Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why claims burst of shares market?

A lot of prof said, market seems to be heavy adjustment. But after LEhman brothers case until today already five years or maybe more than that, that is nothing happen on market and more of them hit new high. German new high, Malaysia new record, England and USA higher than financial crisis.

About A YEAR never talk thingy at here, because seem like market got so much of genius, So I better keep quite ate here. Is it economic bubble is there? The meaning of life now under discussion by most of the super hero, than there make the thingy move faster than normal. You and me can feel the IT everyday new and push you and me spend more on that.

Bubble created by you and me, when we chase something and then the manufacturing does not support in the demand period than thingy become expensive in the short period. So manufacturer or developer make more to satisfy us. Until one day we no more strength to chase and grab it, then bubble is bursting until back to normal.

Talking about the vacancy/jobs in the market, hardly to know where is suitable place for you. Now, data protection act applied and JObstreet value the data of me and you sell it at 1.7 billion. Why our personal data can sell such high value. Is it we are entitled to claim from that???? The function of the matching of employee and employer system not value much, but the personal data sold become valueable. Why not one civil government said that or a politician table the new act for ordinary people? Like what apps, because of multi-million of users then become value and take over by facebook.

Law PROTECTED privacy, but the business transfer of data from one to another without any one of the customers' consent/agree. So, privacy become nonsense. Today A working in ABC Bank, President be a client of ABC bank. So A well know the data of President. But after a year, ABC Bank sell the business to DFE Bank, Then B well know the data of President. So, Privacy become meaning less. The operation people provide such info to sales and admin, then sales and admin to convince client to advertise at their web site to earn money. Haha!!!!! Funny people funny world. Got act to protect but everyday sell data to earn money become ordinary activities.