Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Does It Work?

If Government Stimulated Plan work, I think most of people now busy on fill application form to apply a new job. At current status, you could found some game which need high capital run its rally. Others economic activities slowly dry off.

So, that's mean the said flow from government only reach high range level. Middle range people still suffering. Because their income just enough to pay daily expenses because of invisible inflation. Our government do not feel it, because most of their expenses support by allowances. Hence, if you go to them and ask much he should spend on his daily expenses. The answer maybe is Zero.

So, equity market just give you a dream and its dream you never enjoy it at all. Some people may say, he had invest some government mutual funds. Please do not forget. During bad times, you had advance it. So any high yield or high return derived from current market, you are not 100% eligible.

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