Saturday, October 31, 2009

US and Euro Drop (about 2.8%)

After the recovery of 3rd quarter of GDP report registered 3.5%. US market had a good rally on Thursday. It could not stand long and continues its rally on Friday. After absorbed the positive news. There is no more hope for investors. They had started worry the positive could not stand it at this level as well as do not give any better result on the coming quarter. They started sell off.

In the event of speculating, that become worst and challenge. Hardly to predict the external issue affected the rally. Because every purchase depend on several issues. Like badly economic report and over purchase in certain market. Speculators must careful external factor impact on internal market. Every good news in country/domestic may erase by heavy adjustment on others countries.

Gpacket in the Malaysia market continues its rally. Every adjustment give an opportunity to buy in and sell it at better price. But it can be last in the coming weeks. On this rally, I had never gain but has been sold everything on the last friday. Now, just a observer.

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