Friday, November 25, 2011

A Good Hard Talk in CNBC

Yesterday, CNBC got a hard talk among of few economist. They had advised Government should not put in money into Banking system. They should give the money or settle the debt for ordinary people who owe money to bank. So, immediate effect is every tax payer reduce heavy burden on interest plus principle and so indirectly assist bank got enough cash flow liquidity.
That is ideal method because the effect every consumer increase the spending power and so corporation can invest more with more recruitment. I do believe if every one has spend a dollar into market. The subsequent brought 10 times of cash flow into liquidity.
So, why government still wanna to select bank as rescue party. That's politic agenda with total ignoring ordinary people benefit. You can refer to senator of USA, every one having more than 60 million dollar wealth and most of the assets have been invested into financial instrument to maximum the return. If Government select ordinary as rescue party, they hardly earn a single cent. Finally must agree the bond which was invested must reduce more than 50%. The assets reduce heavily with zero return.

If the above circumstance is true. The occupy Wall street should use it as main theme to fight rather than now just sleeping at there for nothing.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Is it Need to prohibited Politician Family step into business?

Recently a stock shut up crazy. Because market player believed someone have power should be able to granted to his son have more resources to expand the company. So, is it Bursa did somethings on that. Market analysis keep on advise please do not involved such speculating. That is not fundamental stock and so over value. 

In the first place, why government never enforce a law to prohibited. If some one have own higher power, the relative should not able to gain any direct or indirect contract to any relative. Current crisis happen in the Middle East Countries had guided us a very good example. Why we still wanna to repeat? 

Most of the higher level position person in the middle east control all wealth in the country. So, now the Revolution kicked them out. Subsequently the whole country continue unhappy and it could not back to normal as before. Such conflict of interest made everyone suffer. It does not give me and you any advantage especially who did not involve in share investment game. Of course selfish people do not like my comment because if their investment can't give them any yield. They will start blaming.  

Yesterday I had read an article, he said every things are the wealth. We should not narrowly aim for money only. Health is your wealth. Steady career is your wealth. Family harmony is your wealth. Peaceful staying environment  is your wealth. That's right.

Market can't provide any steady income in the next two years. Because this virus call "loss confident". No one can earn any capital gain from any stocks if you keep such stock more than 3 months.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why U wanna keep customer database?

Like Digi, Maxis and Celcom they keeping a lot of customers data base. This all  is their extra income and they used it to cover their upkeep & maintenance cost. How they earn? Where they from? Like Bank need a lot of customers information to do collection, recruit the new customers and promote Bank products. So, The telecommunication sell this information to them.

They do not care about user feeling. Act never prohibited them to do so. As an user, actually you are stand in the open area and allow someone aim you as target. So, sometime you may cheat by corn man. Because if you can sell one information into market means you are actually start spread over the information to others.

Similar we use Facebook upload some picture for fun but someone misused it as weapon and so attack you in the cyber. Do you have such bad feeling, just like in the open area take a bath. Who can stop them? If local authority smart enough, they should control it in order to prevent someone misused it. Or maybe force them donate such income into charity funds. 

When they sell it they never fear but one day the celcom, telekom & Digi 's CEO information accidently transform to someone. They may feel it what other people fears. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am a hawker

My profession is a hawker. So, please do not blame me if I am writing anything wrong at here. As a simple man, I never expect someone give me any good credit on my English Grammar. So, if you can't understand What I am trying to say at here. Just don't read this blog. My English Grammar from Alien................ HAHA..
My job can't give me a comfortable life. So sometime I am a bit desperate. Just wrote somethings for fun. Of course sometime it could make a sales man do not happy on me.From poor family I do not know what is college life or university life. I also never spare my time enjoying after my high school. In my 2/3 life time all is working
Friendly speaking, I do not know how to use " Could be", "Can be", "Won't", "Would be", "Will be" in the sentence. Not only that I also do not know write a sentence with good grammar. Like investors also always confuse whether should buy in penny stocks or fundamental stocks.
Perhaps I am just an ordinary people. So many things in the world I do not know and understand. Like module or atom or science I can't tell you how to differentiate it. 
With lack of language of me, I must read more than others. Of course I am respect those with strong written skill. They easily write an article and publishing in the media. But please do not used good English grammar cheat people. Like always highly recommend one stock with self interest or receive some money to promote a Bad company's shares. Maybe i am not good in English Grammar but I have never receive a single cent from any company to promote someone.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Are you have some penny stocks?

Those analysis now panic. With the current rally of the penny stocks, they had confused. So, in order to stop such stocks give high return yield. They must do something. In the local media, they claimed that those stocks without any fundamental value support. But some time they have forgotten those stocks actually being recommended by them in the past. 

Those analysis report give to trust fund manager in advance before publishing into market. So, they can earn higher than ordinary people.. I do not know why SC and Bursa never question them at all. Such authority just blame on someone who keep those penny stocks from the past and now consider as unusual market activities. I am still remember a counter namely "Transmile" is the one which have been fully recommended by those super analysis. But finally the earning and turnover is "False".

The market force also discrimination on bad performance company. As an responsible analysis should given their experience on those company which would have lose direction instead of just recommend " Hold". Sell or Buy. It is similar like a sales man selling the products..

Friday, November 11, 2011

What is my ability

Referring to dictionary, the meaning of “Ability” – a power can handling problems, skillful, and knowledge.
Recent decade we can see some genius appearing in difference industries. Like, computer/IT industries Steve Jobs (founder of Apple), Sengery Brin and Larry Page (founder of Google), Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and Bill gates (founder of Microsoft). With their innovation ability they have created some new theory in IT and so such new technology had completely changed entire human lifestyle.
In the natural Science, famous scientist Newton, Edison and Nobel with their ability to create, explore and identify some theory for us to understand more about the circle of natural.
Pablo Picasso, a famous painter and artist. Entertainer, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna or Micheal Jackson, they all are international superstar. Politician namely Mao Zedong, Tun Dr. Mahathir, Dato Sri Najib, Obama and Tang Xiao Peng, they all is a famous leader in their country.
So, so many famous people as mentioned above, please tell me who is the one owned kind personality become famous? 
Sometime we need to have a bit power struggle to carry on our mission. Especially during country crisis affairs, we should stay firm and steady to monitor such crisis back to normal, control the killing dilemma spread over. Otherwise, the situation would go worst.  So, during bad scenario is it be kind or please attitude can help you solve problems?
In a company, we have difference departments to carry the specific jobs in order to run the business smoothly. Now, let us identify some situation to describe whether we should have kind personality or we need to have certain ability to carry on our mission;
1)      Marketing Department – if the marketing personnel with a kind personality of course he is easily become famous. But the process of making one person being a kind-hearted and likeable personality will only lead to waste if they don’t understand and have the good knowledge of the company’s product. Finally the client will only place their order with the minimum quality.
Obviously, we should consider what is the type of products we intend offer to clients. Normally, if we selling the products like Insurance, Unit Trust or home care products, we should bring along the kind personality with the details of the product during we offer. The harmony element on the personality like soft spoken, gentleman and caring is such a favorable attitude for a person should have. In the time of presentation of yours product, it need you familiar the product. So, well knowing about your product is priority element follow by sincere attitude and so easily helping you close a better deal.
2)      QS Department- if QS do not have ability to calculate the quantity usage in one project. We should say he is disqualify. Because with the pleasant attitude or kind personality, he will easily convince by someone and so accept his comment to award the wrong contract to incapable people. So, HR should more consider skill of calculation than others and follow by honestly to recruit QS. So, he should be a person without any good manners but with strong ability to avoid company registered any loss in the project.
So, after some analyzing and summaries my little wild opinion, I have to say recruit a staff with the strong ability with little bit personality is very important. Because company cannot waste time to teach a person with specific skill but can easy guidance a person learn some good personality during the office hours.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is Personality?

a)      First, In the enterprise/company, we should not create a standardize behavior as well as sample personality for all the staffs. Because I trust and respect every human being is a separate legal entity. They own a right “ to think”, “to act” and “ freedom”. Basically, we do not want to create a “robot” to work with us. Hence, a company should not set special rule control individual’s personality. Especially those who have some specific intelligent ability with a little wild personality.  
b)      Second, in the world we do not have such appropriate evaluate equipment to measure a standard personality for specific job. So, sometime we can see a person with good personality during normal environment but he has changed good personality in the crisis time. A good example has been happen in China. During earthquake happen in the sezhuan, a school teacher run away himself without brought any student together. He was told that is normal human being reaction. So, we could imagine during his examination he should failed in moral or ethic subject but in fact he was pass through all examination and so be a teacher. Is that any way identified a person with good personality? Is that good personality can keep forever in your lifetime?
c)       Good personality may block innovation idea. Refer to Eastern Countries education system, we provided all answer for all question because we need to score high mark in the exam. On the other hand, Western Countries teacher ask student to find out the answer for question. That is  big different between the two systems. In the western, school kids always naughty and disobey or maybe stop further study during high school level if he/she find out some new theory. That’s also can get supporting by his parent.  Eastern education must have systematic with good discipline. So, we hardly allow a youngest stop his education although his is creative. Like if you have drawing comic talent and asking a support from home. Definitely will be rejected. So, parent requested you be good personality to obey as well as salute to them. If one day you are rejecting, you may classified as with inadequate personality.  Is it corporation needed a people with obey personality? Is it obey personality can achieve high revenue? Is it systematic personality can create a good objective? If I am aware some mistakes occur during changing of environment. Should I keep quite because of guidance personality?
Based on above analysis and as my colleague mentioned just now. Those famous people in the world normally own a very special character. They are lucky enough and never block by anyone when they are executing the talent with their dreams. So, a surprising product/ theory appear into our world. Are you intends to adopt your expected personality into those genius? Or Giving them a special education of personality book for them to study?
 Hence I dare to say there is not specific designed personality should adopt into company policy. That will block company employ a well ability people into the task. Leader or manager should well know about his staff personality and fit them into appropriate position for them to explore. Rather than inadequately assign them a simple job and claim them lack of personality. Like careful character should offer him an Audit post. Like who has destroying behavior should employ him to demolished the old building or dismantle the obsolete machine. Who have lazy character should ask him be normal routine assignment.
 I do agree a basic personality should applying/adopting in the working field, like “good attitude to face problems, honest and faithful”. Of course that’s need time to educate them. At last, I could say ability is very important when you had assigned to carry the specific job. It is needed and compulsory must have!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A bit Dream

A person with the kind personality, we can assumed that :  -
a)      He /she is a famous person.
b)      He/she easy to communicate with others
c)       He/she owned a wide relationship/ communication in difference industries or social affairs.
If I knowing him/her have such character, normally I will assign him as a PRO in my company. But If you wants to assign him be a CEO or leader into one company/country with full of crisis. You should able understand that has started a dilemma.
Referring to all cartoon series, kind personality welcome by those kids. Like Doremon, Tom & Jerry, Cinderalla or Ultraman, key person in such story with full of kind personality without failing to another. But everybody aware that is a story or tales. In fact, we should not take it so serious and applying into our social life.
Honestly, if you really understand the above said cartoon series. You also could found that Ultraman has super ability to fight with diagnasour, Jerry has intelligent ability to escape/run. Doremon has a magic pocket to draw some specific equipment to solve problem. Cinderalla is a hard working girl on household matters.
Of course as an ordinary human being, we do not have carry so specific ability. But, from learning or study help us to have certain ability to survive. Like, house wife can learn cooking skill to reduce the high expenses on daily meals. Husband can learn some carpenter/electrical skill to do some minor repairing/maintenance of household equipment.
As per my colleague mentioned, such historical famous person carried a strong ability to achieve, to explore, to develop, to create a new theory in the world. So, until today no one described them have good or kind personality in their success.
In my opinion, a staff with kind personality without any ability, he only can assign to do some designed tasks/mission. He is no creative and empty innovation idea, always use outdated information or lack of effectiveness because of too busy on social activities. So, we can predict his step of meeting the rapid changes of business environment is very slow. With a kind personality of him/her hardly to modify/rectify any leakage of company’s system to meet the current requirement because he/she more care about staffs’ feeling. And so, kind personality people hardly transform the bad situation. He can’t even transfer a realistic idea for necessary changing if in hand data is obsolete.
So after you has digest above little opinion. Now you should understand why HR department always face difficulties on recruit a person. There are always get blame by someone select a wrong person to fill vacancy.   “Is it kind personality or ability suitable be a staff of the company?” This question always bring up for discussion.
Like, We always said we should “ Do the right thing” and “ Do the thing right”. Is it the kind personality without any ability can adopt such thinking into their jobs? They can’t perhaps he have good minded to do the right thing but he can’t do the thing right because of lack of ability. On the other hand, who has ability he can make the thing right and then show the right thing as good example.
Let me highlighted some example for reference. First, In the accounts department, if the kind person appointed be Head of Department with lack of ability. Staffs will not keep the report in time and such accounting entry may not fulfill the Financial Act requirement. Subsequently, the bad effect bring into cash liquidity and company stability. Proper procedure in accounting is must and necessary. Set up the proper procedure require a good skill/ability for monitoring.
Second example is Marketing department, with a kind personality of marketing staff normally he owned strong customer base. Because such relationship bring a sale person but such relationship does not guarantee him obtain the bulk order from customers if the sale person did not proven the quality of the products. So, the sale person should have strong knowledge ability about the market trend and convince ability to introduce company’s product better than others.   
Honestly, I do not mind be a kind person but it should be applicable into “right time”, “right place’ & “right person”. So, normally such conditions can found in the family occasion/gathering time. Nevertheless, when I have such specific ability on special field I do not mind sharing the experience with others. It is better than always be a good friend during the assignment but the end results are always fail. It can easily created confuse and conflict.
At last, we can conclude if we have basic ability plus continues study some books. The kind personality and strong ability slowly will accumulate. But without any ability to absorb the new thingy or new theory, it can make you fail in your life.  Because the kind personality need time to accumulate, it is hardly to learn and guide.