Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Top of the World

"天下第一" Some friends told me if direct translate to English is "SKY UNDER NUMBER ONE". Every one wants to be number one on his specific skill. So, who is number one in the equity market?

The above not is the good topic to talk at here. Otherwise, it may hurt a lot of people. In my own view, equity market provide me know about meanings of life. Like, if one purchase at down turn market. Actually I have been take away some holdings cost and time from someone. If I purchase on higher price, Actually I gave some money to someone earn extra. That is a lot of meaning of trading if you been adopted it as normal life. Use difference way approach of trading means use difference way to analyst certain issue.

KLSE now like sick and infected by HINI spread by DJ. But our antibody do not stand as others people. So that we are continues adjusted last 2 days althought others market rebounded.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am free because unemployed. So, everyday I must going out to coffee shop at 2.30pm take a break. Along the row of shop houses, there are variety of business. Most of the businessman are my friends. This day I have been stop them buying any share because of the reason Which I have been wrote at last week at here My opinion .

They are in doubt why I wants to stop them buying at cheap price. They claimed that if there is a technical rebound from US DJ. Definite local market or regional market will follow. In fact, there is a theory but it did not work in equity market. Equity market always run above your thought. So that a lot of people in their life quit buying anymore and hate it forever. Because it does not match some people thinking.

Actually equity market follow people need. But individual always apply own trading theory inside and against most of people thinking. When it has start come down means everybody rush sell it. Why you are wants to against it? So, fundamental investors always claim this is a good opportunity to hold good counter but they are always fail because of fears. Unless yours mind is outstanding than normal. So in this world only have been success. He is Warrent Buffet.

Monday, January 25, 2010


If last Wednesday you have bought in a stock with higher price. What should you do now? Continues buying in or just leave it at there. How????

Actually a lot of investors try to average it and they further tell us, if the said stocks shut up few cents. He/she will sell it and earn little bit. Old stocks just forget about it because it hard to reach that bought in level. Just hope that current stocks can recover little bit for consolidation.

Is it a right decision? In my opinion I do not encourage such way. Because it will cause you hold more shares with High Cost and maybe forever can't sell it. That is stupid way.

I am rather than wait the said shares shut up and chase it. Maybe got a chance to release it with marginal lose on old stocks. I won't sell partial and sell off all in one time.

Shares market hard to predict. So, every step must be careful and fast. Some how my tactic won't work but at least can escape the big adjustment and minimise cost of holding.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Can Do It

Just a simple sentence in your life. " I can Do it". In equity market, number of people think buy shares is a lucrative activities. So that among of traders claimed that "they can do it". In fact, in the investments theory, we should learn more on " stop buying" instead of continues searching a good counter to buy in.

People thinks to manipulate a trend and hope the market trend follow their "wish". But 100% can make it at all. I am always trusted market always against your minds. If you think it should come down but final result the specific counter non stop break new high. If you think such index should climb up higher eventually it has been reach check point.

Like me, predict DJ should reach 10800 points only is a turning points but yesterday the DJ hit down about 213 points. It was brought fear in Asia Pacific market tread its step and panic a while in the morning session.

So, that is not important about yours thought. When your are feel keep on buying and force yourself taken a rest for while is more important than your prediction.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Opinion

This year I had made some assumption: -

a) Short Future index and predict index go back at 1000 points in Malaysia Equity market.
b) First 3 months oil shut up to 105.
c) Gold price fall down below 1000.
d) DJ index after touch at 10800. At least fall down about 3000 points.
e) Buy Korean Won and Sell Euro.

The above assumption as at today seems like wrong. Maybe my friends laughing on me. Usually every beginning of year. I just remind myself alert on above assumption. Nothing more I do. Just a reference.

Today regional market must have some adjustment because of downward of DJ index. Maybe my alert point on 10800 can not reach. Last few days, DJ index run at UP, Down, Up, Down trend. Everytime down points higher than up points. Is it a signal of heavy adjustment? I have no idea yet. But just keep caution and away from market for while.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dataprep & Emico

In year 2009, Every time when Emico started it rally. Dataprep would follow. In this year 2010, The above has changed. Why like that?

Dataprep in year 2009 been warrant holder have been converted it the ordinary shares. The paid out increased. That was reduce the earning per shares and furthermore turnover or number of shares increased substantially. It has make such stock hardly to move it up higher.

Surprising is this round it was made faster gain than Emico. This situation was guided me. Time will make everything change. Previous as guide only. Should not copy it 100% and use it for future trade.

Emico can't lose the supporter. So that it also hit up but profit margin is limited when compared with Dataprep. Stupid analyst in the newspaper today hardly recommended Steel stocks. Because market in the past three months never listen to them. They are desperate and angry.

Monday, January 18, 2010

No Direction

Market player in Malaysia ignore index link counter and continue buying penny stocks. Because regional market reflected last week DJ index down trend and make some minor correction.

Suddenly most of the Ace board stocks at bursa become registered high volume than normal. Seem like a technical rebound from bottom. At current stage hard to define up direction has confirm.

Need 2 days to check the exactly move of it. So, watch carefully before jump in. Assumption should be made by funds managers because they worry US DJ will start fall from 10700 points. But usually they always predict wrong the actual performance of equity market.

I am like a horse staying at home. No food no entertainment and waiting someone buy me and pay me a food. That kind of feeling not comfortable. Lucky this time better than schooling time. Because no need search for school fees. So that if I wants to select buy in today. AsiaEP is my first choice because at least I can use small capital buy in WA or WB. Others, there are expensive unless some indicator shown.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Despite how you are measuring the trend. Normally equity market up or down hardly calculated. Any single factor will affect the next trend. Based on the in hand data or internal information do not help you ahead others investors. Everyone must start on beginning point when you are decide buy in or sell out.

Despite have some people use chart check on it. Maybe plus use intelligent technical chart or analyst to measure. They also do not aware the stocks can limit up or limit down. They only aware over selling or over buying. That is not exactly indicate the real price or rebound level. So, they are trying hard on every level buy in to confirm such chart or technical equipment is correct.

That is not mathematics formula and no need supply 100% correct answer. Maybe you can only named it as people emotional plan. Every move is surprise and make you wondering and surprising.

Do not been involved and influnce by others. So some time need to rest or walk out from that game. You may gain more than others.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Limit Up

Investors' dreams is buy in a limit up stock. On this week, this scenario was happen on few stocks. Like AEM and IRCB. It was made investor hope that will happening on his holding stock.

Actually, market stocks perform such way is bad. Because it will make some funds bind on it when the price shut up. Finally make you funds forever could not release after a crisis arrive. So, investor should aware risk is increasing higher than normal.

This round Index counter totally ignore by market. People in the market happy on this trend because minumum capital earn more than 2 times of yield. Fundamental is ignoring and continues encourage people target on penny stocks. Hope that tomorrow is my turn.

Investors use a lot of time to guess, Tomorrow who is super star. Why my turn never come? But nobody aware " If tomorrow never comes" will happen anytime.

By the way, please careful when DJ touch 10,800 points. that is my check point on the future trend. Do you have similar feeling as me? Miss a boat will not harm you. Step in the wrong boat will bring you regret forever.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Staying at home feel bore. Open TV and watch cartoon show with kids. Sometime you have to do somethings with non sense to enjoy. Normally, if you clear in you mind. You are wonder why the animal and human can not die when they hurt or bang down from high level.

Cartoon bring you step into another world. So, if you use such spirit. Equity market can not force you down although the market price continue hit down. Because one day the demand on it will comes.

Just a rest or maybe a long period of time rest of rally. Some stocks need rest to plan next journey. whoever knows the theory of rest will gain more than others. Today, I am not step in purchase any stocks. My plan on buy in few stocks on next day afternoon. Maybe market will offer some best buy stocks for selection.

One day DJ index not reach 10800. I am still positive and confident on speculating. Of course in my mind always warn me, do not holding any stocks more than 9 months to ignore unforseen adjustment happen.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Japan Yen

Most of the Japan companies main business activities are exporting product. They sell the quality product in the entire world. Every dollar of USD weaken than Japan Yen will hurt profit of them badly.

The new finance minister suggest should have weaken Yen brought Japan equity market index registered higher and continues give positive in the last three days. American think to continue weaken its dollar to reduce the debts. But if any economic zone badly hit or have some adjustment. Investors will prefer hold USD rather than others currencies.

This year I am prefer short sell of index instead of playing individual counter. Because economic should have better incentive to encourage it keep moving. As at today, there is not such signal has delivery into economic.

Government mostly still blur or unclear why last year or 2008 financial crisis so badly. They still searching on it. Actually is simple, Just think about people actually need foods and clothes only. If overstep the demand and need to create more riches man in the world. Definitely the crisis will come again. Why allow a people holding or earn more than his entitlement? That is totally mislead. That is care about specific people pocket only. How about those one without a chance to use it? Why those people just start a new job should paid tax? Identified it or reduce misuse of resources by certain people. Maybe we have a better future.

At last, still dreaming someone bring million of USD to me. At least they know me I am not corn man and maybe can earn better than those anlayst. At least I am sincere and faithfully. Never and ever tell lies. HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAA.

Frontkn (0128)

The above stocks cost me a lot of money. Been hold it more than six months. My cost of purchase range from 23.5 and 26.5. It was brought me lost a chance to purchase others stocks during market move from 1150 until today. This company further announced a news said it might have a right issue soon.

The rally of penny stock brought the bad news of its been ignore. So that it has broke the resistance of 26.5 cents and hit as high as 28 after market was traded about one hours. My opinion is if it won't go back to below 27cents. That is a good chance for speculating.

Market did not follow yesterday trend anymore. Those yesterday gave a good profit/gain do not continues its run and reduce volume substantially. But it will not confirm it has adjustment on it. Afternoon session and tomorrow 1st session will tell me more, How does it perform.

Patient a bit and wait for international currency exchange price movement to decide yours next investment or speculation plan will help you gain more.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rubber Glove Stocks Company

A lot of investors in doubt Why the rubber glove companies' shares price non stop delivery good rally. Is it the rubber price hit new high? Is it the H1N1 continues spread over and badly control?

The demand over the supply brought the above 2 issues be strong topic. Investors lose his minds to identified the facts. They hoping some stocks repeat the trend as others. Market stocks price holding at that level and ignore the volume reduce on last 2 days.

Despite the reducing of volume by strong dreams. Market do not perform as analyst projected in the newspaper. It has its own way and bring some surprise move on specific stocks. Like IRCB, Latexx and Topglove.

When is the adjustment day on those stocks? Politic arguement on a word by difference religion do not spread over and bring bad effects on that. Why your are stop trading? No money or scare. No confident on demand or over analyst on supply and bumber? That is excuse or hope people lose money and then you can collect some cheap stocks. All in you minds, please keep it as secret.

Friday, January 8, 2010

An Appointment

An appointment at next down but finally my friend was sick. I was laid down at there and did nothing. Those restaurant sold to me a expensive food and drinks. Plain water cost RM0.50. That is crazy.

Human like such expensive stuff and shown they are elegant and status. Equity market play a simple way to attract people jump in and hold it. Those funds manipulated the shares price and then join with some writer to beauty it at media. Good brand or famous brand.

Like supermax, sell rubber glove only and media keep on report it H1N1 give that company multi times of money. Maybe they thought rubber glove is printing currency note machine. Every second or every minute could delivered more more money.

That is dirty and manipulated. So, do not trust that. Please do not forget Rubber price shut up and the cost of materials run faster than production. How can the company can make such much money as mentioned as reporter????????

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Strong or Weak????

Termination the employment by employer usually is sad. Not only lost the job sometime also lose the confident. Positive people may like Sunrise rather than Sunset. Some romantic people claimed sunset is better. What is your choice? Of course, people will classified that you will enjoy some retirement benefit but please do not forget, it is only enough last for few month when compared with your previous earning. Just because they use own scale of valuation to identify someone.

That above cause people always mistake to judge which stock should move up or turn down. They have use own theory to apply it. Ignore power of market and fact of the situation to determine their purchase.

Today market showed weak in the coming days that is mainly due to traded volume reduce substantially. If L & G and Ho Hup continues sell down and you found a stocks with strong volume with strong support. That's maybe a good chance to buy in.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hawker Stall

Today is my third day of unemployed. This type of life style easy to familiar. Just sitting down at Hawker Stall and enjoying read some newspaper. This morning I have been stand in front of screen and tried hard to analyst the trading of equities.Looking for some signal on every share. Just waits for a good chance to step in. But after 1st session was closed. I did nothing.

The volume reduce a lot and found that rubber and oil stocks have good rally. I am believed that is because of Oil price was break 80. Based on normal circumstances, it should be able hit up to 105. So that some speculating on such stocks has been followed and was hit new high.

If you allow me choose a stock. I am unlikely not doubt and select scomi-wa as my first choice. Because it had stood above 30 cents. Previously this price level was a strong resistance on it. But today it had break it and stand above.

Tomorrow we should have a chance to check the next movement of the stocks. Is it turn down or continues move up. If tomorrow and Friday, volume of traded not stand above 1.8billion. That is dangerous and signal of turn down. Please observe carefully the exchange rate of USD currency to ignore your are taking risk in the heavy adjustment.

Volume Maintain

Volume maintained with index break new high brings equity market continues positive. It is seems to be can last long and stronger. Investors just remember, forex fund manager restructure the investment in this period. They are forseen USD continue weaken and So that sell off USD and buy in some stocks.

They were forgetten one big issue. The USD anytime can turn to stronger by USA FED change the currency policy. They have been confident on US Government do not give up rescue plan with weaken of economic. So that USA FED will follow print more note to support the policy.

Today, Ho Hup still positive and continues give better gain to investors. It was recall my memory on same rally on Lityan. Non stop rally and hit up more 5000%. Is it Ho Hup will follow the same move of LITYAN.

Basically, My check point on this rally is simply. Wait US DJ hit 10,800 points only decide should long it or sell it. That is easy and simple.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tomorrow got cheapest stock to buy?????

Today equity market did not followed our local analyst prediction. Most of the stocks registered positive and gave a good profit. Volume climbed up higher and touched 1billion. So, maintain such volume will determine the next five days trend. Not need hurry up to chase buy at this level and next days price will give you better chance. Although is expensive but it has confirm will give you more profit than others.

USD weaken brought Japan and others equity market more attractive except HK and China. Fuel and Energy start its rally again on last Friday. Maybe it could help Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia companies earn more on that.

CEO in those companies start sell off stocks in future market will regret in this 3 months. Maybe it is good idea to retain more stocks in hand to wait the rally registered 180 days higher only start sell off or maybe sell more than in hand stocks will be better.

Spot and future market always run at parallel after year 08 crisis. Smart people should take profit at 8% instead of hoping double up of his gain.