Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time & Mtronic

Last week Thursday, I did recommended Time at here. That previous price was 34 and closed at 32.5. I thought there was my mistake. But the support 32.5 was confirmed and yesterday Time hit up again and touched 37.

It was told us, you should believed the data in front of you. No matter you have to measure or guess. It does not work if you are lose confident at its support level.

Today, I am here recommend Mtronic. It was stood at 5 to 6 cents about 2 years. Finally yesterday it had broke the strong resistance 10 cents. Normally, it will run up to 30% from this level. But due to its price cost cheap an easy to buy in at volume. It does not surprise can hit to 15 cents.

However, the demand show strong and it must at sleep about 3 days at that level. So, patient yourselves and collect these stock at about 10 cents. You should able taste the sweet.

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