Saturday, September 12, 2009

Behind the fact

Everyday we must meet a lot of people. Sometime you do not know every word you had speak might hurt someone. Every person carry a difference emotion on everyday. So, how to define it and make it as easy and happy ending.

That is impossible for everyone changing in every minute to meet all people. Similar you are investing in the equity market. Every deal comprising with difference opinion of people. Some one would like to sell and someone may like to hold or buy in.

Every price done at every second included difference opinion. Some time your are outsider of such deal. But someone pull in join into said deal.

Tell you a story, Recently my employment going soon terminated but some how have some busy people would like to threathen me in advance and giving some indirect warning. Although she/he is a outsider. Of course my post carried with strong power on execution of company matters. So, maybe someone aim it for so long and now could not wait the final result and so, decided take action in advance to manipulate and control on it.

So, as a small society consist of many people differnce thinking. I do believed equity market consist of multi million or billion wealth. The dirty way of deal more than everyone imagination.

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