Thursday, October 15, 2009


Equity market in entire world registered positive signal. Especially US market have open good and continues registered higher. It will given us a confident on tomorrow speculating.

I am interesting buy in at day trade now. Frontkn(0128) finally closed 245. If today market open, it has increase the volume. Seems like everything under control and start its rally soon.

My target is about 12cents from 24. Time succeed break 38cents on yesterday and my target close to it, that is 42 cents.

Market have ignore USD weak and fund buying commodities to reduce the lose on USD. Gold should be able touch 1,300 in this year end. Of course, most the data shown positive but we should aware any impact from natural. Everything should badly hit, that is including current rally on equity market. Please plan have some funds in hand to settle the lose. Otherwise, everything like a dream, easy come easy go.


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