Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Closed For KLCI

Must be Crazy, Market was closed at negative. I am here said that "Good Closed". The impact was there but finally stood at 1250, when compared with others this is the best scenario. My friend 3 days ago bought in REDTONE at 28 cents, but today he had managed sold at 32 cents. There is better than nothing.

Index dropped due to international market brought uncertain. But USD still weak help DUBAI has a good chance pay little to settle the outstanding loan. So, today we should focus on currency rate. IF USD against Japan stronger. It will brings more fear. So that this morning my post at here was mentioned the currency and told your are not so worries on such adjustment.

Everything is risk if your are not knowledge on that. Every game should have its own game rule and regulation. So, more knowledge do not bring you in hazard and bring you riches. But help you reduce yours game risk.

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