line screen, the data every second blink it automatically. It is representing some one assets increase or decrease. Speculators like blink blinking stocks, because it is mean a chance for you take away some profit from someone. Is that a good attitude?

If you ask me, my answer is "YES". Why? Because the equity market give you choose yours right price to purchase or sell it off. No one is forcing you made such decision. In between some regret will attach in human being. In between every second, a lot of investors made difference decision. Speculators just use in between decision to grap some profit, otherwise the "in between" will gone with the time lapse.

The blink blink game become excited and interesting. Do you agree?????

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Notwithstanding i am a speculator, as at today i am lucky on never mislead any person bought in a stock with 25% lose on its capital. Speculator has such luck because my holding power limited and weak.

In my trading history, 1997 was my bad dream. My assets all burn within 24 hours. There is a disaster in my life. But I am still alive.

Those people who suffer on natural disaster, their life gone easily. Compared me with them I am lucky enough. Maybe my assignment haven't complete, the task/project need me finalise it. Asia Pacific did not follow Euro and US equity market registered positive with consecutive day. Is there a signal of heavy adjustment will coming soon?

That is dangerous because 2 days positive in a week means the heavy adjustment is hidden behind. When you are aware, that is too late.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am aware a lot of reader complaint on my poor English. Actually I do 100% agree with them. I am good in calculation but lack on writing. I was a bad student in the English class. Those day, when English lecturer step in to class, there is my time to left immediately. Because she had complaint I am disturbing others concentrate to study.

Due to the above, I can even use English as my primary language in my life.I am still remember in the classroom I have been classified as bad student, most of my classmate all have good background. I cant even join them for any entertainment. Actually I am lonely in the class. I do believed i have discrimination by some teachers. But there is life. I cant stop any one hate me.

So, if someone do not understand my word at here. I am feel sorry.

KLSE equity market registered negative because most of the player feel uncomfortable. Because most of stocks performing one day rally and on the next day, 95% gone back to origin. Confident spoilt and volume continues recorded lower.

Middel East Stock Market

After referring Wikipedia, There are number of stock exchange at middle east. That is surprising.
In UAE, there have a stock exchange named Dubai Financial Market and Nasdaq Dubai.

I am busy on this topic because one of my blog reader regular visit me at here is from UAE. I am well know about Fly Emirate because of one of the Famous Soccer club "Arsenal" Label this name at the Uniform.

Market always talk about their funds like pipe water with full supply. So, how many people rich as Warren Buffet? Maybe a lot.

I am believed there are easy attract rich people invest at there because they have a good hotel and airport. Now, their government plan Dubai be top financial central in the world. Maybe next century we can see another Wall Street in the world.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dubai Equity Market

In my knowledge, there is surprising Dubai have a equity market at there. Actually due to lack promotion, I have believed most of people also did not aware that. So, I am also in doubt. What is the industrial will listed in there.

Is it Fly Emirate company listed at there? I do not have such information. From newspaper, I am well know there own high class hotel and maybe need a lot of money to stay there one night. They also recruit a lot of skill man and professional man working there. How much the lowest salary per month?

I cant even have any answer. Because if i could not well know about KLSE equity market, How could I well know others? So, Investors do not think they have ability on equity market. They maybe only well know certain trading skill. But there is not enough for you to face the others market.

So, in the event of won on one counter by one strategy do not means that you can apply it on the difference counter. Like recently Samchen given a good profit on first day listing but Msport did not gave you same profit as well.

At last, thanks to those help me click click on ads. But today the click click was negative. How come??????

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Financial Data

Hard to identified such finance data provide a real information for analyst. Like GDP, how many country really study per person can deliver the income for individual? How many can well know about their productivity? There is no real answer for authority to deliver to public.

The financial crisis happen because group of people assuming individual can help to maintain the assets at well status. Hence, the price wont drop and continue enhance the value from time to time. They like to use current data to predict human behaviour. The two difference element how to join up together is important. Therefore, next decade the economic word should erase and human behaviour will play a important role on it. Maybe a new "Word" will identify it better.

Basically human do not need such giant economic, because daily need for human is simple, ie Food, air and water. More thing brings essential and moral of human be complex. Of course, like me hard to ignore equity investment and continue speculating. So, studying on financial data and collecting real financial data is important.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

US DJ Soars

US DJ jump more than 150points bring it touched 9500 points. Mainly due to finance stocks closed at high price US. Some how, a bad thing is some one continue said US dollar going to devalue in the coming day. It was bring Asia Pacific start worries the revenue of the company will registered low in the coming season.

Equity market must accumulated funds to registered higher, if the flow of funds divert to some where. The equity price may not have any support. So, what is the next move in Asia?

There is a news need to inform reader, After yesterday highlighted at here, the readers prefer to click on ads rather than giving me a kiss. That is funny. By the way, thanks a lot to those who appreciated my effort. I am continue happy if they frequently use the ads at here to upgrade themselve as well as obtained some information.

Actually, I have missed out a important news to publish at here. On Wednesday, there is a email from K&N securities informed me about Jetson. I am busy and forgot to highlight the shares at here. I am feel bad, after seeing the price shut up so high.

Important things for investors must faced impact on shares price on high beta and high volume shares. Its will continue another month. So, I am preferring stay away.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Giving a Kiss or Click?

Although my blog have regular readers support, but the earning from ads is little. Why? Because they visit based on fun and obtained some experience then go home. Like equityman said"-
Just allow someone enjoy the benefit but creator just crying!"

By the way, I am poor enough but never please everyone must help click on ads to earn money. Just wondering why we should allow someone control our life although the copyright is belonging to you.

I am feel sad, so that day i wrote a note at my chatbox to highlight it. Finally I saw one or two reader 100% support and click on ADS. At least I have some support. Feel Happy and proud.

The opening on US DJ still positive if it is continue close at higher. Someone who bought in today morning at KLSE will happy and good sleep at tonight. By the way, that day a investor ask me why market must have an adjustment? So, my answer is " Do you think which counter's price at KLSE equity market standing at reasonable price?"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flower on the Tree

The flowers on the tree shown that it required a bird to help me transfer its seed to other location. It has own intention and use flowers to attract someone to help him.

Like me, keep on talking about equity investment at here, my objective is one day someone support my idea and throw some money for me. So, after three day adjustment on the KLSE market. Today giving some positive figure to investors. What is the objective?

Is it need more funds? Is it want to inform some one do not simply sell off the holdings? Is it a good rally going to start again?

The fact will show on but if you can read it faster than people. You are the winner. In US have a lot of genius to have such skill. They are aim on some company has potential on certain industrial. So, they step in acquire the controlling stake of the company and manipulate/repackaging the value assets and sell it at better price.

Buying share is buying the company potential. Speculating in share market is spot on the price. That is a difference method and difference valuation.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad and Fears

I have read a post from the other blog . The said blog give a difference opinion about a deal or offer from government. I do agree on that. Today market performance same like my recently opinion. The economic actually not based on few report can pull it back to normal.

Recently the rescue plan on economic just assist some giant company. Ordinary people did not receive any funds to change their life style. Some people still need government provide them a job to meet the daily necessary expenses. But they do not care. They just written a few report and ensure that the economic is recovery. CNBC headline reporting Warren Buffet has confirmed economic is recovery.

Of course, he should not have any blame on that. Because the rescue plan had assist his companies out from bankruptcy. He need to perform a good show in front of people. Because the funds from ordinary taxpayer.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A good show happen again on equity market. Today, most of the equity market perform wild. It had created a uncertain move at openning but close at steady. Because euro and US given a positive trend to everyone.

So, some smart investors plan buying at this morning and hope US can stand above 9,ooo points or maybe achieved higher index than yesterday. Market always has a group of people playing this tactic to earn some money.

Like today at KLSE equity market, KNM was gave them a confident. So, next time if any adjustment come in. They will quickly jump in buy KNM. Is it the shares should playing like that?

As a speculator, I do agree but they forget one important factor. If overall market has a signal of turn down, this tactic will kill you.

Think carefully before jump in again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My prediction is correct?

I am still remember last 15days ago, I have been started commented market must faced an adjustment only can attract me jump in. But today i have not intention jump in to market. Because: -
1) The bad have just started
2) The price is not attractive
3) This round may worst than previous.

A lot of economist had a own report and classified it the run will fall under "L", "W" or "v" style. Why can not be "O" or "x" style. Why economic must listen to them? If everything like what they been said. Last year financial crisis would not happen.

The same group of people sit inside the office and imagine what will happen. Are they knowing how many people can afford the food? Are they knowing someone earn lower than normal life level? They just use equity market data and GDP calculated the figure. Actually, they do not know what is the feeling when the stomach is empty.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reporter View

Now, reporter start join up together giving the negative point on equity market. They are putting their attention on natural commodities. So, is it time to run?

As far as I have never step in, I do not bother what is their opinion? I am waiting my odd coming out only step in. Maybe its need about half year. But I do not care about it.

Of course, speculating aim for high revenue but its hard to estimate the return. Unless there is a few hundred thousand to manipulate. Maybe the income will be more steady.

Sometime no income at every day may bring my emotion bad and frustration. Its a good lesson in the life.A lot of good writter informed you, please select a good and fundamental stock and hold. Friendly speaking, after 1997 crisis in asia, I am no longer hold shares more than a month. I do believe my life is shorter than atmosphere.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

High to Low, Low to High

When a day, you can buy in a share and found that price from lower price up to higher price. You are happy and joyful. On the other hand, if you realised the buying price at high and closed at low. you are upset and worry.

Sometime, I am also think to apply my own skill on shares to be a bookie. Like magnum bookie or soccer bookie. That are illegal. But the funds are daily collection.

Be a small fly, hard to convince people investing on your skill. The rich people pressing you until your are die. So, as far as you are suffering, one day they become a superhero and provide you a little money to you and work for them forever.

This is materialistic social and world. So, citibank and BOA forever wont fall down as well as Maybank also be the same. They are also enjoying the funds allocated from government. As an ordinary people, if you need little bit help, you must please more than 15 department. And final result is still the same.

Friday, August 14, 2009


KLSE equity market opening is good but Asia pacific market all are same except HK and Shanghai. As noraml, when you are predict the market should hit higher than previous. The final result always make me surprise.

KLSE equity market seem have rotation playing on some penny stock to attract investors attention. Its show our local funds continue buy in at index link counter by way of divert others investors vision. When you are 100% analyst it, such counter just have one day rally.
If you asked me about market next move, I am here advise sell off and out from the market. Quit from your favourable shares always is difficult decision. But just think about if the market face the adjustment. Are you still steady or panic? Hence, your decision must be clear and firm. Otherwise, your are having a same situation like previous year.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A surprising move

Yesterday, Asia Pacific suddenly turn down to negative and it was bring fears to investors. The US DJ registered at higher level indirect pull back all bad element and its helping Asia market open at high.

Why market perform such way? As I always mentioned at here, market will perform out of you imagination and expectation. If so easy capture its run. I think there is a lot of people use this way to earn money instead of hard working.
Please do not think equity market can help you become rich. Its just helps you accumualted some funds for future use. If you apply the inflation plus devalue of currency on your earning power, this is a best way to assist you to reduce it.
However, there is little way to one worker to maintain his life at normal. A lot of uncertain things will happen on his life. Equity give you a chance to know about world trend as well as its stability.
There is a instrument and do not brought any meaning in your life

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good Day for speculating

Recently a lot of penny stocks hit the higher in a day. It was perform wild in a day and consecutive day disapper. Like LCL, Hexza and Hovid. It is a bad sign for you to speculate in the market.
You are unlikely registered a good profit because you would bought in the high price. However, it is given a good income to broker, because if you are no realise your profit in a day. Tomorrow you may face badly hit.
US DJ currently given a bad signal, drop 3 days and up one days. Now, if you want to see heavy adjustment, that is in the next corner. By the way, if there is an adjustment, please stay away first because most of the shares had registered unreasonable price in the market. At what level buy in also brings more uncertain. Please do not against the market trend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad open at US DJ

Now, Malaysia share firm offering on line trading for international market. Actually at present movement, local investors are not encourage to go oversea. Because the world equity market performance totally difference with Malaysia. Our equity transaction totally manipulate by local funds. Like our ASB can continue pay almost 20% dividend per annum. I am believe that is impossible task in equity market. Please do not forget, year 1987, year 1997 and 2008. Equity market faced big adjustment. Where is the gain from?????? Is it our local funds work/operate like pyramid direct selling? This is sensitive topic in the Malaysia. No one dare to highlight it.

So, If you are use this theory to buy oversea funds or shares. You must fully understand you are not protected at all. You must face all the changes on you own.

Like today, In the US DJ open bad or continue bad in the coming. What are you going to plan your investment? Is it buy in? Is it wont lose in exchange rate? Or, if you are reliase your profit. Is it enough to cover you lose on currency?

Monday, August 10, 2009


Some investors may think axiata recently broke RM3.00 can move further. Hence, they quickly buy in Axiata-CC at today price. But they forget the excersive price is 2.75 + 5 CC. If you buy in at 20 cents means you must wait the said share reach 3.75 only can give me back you return. That is totally difference with Axiata-CB.

Usually the excersive price close to current price plus ratio is high. The said CC or others not worth to invest for long term. If base on calculation, cc should stand at 5 cents base on Axiata price at 3.00.

Speculating way is wrong and its bring you uncertain and standing at lonely island. I am speculators but wont use this tactic to earn money.

KLSE equity index broke 1185 today. It is a good signal for further buy but you must take high risk on that level. I am preferring stay away since I was miss the boat at 1100 points.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wrong Prediction

A good week in the equity market for entire world. My data gave me a wrong direction. Is it my data wrong. No, that is not. That is because I am wrong analysis on that. However, it does not brings me lose money because I am away about 3 days.

In the last 3 days, I am stayed inside the jungle. Everything are natural. I could not have any contact with outside. So, tonight just arrived town central and known what is happening at world.

In these days, I learn something about meaning of life. Although without any equipment or instrument for me to make money. But actually if you just need to survive, the basic thing is enough. That is food and water.

Money can brings me better life but without it I am still survive. Now I am starting think about my retirement life. A wrong prediction on last week make me sad. But I am still alive. Play game in equity world is like that, you are always in the wrong and most of the people correct.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Bad indicator

Asia Pacific equity market bad openning with negative index soon will arrival KLSE equity market. Investors in the market still happy on KLSE equity because the positive signal on index. KLSE equity market yesterday was hit higher above 1180, and today again hit above the level. It has registered a double top on the higher. Soon you can see the adjustment from that.

If afternoon KLSE equity market can not reach higher than now. It will faced heavy adjustment about 20%. So, if you are a weak holder please adjust the investment portfolio immediately. It will safeguard you capital.

KLSE equity market had kick out a lot of small speculators. The remaining holders mostly are Fund Manager. The fund manager throw shares like throw water, they not even care about the price.

Bad factors going to join up again and this round need 3 months to recover back the losses.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Speculating is not good

As a speculator, do not brings any value to social. I am just press some button or through telephone do the trading. Similar like Goldman Sach using a high intensive computer to generate the income. But I am better than them because I never misuse my power to trade. I am standing the same position with others investors. We use the same instrument to trade and I also never obtain any internal news to trade.
Speculating bring me happy and joyful because I am using my own skill to trade. I have never like a robbery carry a weapon and force people sell or buy to me. Investment Bank or Funds carry a big equipment and use it monopoly some source. It does not bring any good effect and more unfair treatment in the social.
So, some people hate me be a speculator. I am suggesting they are should use their free time critizied the big funder.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Be a good speculator, always be brave and patient. Lose money do not stop you continue speculating. A lot of investors always dream it can buy a stock with double its gain. But it is impossible plus chances is limited.

Speculating do not allows you earn more but every adjustment can help you run faster than others people. I have to admit big lose also may occur once you are careless.At current time,

Euro equity market shut up and hit 13 months high. Is it seems like non stop positive but I have predict this is a last move on whole world market. Soon, you can see big adjustment is coming.

Monday, August 3, 2009

KLSE Market adjustment

Is it a short or heavy adjustment in KLSE equity market? It does not know but every adjustment is good because it will brings you invest in reasonable value. People are worries on adjustment. This type of investors have limited view on investment. He/she do not know what is the basic/theory of demand and supply.
In the month of june 09, I have been accumulated a big lose. I have been stop speculating about one month and waiting some one who interested join me to fight again in the coming rally. My target is little, earn about 6 to 13% per annum. That is enough.
Market cash flow soon transfer to invest soccer and sport. Because it is giving a minimise risk on it, especially those dirty/black money. It is give them easy to manipulate the funds become better status. They won't choose high risk game.
Quit it now and waits for the chance to jump in again. It would not brought you more worries like last year but uncertain move in the market will bring you fears.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trust me but don't hate me

When I had predicted the market movement/trend, it was an appreciation keep on awarded. But if one time i am failed it, some word express out from others people mouth bring hurt.

Equity market can delivery happy and unestimated huge gain. On the other hand, its also bring your wealth registered zero. Manipulate the trend of market is not my profession, I am good in speculating only.

Speculating brings me happy I am still alive in this world. Speculating let me aware I am still is one of the member in this world. Speculating bring my wealth and earning power become uncertain. I am not like a farmer. plant a tree and wait for the return in 3 years. I am aware life is shorten, if I have no chance to record something in my life I will be forever regretted.

Trust me or hate me become secondary meaning in my life or matbe that is not important at all. Just wanna to share an opinion with people on the trend of equity market. Predict market in August facing a negative move. Hope I am wrong, so investors still can make some money.