Sunday, January 27, 2013


Every second move means your life become shorter. So, playing a game must smart and enjoy. 人生苦短没有什么不同.
In order to enjoy the game, we should allow ourself be loser or winner and then trying hard to made it balance up the emotions. So, 100 butt or 1000 butt in your pocket per day it does not guarantee you can change your personality attitude. So, you can purchase a bread for a day to live or eat a fantasy dinner in a day but your wish is to living. The money in the pocket cause you have difference lifestyle. So, imbalance resources distribution among the human make relationship broke. Life age is limited and then all resources in your hand will be distributed it again.
Buy shares need to open your eye and your thinking must be positive. A prof will give you a lot of advices but you can say "No". Dun think they are always right and you are always wrong...