Friday, November 6, 2009


Yesterday afternoon meet an old lady. Talk to her about shares investment. She was quitely listening what I am said to her. She is simple and nice. After while, I am hardly recommend bought in GHLsys at 475 cents. She was smile and kept silent.

Later on, I asked to leave because another meeting waiting for me. Suddenly, I found her took her handphone and called her driver to pick her. I am surprising and asked the security guard. They told She is a Datuk wife and is a big investor in equity market. Before she left, she silent told me I am right on price prediction on GHLsys. She hold a lot and target price is about 70 cents.

I am shameful and is a good lesson to me. Please do not simply show myself as good player in front of stranger. Maybe some one is better than me.

KLSE penny stocks controlling the momentum of trading now. So, although there is a minor adustment on index. It does not hit down the trend unless the volume regsitered lower than yesterday. If the lower volume continue about one week, that maybe over bought and going to has some adjustment on penny stocks.

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