Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What will happening?

One day if you are playing currency trade by future contract and out of sudden the Euro Countries decided to stop using euro dollar. You have done a contract buy in USD and sell off Euro dollar. What will happen? I really a bit confuse. Because you have sell off euro now and then you should buy back to contra. Who are going to provide you euro money to buy back. Wondering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it means that you can earn extra on the zero value of euro dollar? Is it a false note in the market allow to trade? If the above prediction one day come true, any one hold the responsibilities? or as an investors we should bear own losses?
No one dare to recognise such situation going to happen. Because everyone turn around to escape the responsible. Some countries trying to show the power of control some others escape to be there. Who is suffering? Why these ordinary people still allow them play such game? 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Oil -USD 250, OIL PALM - RM5,000

Before 2012 year arise, Now I am playing a trick and so predict next year oil can hit historical high, my target price for  crude oil is about USD250.00 and palm oil can see RM5,000. So, are you going to invest. Next year gold and others mining will hit down like mad although there is a war in middle east countries.

There are few reasons to support my view:-
a) US should reduce the budget on investment of defence military force.
b) US face the debt ceiling pressure, so they need to cut budget but politician still happy to deal with weapon distributors. So, they need to use some way to reduce in hand stock of military weapon to enjoy the new order.
c) The supply of oil impact by instability of politic in middle east.(Libya & Egypt). No one care about the oil assets in the country because no one party can ensure the supply chain would not destroyed by someone.
d) Wall Street investors felt worry about the share investment. So, now already started to accumulated some future stock in hand. If the profit margin does not hit double I think they may not interested. So, based on the average price in year 2011 about USD90. It can be easily hit up to 180 and so speculating follower will help that to touch 250.

Malaysia can not enjoy this super rally although we have palm oil supply but most of the gain erase by high inflation and subsidy policy. Based on the above view, what stock we should invest in the coming year?????

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Good Hard Talk in CNBC

Yesterday, CNBC got a hard talk among of few economist. They had advised Government should not put in money into Banking system. They should give the money or settle the debt for ordinary people who owe money to bank. So, immediate effect is every tax payer reduce heavy burden on interest plus principle and so indirectly assist bank got enough cash flow liquidity.
That is ideal method because the effect every consumer increase the spending power and so corporation can invest more with more recruitment. I do believe if every one has spend a dollar into market. The subsequent brought 10 times of cash flow into liquidity.
So, why government still wanna to select bank as rescue party. That's politic agenda with total ignoring ordinary people benefit. You can refer to senator of USA, every one having more than 60 million dollar wealth and most of the assets have been invested into financial instrument to maximum the return. If Government select ordinary as rescue party, they hardly earn a single cent. Finally must agree the bond which was invested must reduce more than 50%. The assets reduce heavily with zero return.

If the above circumstance is true. The occupy Wall street should use it as main theme to fight rather than now just sleeping at there for nothing.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Is it Need to prohibited Politician Family step into business?

Recently a stock shut up crazy. Because market player believed someone have power should be able to granted to his son have more resources to expand the company. So, is it Bursa did somethings on that. Market analysis keep on advise please do not involved such speculating. That is not fundamental stock and so over value. 

In the first place, why government never enforce a law to prohibited. If some one have own higher power, the relative should not able to gain any direct or indirect contract to any relative. Current crisis happen in the Middle East Countries had guided us a very good example. Why we still wanna to repeat? 

Most of the higher level position person in the middle east control all wealth in the country. So, now the Revolution kicked them out. Subsequently the whole country continue unhappy and it could not back to normal as before. Such conflict of interest made everyone suffer. It does not give me and you any advantage especially who did not involve in share investment game. Of course selfish people do not like my comment because if their investment can't give them any yield. They will start blaming.  

Yesterday I had read an article, he said every things are the wealth. We should not narrowly aim for money only. Health is your wealth. Steady career is your wealth. Family harmony is your wealth. Peaceful staying environment  is your wealth. That's right.

Market can't provide any steady income in the next two years. Because this virus call "loss confident". No one can earn any capital gain from any stocks if you keep such stock more than 3 months.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why U wanna keep customer database?

Like Digi, Maxis and Celcom they keeping a lot of customers data base. This all  is their extra income and they used it to cover their upkeep & maintenance cost. How they earn? Where they from? Like Bank need a lot of customers information to do collection, recruit the new customers and promote Bank products. So, The telecommunication sell this information to them.

They do not care about user feeling. Act never prohibited them to do so. As an user, actually you are stand in the open area and allow someone aim you as target. So, sometime you may cheat by corn man. Because if you can sell one information into market means you are actually start spread over the information to others.

Similar we use Facebook upload some picture for fun but someone misused it as weapon and so attack you in the cyber. Do you have such bad feeling, just like in the open area take a bath. Who can stop them? If local authority smart enough, they should control it in order to prevent someone misused it. Or maybe force them donate such income into charity funds. 

When they sell it they never fear but one day the celcom, telekom & Digi 's CEO information accidently transform to someone. They may feel it what other people fears. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am a hawker

My profession is a hawker. So, please do not blame me if I am writing anything wrong at here. As a simple man, I never expect someone give me any good credit on my English Grammar. So, if you can't understand What I am trying to say at here. Just don't read this blog. My English Grammar from Alien................ HAHA..
My job can't give me a comfortable life. So sometime I am a bit desperate. Just wrote somethings for fun. Of course sometime it could make a sales man do not happy on me.From poor family I do not know what is college life or university life. I also never spare my time enjoying after my high school. In my 2/3 life time all is working
Friendly speaking, I do not know how to use " Could be", "Can be", "Won't", "Would be", "Will be" in the sentence. Not only that I also do not know write a sentence with good grammar. Like investors also always confuse whether should buy in penny stocks or fundamental stocks.
Perhaps I am just an ordinary people. So many things in the world I do not know and understand. Like module or atom or science I can't tell you how to differentiate it. 
With lack of language of me, I must read more than others. Of course I am respect those with strong written skill. They easily write an article and publishing in the media. But please do not used good English grammar cheat people. Like always highly recommend one stock with self interest or receive some money to promote a Bad company's shares. Maybe i am not good in English Grammar but I have never receive a single cent from any company to promote someone.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Are you have some penny stocks?

Those analysis now panic. With the current rally of the penny stocks, they had confused. So, in order to stop such stocks give high return yield. They must do something. In the local media, they claimed that those stocks without any fundamental value support. But some time they have forgotten those stocks actually being recommended by them in the past. 

Those analysis report give to trust fund manager in advance before publishing into market. So, they can earn higher than ordinary people.. I do not know why SC and Bursa never question them at all. Such authority just blame on someone who keep those penny stocks from the past and now consider as unusual market activities. I am still remember a counter namely "Transmile" is the one which have been fully recommended by those super analysis. But finally the earning and turnover is "False".

The market force also discrimination on bad performance company. As an responsible analysis should given their experience on those company which would have lose direction instead of just recommend " Hold". Sell or Buy. It is similar like a sales man selling the products..

Friday, November 11, 2011

What is my ability

Referring to dictionary, the meaning of “Ability” – a power can handling problems, skillful, and knowledge.
Recent decade we can see some genius appearing in difference industries. Like, computer/IT industries Steve Jobs (founder of Apple), Sengery Brin and Larry Page (founder of Google), Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and Bill gates (founder of Microsoft). With their innovation ability they have created some new theory in IT and so such new technology had completely changed entire human lifestyle.
In the natural Science, famous scientist Newton, Edison and Nobel with their ability to create, explore and identify some theory for us to understand more about the circle of natural.
Pablo Picasso, a famous painter and artist. Entertainer, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna or Micheal Jackson, they all are international superstar. Politician namely Mao Zedong, Tun Dr. Mahathir, Dato Sri Najib, Obama and Tang Xiao Peng, they all is a famous leader in their country.
So, so many famous people as mentioned above, please tell me who is the one owned kind personality become famous? 
Sometime we need to have a bit power struggle to carry on our mission. Especially during country crisis affairs, we should stay firm and steady to monitor such crisis back to normal, control the killing dilemma spread over. Otherwise, the situation would go worst.  So, during bad scenario is it be kind or please attitude can help you solve problems?
In a company, we have difference departments to carry the specific jobs in order to run the business smoothly. Now, let us identify some situation to describe whether we should have kind personality or we need to have certain ability to carry on our mission;
1)      Marketing Department – if the marketing personnel with a kind personality of course he is easily become famous. But the process of making one person being a kind-hearted and likeable personality will only lead to waste if they don’t understand and have the good knowledge of the company’s product. Finally the client will only place their order with the minimum quality.
Obviously, we should consider what is the type of products we intend offer to clients. Normally, if we selling the products like Insurance, Unit Trust or home care products, we should bring along the kind personality with the details of the product during we offer. The harmony element on the personality like soft spoken, gentleman and caring is such a favorable attitude for a person should have. In the time of presentation of yours product, it need you familiar the product. So, well knowing about your product is priority element follow by sincere attitude and so easily helping you close a better deal.
2)      QS Department- if QS do not have ability to calculate the quantity usage in one project. We should say he is disqualify. Because with the pleasant attitude or kind personality, he will easily convince by someone and so accept his comment to award the wrong contract to incapable people. So, HR should more consider skill of calculation than others and follow by honestly to recruit QS. So, he should be a person without any good manners but with strong ability to avoid company registered any loss in the project.
So, after some analyzing and summaries my little wild opinion, I have to say recruit a staff with the strong ability with little bit personality is very important. Because company cannot waste time to teach a person with specific skill but can easy guidance a person learn some good personality during the office hours.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is Personality?

a)      First, In the enterprise/company, we should not create a standardize behavior as well as sample personality for all the staffs. Because I trust and respect every human being is a separate legal entity. They own a right “ to think”, “to act” and “ freedom”. Basically, we do not want to create a “robot” to work with us. Hence, a company should not set special rule control individual’s personality. Especially those who have some specific intelligent ability with a little wild personality.  
b)      Second, in the world we do not have such appropriate evaluate equipment to measure a standard personality for specific job. So, sometime we can see a person with good personality during normal environment but he has changed good personality in the crisis time. A good example has been happen in China. During earthquake happen in the sezhuan, a school teacher run away himself without brought any student together. He was told that is normal human being reaction. So, we could imagine during his examination he should failed in moral or ethic subject but in fact he was pass through all examination and so be a teacher. Is that any way identified a person with good personality? Is that good personality can keep forever in your lifetime?
c)       Good personality may block innovation idea. Refer to Eastern Countries education system, we provided all answer for all question because we need to score high mark in the exam. On the other hand, Western Countries teacher ask student to find out the answer for question. That is  big different between the two systems. In the western, school kids always naughty and disobey or maybe stop further study during high school level if he/she find out some new theory. That’s also can get supporting by his parent.  Eastern education must have systematic with good discipline. So, we hardly allow a youngest stop his education although his is creative. Like if you have drawing comic talent and asking a support from home. Definitely will be rejected. So, parent requested you be good personality to obey as well as salute to them. If one day you are rejecting, you may classified as with inadequate personality.  Is it corporation needed a people with obey personality? Is it obey personality can achieve high revenue? Is it systematic personality can create a good objective? If I am aware some mistakes occur during changing of environment. Should I keep quite because of guidance personality?
Based on above analysis and as my colleague mentioned just now. Those famous people in the world normally own a very special character. They are lucky enough and never block by anyone when they are executing the talent with their dreams. So, a surprising product/ theory appear into our world. Are you intends to adopt your expected personality into those genius? Or Giving them a special education of personality book for them to study?
 Hence I dare to say there is not specific designed personality should adopt into company policy. That will block company employ a well ability people into the task. Leader or manager should well know about his staff personality and fit them into appropriate position for them to explore. Rather than inadequately assign them a simple job and claim them lack of personality. Like careful character should offer him an Audit post. Like who has destroying behavior should employ him to demolished the old building or dismantle the obsolete machine. Who have lazy character should ask him be normal routine assignment.
 I do agree a basic personality should applying/adopting in the working field, like “good attitude to face problems, honest and faithful”. Of course that’s need time to educate them. At last, I could say ability is very important when you had assigned to carry the specific job. It is needed and compulsory must have!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A bit Dream

A person with the kind personality, we can assumed that :  -
a)      He /she is a famous person.
b)      He/she easy to communicate with others
c)       He/she owned a wide relationship/ communication in difference industries or social affairs.
If I knowing him/her have such character, normally I will assign him as a PRO in my company. But If you wants to assign him be a CEO or leader into one company/country with full of crisis. You should able understand that has started a dilemma.
Referring to all cartoon series, kind personality welcome by those kids. Like Doremon, Tom & Jerry, Cinderalla or Ultraman, key person in such story with full of kind personality without failing to another. But everybody aware that is a story or tales. In fact, we should not take it so serious and applying into our social life.
Honestly, if you really understand the above said cartoon series. You also could found that Ultraman has super ability to fight with diagnasour, Jerry has intelligent ability to escape/run. Doremon has a magic pocket to draw some specific equipment to solve problem. Cinderalla is a hard working girl on household matters.
Of course as an ordinary human being, we do not have carry so specific ability. But, from learning or study help us to have certain ability to survive. Like, house wife can learn cooking skill to reduce the high expenses on daily meals. Husband can learn some carpenter/electrical skill to do some minor repairing/maintenance of household equipment.
As per my colleague mentioned, such historical famous person carried a strong ability to achieve, to explore, to develop, to create a new theory in the world. So, until today no one described them have good or kind personality in their success.
In my opinion, a staff with kind personality without any ability, he only can assign to do some designed tasks/mission. He is no creative and empty innovation idea, always use outdated information or lack of effectiveness because of too busy on social activities. So, we can predict his step of meeting the rapid changes of business environment is very slow. With a kind personality of him/her hardly to modify/rectify any leakage of company’s system to meet the current requirement because he/she more care about staffs’ feeling. And so, kind personality people hardly transform the bad situation. He can’t even transfer a realistic idea for necessary changing if in hand data is obsolete.
So after you has digest above little opinion. Now you should understand why HR department always face difficulties on recruit a person. There are always get blame by someone select a wrong person to fill vacancy.   “Is it kind personality or ability suitable be a staff of the company?” This question always bring up for discussion.
Like, We always said we should “ Do the right thing” and “ Do the thing right”. Is it the kind personality without any ability can adopt such thinking into their jobs? They can’t perhaps he have good minded to do the right thing but he can’t do the thing right because of lack of ability. On the other hand, who has ability he can make the thing right and then show the right thing as good example.
Let me highlighted some example for reference. First, In the accounts department, if the kind person appointed be Head of Department with lack of ability. Staffs will not keep the report in time and such accounting entry may not fulfill the Financial Act requirement. Subsequently, the bad effect bring into cash liquidity and company stability. Proper procedure in accounting is must and necessary. Set up the proper procedure require a good skill/ability for monitoring.
Second example is Marketing department, with a kind personality of marketing staff normally he owned strong customer base. Because such relationship bring a sale person but such relationship does not guarantee him obtain the bulk order from customers if the sale person did not proven the quality of the products. So, the sale person should have strong knowledge ability about the market trend and convince ability to introduce company’s product better than others.   
Honestly, I do not mind be a kind person but it should be applicable into “right time”, “right place’ & “right person”. So, normally such conditions can found in the family occasion/gathering time. Nevertheless, when I have such specific ability on special field I do not mind sharing the experience with others. It is better than always be a good friend during the assignment but the end results are always fail. It can easily created confuse and conflict.
At last, we can conclude if we have basic ability plus continues study some books. The kind personality and strong ability slowly will accumulate. But without any ability to absorb the new thingy or new theory, it can make you fail in your life.  Because the kind personality need time to accumulate, it is hardly to learn and guide.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why you wanna to pay so high remuneration?

Some company have paid out high remuneration to directors. Are you agree that? Based on calculation, in Malaysia if you pay out RM1 million as directors' remuneration, means that the company should have turnover of RM33 million above p.a.to support because our local FD interest rate about 3% p.a.

If the turnover generated profit lower than interest income which derived from FD, it seems company held the high risk on investment or should consider cease the business activities and so the funds should place it as FD to maintain such high cost of remuneration. Otherwise, the cost of investment definitely higher than normal. So, ordinary people indirect convince that company business sustainable and also mislead someone thought company is performing well and steady..

Basis ratio like gearing or return on capital employed does not give a good reference for evaluation of company performance. From the annual report, if you use interest rate to compared with Profit after Tax on company performance. You should able understand more on current shares price is it really valuable for you to buy in because it has reflect the actual return of the company. If it is still lower than normal FD interest rate and so you found that the low turnover with high pay of remuneration. It means that the directors not proven their ability enough to the company. Because the say funds should place it into FD to secure the minimum return rather than you take high risk on investments.

Some company said that without the contribution from such CEO or directors. Company hardly to achieve so high turnover. But if you use such capital in hand invest into FD, the return is almost as high turnover. What is the effort have been contributed by such directors or CEO? Just a old man can do so and earn the same amount of profit. Why we need to pay so high remuneration to them?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Rally

How long on current rally of stock market? 1 months or 3 months? Or these rally can last for 5 years. So, I do believe such Financial Analysis will table out their report soon. They will give you some historical data to support these rally. Those conservative Analysis will turn their previous point of view and recommend you are buy in and keep.

Honestly, These rally can stop a while somewhere in middle of next week. How long with strong rally. No data has been provided. So, if you are aggressive and worry miss the boat. You may face uncertainty on fluctuation of price.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How Much you can offer?

If someone asked you to sell your in hand Osk Holding shares. How much you can accept the offer? Maybe 2.80, 1.80 or 1.60? Those analysis quickly set some price in the media to induce someone follow their price. They enforce someone follow how many times of NTA or NVA, that can help their gain somethings with their in hand holding.

As an ordinary holders, you have been confused by them. What should I do now? Accept or reject? Or maybe pray hard the deal won't go off. Actually this game you should avoid it in the beginning stage because the end benefit shall not deliver to you. If you so lucky hold so long in the past 3 years at lower price. You should take this opportunity run away. It may cause yours earn lesses if the deal price higher than your current selling price. but it won't bring you lose anything. A smart investors should not aim higher he should targeted average and consistence gain in the long period.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

When You are not weLL?

20 years ago, My mum was a hawker. Ours never think about employ a foreign worker to help us up. During that time, if yours family are carrying a small business. Most of the family members must involved on that. Now, when you are walk around to find some foods from the stall. You should noted most the younger disappear to help parent to do such jobs. Most of the workers are foreigners. Such foreign worker every year help their countries earn multi billion back to home to develop the country. Our country GDP also indirect helping by them. So , such feeling brought uncomfortable. Such like fall in sick.

In those development countries likes Euro zone and USA. They also do not have skill or semi skill people to save such cost. So, they are trying hard on develop finance instrument to generated the GDP. Ignoring hard  working to earn a boil of rice. Such instrument created a gap in between of riches and poorer. The distance of unbalancing make 1% people enjoying multimillion resources in the countries. Such equipment also indirectly bring certain group of people pay lesser into social but enjoying most of the high end infrastructure.

The above trend now also happen in Malaysia. The Government continue encourage population employ low cost worker from Indonesia, Myamar and Vietnam. So that the cost of production lower but such businessman use it as weapon/excuse to ignore job opportunity to local people. Just indirect way kick off developing skill and semi skill people with good technology. So, there is no any incentive way to remain them stay into country for helping up of development.

When you are taste the food in front of you, you should able to noted 20 years ago delicious taste has gone. So that is a signal showed that our country need to continue give some subsidy to develop country. By the way, the subsidy amount partly has been pass it to foreign worker at here. So, Government so kind of it help other countries people survive with the same time transfer out our GDP to others.

So, Government compulsory extended the retirement age on that because the group of hard working people going to withdrawn heavily from local retirement funds. During the withdraw time from hard working people or oldest people, definitely the outflow will higher than inflow because younger do not know how to survive.

During the period of time, shares market may lost it heavily because of liquidation from local retirement funds. That time not only you are not feeling well as much as our country economic also must see doctor for diagnosis. When Greece happen such crisis, Government servant should capture some information as experience to ignore such story happen in our country. 

Why they select dead way for us? Why we should happy a while and forever suffer? Please take note as at today our Government related Trust Funds or Retirement funds never registered loss since it has been established although World and Local  shares market has lost/adjusted about 20 to 30%. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are you need an economic book?

Nowadays, a lot of people start take an economic book for reference. They are trying hard to understand more on current economic crisis. So, are you one of them. I am still remember when I took an economic start study for my exam, I felt loss because I do not have any good basic on my upper level of A level. So many graft into the syllabus and it was totally confused me.
Human have been accumulated so much of experience to help a country build a stability of grown. But finally such economic books does not provide any help to them on current crisis. WHY?

Such politician care about feeling of voter. Sometime they refused such good medicine for their country and accept unreasonable demand.from voter. On the same time, they lose a decade to help population living in peaceful life. Every budgeting handle by civil servant and most of the benefit have been distributed by same group of people. Prime Minister or President not aware of it. So, they just presented in the Parliament and keep informing people of the country. That is good for everybody.

As an ordinary people look at the such statement or budget proposal. Just can accept it and so finally noted that actually the resources have been passed into "AIR". No one enjoy it and not even taste it but few hundred billion dollars have spend out. So, who got the right to reject it such proposal or budgeting.
Economist just busy on evaluate it when the crisis was happen. Why they do not want to stop it in the initial part.

Is it economist study on demand and supply attached with human behaviour or human behaviour plus certain condition affected the demand and supply. Is it the line onto the chart reflected the real situation of basic needs of people. Is it monetary policy still effective when over borrowings by one nation or one country. is it centralise of bank can take immediate action to prevent the down trend of economic. When crisis happen Is it should allow such bad things eliminated  by natural way? or Created another scope of way to restructure of economic. Is it without the demand and supply behaviour will more helpful to ordinary people?

I am not a professor of economic but such above issue already confuse our economist in the world. Why they still believed such currency policy can help a country come back from crisis? I really not understand.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Every fruition must support by hard working. Now you can see a group of people simply created a group and name it as EFSF just open their mouth and claims that they can put in about 430 billion Euro for rescue. That is creating another bomb into market. They just print out the paper and tell you they have been settled the debts.

One day, bank will accumulating such bonds and so another day they tell you they can't afford on that. They buying time in order to extend the repayment date. That's shameful and irresponsible. However, they use such way to build the confident. So, ordinary people said they can spend again.

On the other hand, make so much of population can't alive at normal with lack of support on daily necessity. In the first place, they should close off the bank in Greece. Tell them they are not even have one cent in hand. Furthermore inform them if they still depending on support from Government Welfare. All people will die.

It is not create new group of terrorist people. Just do not have a person dare to tell them" That's fact". In order to create a sweet dream and bury them continuously. By right we should do some right thing to solve the critical issues. 

Actually I do not want my second generation tell me, That's "disgrace". With some correct direction instead of continue disgrace. I am prefer suffer at this moment of time. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Should I Pay Tax

Most of the actions taken up Government are helping bank getting liquidity on their funds. They ignore to rescue those population with earn little to buy food.for surviving So it would continue encourage bank loan to some more inability country. Bank always give some problems to Government and use it as weapon although they are not base on earning power to grant the loan. The theory only apply to ordinary people who is not capable. They just eat those bad loan by way of earn highest interest rate because they knew that they won't lose. Finally Central bank will help them absorb it. They continue enjoy high profit and give highest bonus to board of directors and CEO.

So, Why should I pay tax? How come people can pay monthly installment for shop lot about 1,500 to 3,000 no need to pay tax? That is big curious for me. Government always claims that they have been enhance a team to execute the collection of taxation. But actually the effects are little.

My salary need to support 5 unemployed person with net income of RM3,000 but I need to pay heavy tax on that. Tax Department count that is my individual income and so most of the my income is pure income/net income. So, I have to pay tax.

Funny things are so many people carry a business and pay RM50 per month only but they can afford to own 2 shop lot and few units of low cost flat. Why have such unbalance system happen in the country. So, Tax department should not said they are short of man power. They have such authority to obtain some info from bank as well as from retirement scheme or insurance policy.

If those people can afford to buy million policy from insurance company. How come they can said they only earn 2,500 or 3,500 per month. Funny matters are those collectors and bank easy capture some info from DIGI, Maxis and TM to do their business. Why our government body lack on that?

Certain privacy info should block and certain enforcement must enforce but In fact that is the others way round about that. So, Government keep on claims to employ more staff in the tax department to waste the resources of country but actually the effect is null and void.

The bad attitude/culture has been adopted by Bank. Like those car loan collectors easy enter to customers data base to obtain the info as long as you give them a identical number. So, Maybank and CIMB not encourage to buy because they lose original ethic to carry on their business. Some others foreign bankers worst, they enter the government body to get info for every person.

That's a law provided they can do that. Is it the profit help them or encourage them to do so? If the god culture does not apply, one day the worst will going to apply on them. Like IT company collect all info when you are surfing website. So, others hackers enjoy the ultimate info and bring them in the bad status.

Like UBS in Switzerland grab all profit in hand from ETP and CDS trading but now one person destroyed all the profit with its capital. Shares Investment allow ordinary people ignore the high inflation rate and help you survive with necessary thingy. But now become as rich man's weapon to destroy poor people income by few second of time. Rescue by Government not helping you but continue support bank to take you hard earn money again to build their emperor.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sell Again

Today is a brighthen day. All major shares market shut up and recover a bit. Is it a good buying? Of course you may said you lost the opportunity buying on yesterday. You also can claims that most of the negative data brought you confusing. So, which is the correct direction?

In my own knowledge, every time heavy selling must have sufficient stocks in hand only can do so. Hence, all stock through into market derive from that. Refer to today price, you could found some of the stocks not even can covered back the yesterday highest done. So, I have to say the heavy selling will continue and index anytime can hit lower.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Day Was Gone

During the week, shares market value loss about 32 trillion. Who is loser? Let us imagine if one day index become zero, shares value converted to money. What is the effect?

Is it similar like you had visit another country and now turn back to home? Is it like you read a book finally you earn nothing? Or maybe seem like you score a goal but finally lose the champion?
I do not know but anyhow you should learn that theory because once you are never selling the stocks in hand. You should aware that is the consequences.

Perhaps you are hope one day the price can reach you margin and gain back the same but actually you have loss yours time on one game. Life is beautiful because it should not allow one thing block you step further to taste others.

A day was gone mean you loss something in your life. If you turn back you can't enjoy something better than now.

Shares market just is a one of the game in your life. Just further imagine, one day if you could collect entire world money. Is it the world much more beautiful than now? Definite the answer is "NO". So, earn now and spend now make yourself happy with no burden.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Early morning, investors start guessing the index can reach how low. Actually, low does not change the current situation and also does not mean can rebound strongly. Because the element of economic base has been destroyed heavily.

Nowadays, when economic does not reflect the basic need of the people. Those economist still using the old technician to measure and evaluate the crisis. It has create a hazard way to recover. They still believe currency policy can control as their wish. They still believe the interest rate can adjust the wrong direction.

Since they have created so many derivative products in the market. Actually they hardly find the real reason on that. So, every control and adjusting bring worst in to it. In the Euro Zone, those minister lose any solutions because they not even know the money spend on where. But suddenly so many due debt has arise and need to redeem it immediately.

Monday, September 19, 2011

USA "New Tax system"

Lately, Obama said that imposed a Million Dollar Tax on "Riches Group" to help the Country Deficit reduce about 3 trillion dollar in 10 years time. I believed that is some exchange condition hidden behind. On the other hand, if I would have such chance to imposed new tax scheme. I intend set some conditions on that:-

a) Who are hold more than 5% shares in one company, there is a levy tax on price difference.
b) If individual hold shares more than his earning 3 times, that should have pay extra tax.
c) Every purchase in the year should not more than his income 3 times. More than that should have tax accordingly.
d) If some one stop work more than 1 year, the subsidy subject to tax.
e) Retirement funds exempted tax by way of subject to life working years up to 45 years old. If some one receive subsidy from government more than 3 years during his working years. All subject to tax.
f) After the CEO or directors resigned and the company business fails or profit reduce more than 10% in the next 18 months. The retirement funds receive by them subject to 50% tax.

The above is my little wild opinions to minimise the gap between the poor and rich people. Is it hurt you??

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Are you a specialist in Investment?

When talking about saving money, There are a number of specialist guide you to buy this products or that products. They named it as Investment Analysis or Assets Management Consultant. So specific professional but their job actually act as an agent. They earn commission by way of selling on such products. They not even know about the products.

So, you can try ask few question to them. Like: -

a) What is main cause on the current financial crisis?
b) What is main export and import of Malaysia?
c) What is Country economic base?
d) Why your product should select such stocks or What is the said company core business?

I think not even one can tell you. If you are the International player. Some more you can ask What is ETP or CDS? How they can help you earn money? What is the benefit of those product to the bank?

So, the big corn body is retirement funds. They compulsory force every employee save some ratio of the earning to the funds. So, one day the Government Bonds also can be default. How the retire man can survive?

They have some way to ignore such negative points and so tell people in lie. I do see one fund in Malaysia never registered lose although the market drop until 200 points. Although they claimed that all money invest in shares. Furthermore they can contribute bonus plus dividend in that specific year.

Until today, the god of shares " Warrent Buffet" still gain and so gain the title as super investor in the world. Maybe I do agree that because although he felt sick. He had enough money to see doctor. He also got saving enough to buy his first house. So, all money for invest never change it and maintain as 50 years ago. As an ordinary people, how many got such luck as me. In yours family, maybe today you son need further study force you to sell yours stock in hand. or maybe tomorrow you parents illness need money for operation that also force you to sell yours in hand stocks. how many times you can save yours share on such changes?

Based on that, How many specialist of shares investment can standing in front of you and claimed that he is so unique? How many specialist can convince you to trust them?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I don't want be Ugly look

When you have earning power with money saving in the bank. So, you are start worry about the crisis. You do not how to park safely on your saving. Like Libya ex-president. during his controlled the country he had use his power collecting the wealth. But now he not even can carry a ton of gold to run away with his long saving.

Ugly look like me hardly to enjoy any privilege granted by people. Especially smoking smile always surruonding me bring more hate from people.

So, in such way how to join the high leverage game to earn extra to ignore people still hate me on my ugly look. Nevertheless mostly ugly face blocked me step ahead than people. It can bring people easy stay away from me and ignore me to join any party. I do not happy on that but I do respect people how to identify me on such way.

In the share Investment game guided me a meaning of life with full spirit. And so helping me understand more theory in the books. Could I lose something on my ugly face. In the sense of respect of course I have never gain it. But in the range of up and down of the shares price,I may have it.

A monkey always claim that he can run faster than Cow but skipped step with jump always bring a dangerous hole in front. Destitute on me bring peaceful mind to enjoys during the financial crisis. So poor does not means I lose everything in my life.

I do believed when I no mood to write something at here means market will have one big adjustment. Of course people will claim that now market still not stable yet why I am here to write something. Is that means crisis is over?

Actually I am still negative. So most of the write up here just ignoring the trend/status of the market run/direction. Because I do believe as long as basic need of population never change. The crisis would not over and hardly to resolve. 6.8 billion people in the world need food and home. So, who will ignore by this trend and kick off by someone. I do not know. Hence, ugly face with me become meaningless when compared with it. Small matter, really is small matter. OH My Ugly Face.

Beauty and The Beast

A cartoon story with full of love emotional attracted everyday trusted the dream. We always believed as long as you are trying and so you are ugly. But you are still eligible have someone loving you. Although is hope plus little wish, so on there is never fail you in yours life.

Now days, people grading you are worst because you are poor. If you do not have money to invest means you are not qualify be a human. So, riches people created a ground to play such a game and namely it Shares Investment. In order to repeat the profit margin in short period of time, they also apply multi way to analysis the assets. Actually the asset can not provide such return but Wall Street people use convince way to repack the same thing and resale again.

What is the meaning of 1000 points or 10,000 points. Is it the company can contribute 1000 times of profit to you or maybe 10,000 times of profit to you. The points system already confuse you as such way. Similar like if today General Electric record as USD100. Does it means it can help you earn hundred in that year? So, the logic of investment has been out.

The analysis equipment like PE ratio. Earning ratio or evaluating the Turnover has been misuse it to divert investor attention. Like today if market drop 1000 points. Does it means GE can't earn 1000 dollar in this year?

So, those economic professor should think a new theory to revalue the asset and given us a clear picture about the investments. Of course like me, really can't understand Why we should use such a way to revalue a share price. Actually those professors from Yale University still applying such theory like spending by government can push up the economic or measurement of supply and demand of forex should be able to well know the circle of the economic. Or use interest rate to monitor the spending power. All have been proven that current economic crisis would not eliminated by such a way.

So, to define the specific share price should more realistic to reflect the earning power by way of evaluating of the impact of the changing of environment. Rather than use one way like monopoly of specific product as major factor for measurement its earning power.

So, as your are aware Beast does not forever ugly. It can turn it as beauty as you wish but subject to certain conditions to fulfill it. Are you want to be beauty as artificer way or ugly but actually is your real face/feature. That's up to individual to define it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

We need funds

A monkey offer selling about 9 billion bonds but actually in this end of the year they require another 60 billion to cover up the deficit and spending plus payment of interest due. So, who wants to giving them such funds.

Common sense tell us if someone got 1 billion in hand, I think he get enjoy his life over the coming 150 years. So, can you imagine that 69 billion just through out easy over the 5 years. That is big money/funds. They never think seriously how to refund the debt furthermore telling the people they need to work hard on that. They should not use such bonds to exchange the human needs. Actually the lender no need ask to buy directly through bonds market because as far as they are supply to them, they will receive bonds.

On the same time, USA's peoples now should forget the America Dream because as long as the basic need of human does not change. Japan and United Kingdom history will happen on them. They going to lose about 20 or 30 years of any improvement or economic may turn down as year of 1970. So are you feel desperate?

Monkey and cow story hidden up human basic need is important. You can not spend you father or you grand father money/assets as water. you need to maintain yours need by way of rightfully.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Monkey and A Cow

A monkey wondering why Cow wake up so early in the morning. So, one of the day he had stopped cow and then asked" Why you are wake up so early?" The Cow answered" because I need to work". Hear that, Monkey can't understand because in his life. Playing, sleeping and enjoying is more important. He really do not understand Why "working" is so important. Monkey go back and search his country's dictionary. The interpretation of "Work" in his book meaning equivalent to "welfare". Monkey's government should provided that to all monkey. So, he stop worry and then continue playing and enjoying.

After past 30 years, Government of monkey had sold everything to exchange the joyful life. A cow has been collected some many of forest and land in hand. Now, monkey must rent a piece a land from Mr Cow. Further, monkey must visit Cow's country frequently because he need offer some bond to Mr Cow.

Actually Mr Cow really not understand Why monkey always visit his country. Here ,do not have any funny thingy for Monkey. Mr Cow also not interested those bond issue by Monkey Empire. Why he need to buy from them.

Mr cow got so many population need to survive. How can his simply buy thing without any return. Because there is saving for future needs. Those paper does not mean everything. Mr cow also worry one day monkey will use weapon to grab all the assets of him. How can his still support them full stomach.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Over used funds in hand

Misused or over used funds in hand make you suffering. Like those day, shares market fluctuated like hell. Why it can be happen? Hard working people stay in German, Holland, Finland and Denmark must work hard for another 14 countries people. Because they are over spending. (Euro money Zone comprising of 17 countries). Similar like you work for neighbour but they refuse to work to refund the debt. Damn shit feelings on you, furthermore they also asking more loan at now by way of subsidy of more guarantor given by you.

Euro Zone should demolish immediately and maintain it at 4 countries. Other should think about a way to qualify be a members. They should aware that they are not qualify to be a member. Shares market represented money. So, if money become useless indirectly brought the shares become useless paper.

USA should deem they are created such issue and quickly join up the government treasury with FED. So, they should be stop it by two way of using funds in hand. Because one party spend money by way of another party print money to settle it. That is a big corn deal.

Fat Cat

Now day a person who enjoy the higher benefit in the company and at last the company go for bankruptcy application. The personnel then we named it as " Fat Cat". In one company a leader always said they are eligible to enjoy such benefit because he/she can bring one company created the historical high revenue for the said company. But normally we only could found that the is rare or maybe one or two person can did that.

So, to balance up the poor and rich distance we should adopt a new system to rectify unusual things. We should encourage those people have good talent with good salary and benefits but that should excluded the company directors receive the same benefit because they have enjoying high dividend from company profit.

So, hard working skill people earn higher and shareholders cum directors enjoy profit/dividend. Government also can imposed some taxation for the transfer of share if the original shareholders pass away. Like 30% of sharesholding should transfer to special trusted funds for existing employee or if they insist transfer to relative the payment of taxation should be incur 50% to government. It can help employee enjoying the growth of the company as well as ignoring someone hate the beneficiary or 2nd generation of the fonder. And so, population like to work because he/she got long term benefit for him/her.

So, if someone reluctant to do that the government should tax on 50% of share transfer and restructure it accordingly to meet the requirement of market. It maybe stop historical business go for bankruptcy with operate by unknown/unskill person .

Fat Cat lose something in this area because every one can be a better than them. So, indirect way encourage people develop a base of training ground to the employee because every one appreciated company which can respect skill people/workers.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Why you are destitute? Some how Warrent Buffet claim that you are choosing the wrong stocks. Bill Gate claim that you do not have any innovation skill. You father said that you are stupid.

A world view that if you want to be riches man, you must know how to manipulate the power or convince politician ignore you assets paying any tax. Who supposing can ignore that? A illegal way import some necessity thingy to escape Custom Tax. Refer those riches man, how can they can save so much of money in hand. Is it they used some way to escape the tax? Maybe that is true, before the custom department set up and may be those day such tax rule no so complete. During that period of time, they accumulate numbers of assets and now become multi million rich.

Those day employee always need to plan his/her own salary for spending. We can't escape because the company will report accordingly to Inland Revenue Board. In others word, company must fulfil requirement of taxation system. On the other hand, they keep on encouraging paid higher salary to Directors. So that easily found that in one company, a 100 employee paid actually lower than one director salary. So, the extra money earn by director indirect encourage them do more investment to accumulated the assets. Similar theory now still applying by Warrent Buffet.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to Tax on Riches Man

I believed most of the minority interest on listed company always claim that such directors received some much of benefit from the company. If Government need to implemented the tax and help company run in more transparency. It should be imposed a tax on their salary by way of not allowable directors salaries and benefits taken up as deductable expenses into account.

So, encourage them by way of give to staff and workers salary extra allowances by way of free tax on extra 50% deduct as expenses into company account. Set a limit for every director yearly income should not more than 500k to 750k per annum. The excess pay out consider add back as income and maybe impose that extra income tax on all excess payment of salary to directors. Encourage them by way of payment more dividend on that to push up the economic. On the same time, whoever employ a staff or worker more than 6 months, incentive tax will given on that.

The impact of current instability of economic, should encourage people more work and should give a extra allowances on those people who work more than 10 years in his career. Every 10 years give another special allowances on that.

President of USA should apply multi way of deduction on long services workers by way of given more incentive on that. Company which can employ 50 to 100 staffs or workers with 5 years above. Should enjoy more discount on taxation.

Those company can provided Staffs or Directors shares option should pay double tax on first 5 years and subsequently reduce it in the next five years.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Low Cost Flats- PPR

Yesterday, I was read a news about the low cost flat. The minister said they going to implement the new system PPR to identify the low cost flat. Current policy said every new housing project must have develop low cost flat for poor people. The rule did not emphasis who is entitle and did not bar any transfer of the said low cost to rich man.

So, who ever have money can buy it and rent it out. Based on the cost set up by Government, the maximum selling price is RM42,000. So, those people use several ways to grab it as own assets. Finally who ever is poor must rent from them.

I do agree Government apply PPR because the policy set up to assist low income group and not purpose for people treated it as improving the economic requirement. I am just worry the minister think it and would not adopting it because of politic agenda.

The new system implement it can help poor people stand in the strong ground and they do not worry about their low income can not survive in the high quality environment. So that the contribution of their effort into country economic would not wasted. Asia countries should be able help such group people by way of indirect support of their living cost rather than follow Euro and USA given the welfare by way of encourage them free of work.

Those poor group should understand such policy give priority to them to live in the standard way and not luxury way. There should not allow them free trading on low cost with good profit margin. Government should make a strong policy discourage those politician use these as equipment for politic agenda.

Economic strong base create a good environment of investments. Those rich people should not in the list of owner of low cost flat. Shares market reflected the real valuable assets and not so easy affected by external issue.

Apart of the above, Government should think to restructure the Government Link Trust Funds. Like EPF, Tabung Haji, Socso, LTAT and others Islamic Funds. It should be priority on consolidated its capital, rather than use some other way to cover it and inform contributors they can receive the good yield/returns. If not one day the inflow or outflow can not balance. it will be like Greece or Italy or Pyramid game, the bubble will burst.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why you are so worry about the taxation

Without the tax, country can't develop and economic does not step ahead with no infrastructure. There is no share market for you to invest. Rich people worry their assets not safe with no enforcement team. But due to our social respect riches man so most of the facilities misuse by certain group of people. So we are starting worry the taxation and use it to employ in-qualify people to develop the country.

As an ordinary people, feel that hard earned money easily deducted with taxation. With the payment of tax to a group of personnel do not know well manage the said funds. It was always brought frustrated and disappointed. Indirectly bring another group of population sitting there with reluctant to work and demand high social welfare.

Recently there is a big argument on additional tax on those house cost more than a million in Malaysia, Klang town. The newspaper was interview few people with opinion of objection. When refer to their identical you should aware they are high medium range people and maybe have own few units of million dollar houses. Are they opinion should acceptable?

So, we are start worry such opinions will divert authorities attention and finally we are suffer on that. Ordinary people no choice have to agree with those system because we are employee. So, monthly salary cannot hidden up and Inland Revenue Board easily detected you and force you to pay on that. Those people with few units of shop lot with 6 foreign workers only pay annual tax about few hundred dollar. If enforcement team hard working a bit, they can noted and easily help country collect more than billion of dollars.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

1250 -1

What is 1250? Maybe is 12.50 a burger. Maybe is RM1250 a i phone. Maybe is 1250 kilometer. Maybe is USD1250 per ounce of gold.

So many possibility on that. If you view is zero base, that is so much of difference, If yours view is 1500 or 2000 points of index. That is dangerous. Which level is comfortable for you?

So, actually it does not matter because when you are decided to buy in and aim for return about 30 to 50 points. Every level or point is correct that is provided the trend is up. 1250 does not stop you lose everything. Someone bought a beg cost 1250 but you only needed a beg cost 50. So , that is not a big deal on price.

Normally if i have predict the level, I will start buying around 50 points from that predicted level. Those analyst just telling you what is the level they hope to see. Not 100% it can be reached. So, they use people money to test the level, if they are right they show out to public. If they are wrong, they kept it. Just wonder they always said the value of the assets is there, but adjustment time they are keep on through out. So, what is the real value of the said assets.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Soon, we can see KLCE index reach 1250 points. Recently, CIMB, Maybank and Axiata those related to Government faced strong selling. That is not ended yet although yesterday was recovered. The fears continue spread over because the Euro zone and USA politician still insist that population no need to work for income. The continue encourage them relax in their life.

A group of people use to be take out some benefit from Government to live. They claimed that this is their entitlement. No one can retrench them because they are no a company's employees.

So far, as long as you had made some prediction on index level. It was started you are actually mislead by some info. Hence, every prediction is wrong and shouldn't do any holding position when reach yours expectation.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Levy Tax

"Good taxation system help to established capital market step by step grown up instead of create the bubble"

Those day, Government had imposed some levy tax to discourage uncertain demand. Like, palm oil price above RM3,000 metric ton should pay extra tax. Withholding tax on engagement of foreign professional services and levy tax on engage foreign worker in state. So, are that effective?

The demand and supply subject to cost. The demand on lower cost to produce the product for supporting the production. So, Government assume that supply of workers from oversea is necessary. This excuse denied local people work harder subsequently bring youngest simply join in the colleague for further study. But most of the students does not have such qualification and basic knowledge to pursue their study. Finally, create a group of people imagine they are qualify but actually without the skill to support the labor market. This group of youngest hate to carry the tough task and ignore the hardworking spirit. Sitting under the sun and think about the fast money.

So, levy tax does not helpful to develop our country with strong support. Levy tax should imposed on those with few houses and few luxury car. It shouldn't apply on one time off. It should collected in the annual basic. If someone hold more than 2 houses and one the house use to rent out. The levy tax should impose on 10% of the value of house. If whoever used low cost flat to generated the rental, that should be 150% on the rental. If someone holding 2 cars, the road tax should be double and not allow companies taken up the car expenses as deductable cost.

The above example of impose the new taxation actually highlighted Government should have more way to adopting the new system to improve our productivity. Instead of use taxation system to cover/help such companies to enjoy the monopoly business. Of course, every system should support by strong enforcement team with strong judgement laws. Otherwise, system will diverting as power and finally use it as weapon to destroy someone which government does not like it.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What is ideal taxation system

Actually if you can earn 6000 per month and need to pay income tax. Are you feel fair? If your earning for one simple family like one wife with 2 kids, that's all right. But if yours family have six adult with they had been lose earning power. Are you feel ok?

If i can choose i have to prefer earn 2k per month or 3k per month with six family member with the same salary range. So that I have no pressure at all to pay income tax. So, are you feel current taxation is fair? Those day a lot of riches man use to employ his own parents as employee in their company. So, the payment of living cost eligible to reduce income tax. As an ordinary people, we have no choice to do that because yours income have to divide it six piece to survive.

Government should impose a taxation system to reduce such way to escape the tax. If they found out some one employ relative in the company which controlled by them. Such employee salary should not allow as expenses of the company. It encourage the more productivity and efficiency of the company and also reduce the relative playing the politic in the company.

Now days most of the riches also transfer the assets into charity foundation. So, they also appointed themselves as chairman in such charity and indirect way to control the company and assets. Government should impose a law to stop them to operate the charity funds and appointed funds manager to manage it to reduce conflict of the interest. If the founder of the charity insist they be a chairman they should pay higher tax than normal. Otherwise the contribution of charity become as a indirect way reduce their payable of income tax.

So, on the other hand government should set a rule those income tax collected should not use as administration cost to pay government servant salary and medical benefit. They should obtain approval from Parliament to set an investment funds to pay for it. So, the government servant should show their effectiveness to operate the department with the lower costs. Higher income group and holding more assets and investment group should pay higher cost to obtain the service from local government. Those want to be a senator should pay higher tax in the three years for qualification to allow them feel good to be. They should proof they are eligible to manage the government taxation income because they are a high contributed the funds. In such way to remind them do not misuse the said funds.

The collection of the taxation funds only can use it to develop country and helping the basic needs of the poor people. The above suggestion only for reference because generally Government still encourage to create few riches man as a guide to population and proven themselves manage the country in the right way. So, are you still need a fair system on that. So, there is no ideal taxation system because most of the people is selfish. It was allow government continue playing some magic show to convince people support them.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Malaysia share CIMB recently get heavy selling and hit down as low as 6.95 per share. A lot of investors in doubt how come oversea market up but local stocks registered lower. As I always mentioned if entire world market have an adjustment, we should follow the trend. Otherwise, the downward happen mainly is due to internal problem. It hard to solve it and may bring more impact than others.

If those stocks too close to government basically because of that is a big changes on those policy. It can be good or bad. But, investors most probably select to avoid that and clear all the stocks in hand.

This year I have predict there is a heavy adjustment around 250 to 300 points. That is a bout 25% to 30% adjustment. Base on this, all stocks are expensive.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good Debate

Now days, New york Daily and Financial Times in USA have discussed about the taxation. Who are the one enjoy the benefit from taxation? Actually a lot of riches enjoy that. So, USA should imposed a system more flexible than only benefit to riches. They claimed those who enjoy the airport and infrastructure in the country actually are riches group not poor people.

What is the good taxation system?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why you need to pay higher price

Just a moment, crisis seems like over. So many people claim that they miss the boat to collect shares. Some how, when you are paying so much on crisis why you can't wait a second? Actually, this crisis worst than a bank go bankruptcy. That will not solve the problem by leader, they still asking to cut taxation and discourage people go to work. So, debts are continue and pass it to future.

Lender one day may think stupid why must borrow money to them. while the lender one day aware that this is not a good payee. They will pull out all the funds. Now they maybe start to do that.

So, the demand from local push them to do that so. The resources to export for oversea or poor man limited and so the dollar become useless. Those riches man still dreaming because of personal interest. They refuse to accept the fact and claim that machine can deliver more money for them to purchase. Shares market give an alert to everyone. So the biggest bomb had in the corner waiting for it. So, please do not pay higher price to purchase. Just run as fast as you can.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

After 29 May 2011....................

After 29th May 2011, why I have not post anything at here. Yet I am confident on my write up just because of market did not give me good reason to trade again. First, the profit margin on penny stock low. Second, IPO shares absorbed too many funds from market.

In USA main land, most of the article still claim that government does not implement the better system. In fact, those population should aware they demand so much and contribute little to help the economic base. Now, they still enjoying multi way of benefits and continue require others countries deliver goods for them to use. They exchange it by a paper ( Debt). Please do not forget, when the paper cannot deliver yield that is a time they lose the supply.

The circular of money means you should have some substantial goods/necessity thingy to exchange it. If you are always lazy and refuse the job. One day, people start disappointed and will not give you any support. On such stage, the demand and supply lose connection of balancing.

That's a good guidance for Malaysian. if one of the group people always need support without any contribution of their effort into the job. One day some one will ignore them. So, don't happy when you are seeing some many foreigners walk into town city and spending money. It does not 100% shown them riches than you. maybe they are spending next generation future money. So, the final result is crisis happen in their country.

So, at this movement world market will continue drop until this month end. The liquidity of cash will searching a way to park. Who is the winner on that? Definitely that is not stock market. So, we only can wait the final landing of share price. Now it is still hang on the sky.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lose Money????

Received a mail claims maybe I was lose so much of money in the shares market. Actually, after wrote a last article at here. I have been stop the trading.

The uncertain scenario brought me stay away and I did believed my own judgement " market should have a big adjustment". Yesterday, the things was happen. So when can I step in again. Of course, I need to collect more data to identify the future. Basically after the heavy adjustment and technical rebound on Friday in US DJ. It should be have a small up rally. But, unfortunately the S&P downgrade the credit rating on late Friday. So, the effect of down move will continue once market open in Monday, especially who had hold more reserve in US currency countries.

Asian market like HK, China and Japan sure have heavy adjustment because most of the forex reserve is USD. I am a type of hit and run speculator. So, what is the right time for me move in????

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Market Going to heavy adjustment

When is happen? Market recently gave good results in the past 5 months. QE1 & QE2 give whole market full of cash. Big 500 companies most of them registered historical high record of cash in hand. It given a good support to the market.

Is it can last long? I have read some data in hand found some uncertain things going to happen. Where Bomb is starting on? If I am not mistake, china is a biggest chance. I am still remember when whole world talking about one country population can spend money buy oversea properties. The bomb has been created. Like those days, we had saw Taiwanese and Japaneses bought oversea big company. That time there shares market index hit higher in the record, after that burst like hell.

I am always believed brighten days can be ended. So, next month maybe happen and make world share market burst again. Recently I am playing properties counter and had made some pocket money. Like E & O and Osk properties. Somehow I am still strongly recommend UEMland but not enough capital to play.

Next month, i should stay away for while. Watching it, check the recent data for comparison. Hopefully I am wrong otherwise a lot of people lose money again.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am still remember when new PM be appointed. This counter like super star but as at to date these shares did not given you any big return. Yesterday it was closed at 37 cents but now only have 34.5 cents only after traded about 1 hour time.

If you still holding this shares and compared with others penny stock. You are regret and disappointed. However, now I am recommended buy in at this price and waiting it give you some marginal profit.

Based on market sentimental, soon you can see it giving you some profit. That's not based on any fundamental reason for you to hold it long term. If this shares can hit 41.5, that's enough. The market uptrend can continue run until middle of April. If you think Fixed Deposit can't give you high return. You should consider buy in this stock.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Excuse

Today morning, a friend asked me whether I know the location of one place. So am I. Why he wanted to ask me such question? Because he just wanna to purchase a condo/apartment from there. Actually the behind story is, he is buying for his kid.

Now, our market trend is like that. If parent aware in the early stage on his kids buying a house or a properties. Normally the kids actually do not have such ability to buy over the assets. He /she need parent to support. If the parent is a last one to aware his kids has been bought a properties, normally is from some other way and not through his kids' mouth.

The conversation is funny and give me some idea to write something at here. The above matter, normally will bring some effects:
a) Among the brothers and sisters start quarrel
b) Existing properties in hand force to sell it
c) Restructure the assets in hand.

Some how the old parent feel struggle and disappointed on kids reaction. Finally unhappy mood accumulated and waiting one day become as bomb.
The above circumstances normally happen in middle range family. Thats won't be happen in poor and rich family.

So, refer to investment on stocks. Which got such issues in hand as above? Most of the companies have such problem. Among the listed companies, 90% got such problem. The more argument inside the company, actually is good. Because investors easily obtain some information.
Actually the main question "is not worth to buy it or not". Most of the people just need some support or convince on his/her step. Otherwise, one day if he/she is wrong. He cannot sustain and take it.

I am always tell those old man. Please do it for your own. Money need circular out by way of spend and 100% not for transfer. Because finally it need to spend it only know its real value. Like the above case, he had planned it in early stage keep few houses in hand. But now need to sell it to cover the new one. So, who will suffer?????

Monday, March 28, 2011


When market recently got impact adjustment by certain issues? Are you dare to invest? Speculators start panic on looking some money to settle the loss. Long term investors are restructure or sit there waiting for recovery. If your are a clean/zero holding, maybe think to do something on that.

Actually market not as everyone thought. Because a lot of people just used some issues or own thinking to predict the run. If they are panic. "people said what, they are doing/follow."

By the way, I am personal got few experience on delaying in the court case. In this year was happen 2 times already, the reason is same. File misplace. So, if lawyer association still asking longer period because of justice. Who will responsible on such circumstances or unforeseen issues?
Every delay or postpone have been made me in lose. In what way justice can reach to me?

So, one day I also need to tell bursa, please hold on for while because I haven't decide to sell or buy in yet. Otherwise, that is not fair. Maybe I am too much on that, because I need few thousand people to wait for me.

Of course, be patient to get the help by someone is a good attitude. But because of personal interest trying to delay always maybe covered by dirty minds/thinking. That is selfish and in consistence way. So simple is when everytime you had finished the assignment, please ask yourself " Are you feel guilty to do so".

Play shares with good attitude always bring yours a good return. When you are trying to capture some benefit from dirty way. One day you are going to lose everything. I have never think to buy in at low price. I hope everytime I bought, the seller got some return. So, I just use to chase stock never q to wait for the best price. Are you do the same way?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Direction

First at all, investors trying hard to looking shares market direction. It's seem like step into darkness and find a way out. Actually guessing on future is difficult task. Japan and G7 intervene the Forex market make things more completed.

If Japan yen drop, the expenses incur on rebuilt cost higher. If steady on such level that would easy allow speculator control. So far, every reaction on that interrupting on exchange rate brings speculator gain more easy money because those with such information will spread it out. Finally, ordinary people more suffer on that.

When our local government proposed to build up the nuclear supply electric station in our country, some how people said costly and non economy plus not necessary. Is that the true comment?

Actually for long term basic, I do agree that. Just worry someone to privatise it by specific agenda. Every proposal if never attached with personal interest. We should consider and try to accept it. If some one use such excuse to looking for accumulated personal wealth we should reject it.

Market should not have such people be appointed be a director. Those got right to vote should seriously about the quality of directors. Not only concentrated on Dividend only. Because a bad man usually will safe one person in front of you but in behind they were kill you entire family members or maybe bring hazard for yours next generation.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

People don't want money , they want life

In these two days, we should realised money is meaningless. When it use to compared with the life. So simple theory reflected in yesterday. All investors through out their shares in hand into market. Without life although you are holding trillion or billion also can not happy and peaceful.

In the circle of life, one of the day 'died" you have to face it. But hard working in your life to accumulated money is meaningless. So, enjoy your effort in the right time, and try to make your hard working effort, have some return. Don't keep more than over and brings you no time to enjoy/spend it.

So, enjoy the investments game. Don't take it is your life's jobs. So, as and when your like it. Your are playing. As and when you don't like it, just through it out. Don't keep it to waste you time. If one day your buy such shares after 20 years shut up 20 times. Are you still here to see it, enjoy it or maybe you can sell it? That is very important, where you are ? Otherwise at last your assigner or trustee take it your sweetheart away and enjoy himself.

Life is shorter than Len man Brother build up time. So, what is your expectation now? Are you continue hold tight until your are died? or through it and take cash to enjoy. Your selection always must respect. But hopefully not is a stupid decision.

Give me a fair game

Too sad to talk about shares investment, because the Japan market drop almost 12% at 1pm(Japan Time) in the afternoon session. So, let us make some imagination to help us happy. Last 2 days, at here I had commented Lawyer refuse to close case as per schedule. They said that is unfair. So, What is unfair issue?

Actually no one can understand the proceeding of court. I had an experience is every procedure count money. Like you submit a notice, cost few hundred fees. If successful obtain the notice, next step count money again. If unfortunately there consider 2 steps on next action. So every one step cost you few thousand.

So, if lawyer don't want KPI and tell us there is fair. Why not he/she just raise one bill for every case. Don't count the delay cost on us, especially the disbursement expenses don't applied to client. Otherwise before the case end, someone have bankrupt. So, if someone can't paid during the time. The lawyer also stop represent the client. Is there fair to client.

Taiwan criminal/civil case running in the court have set the time limit. Why we can't do that??? So, sometime when noted a criminal case from the paper. After 5/6 year it still running in the middle stage. Why??? Who delay it???

It wasted our Yang Hormat in Parliment continue setting up the law. Because time consume too long may spoilt the spirit of law. Investors or FDI always refuse to come here because too long to decide a project or finalising the case in the court. Because every minute is cost of funds. They don't like delay attitude.

Haha, Some more lawyer also can tell "Tsunami" " Please hold on first, I need to go MC, don't come first" Is it Tsunami listen to him??.................Hahahaha

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yesterday some how got people laugh at me. Because I was too pessimistic on market move. Ask investors through their holding but eventually shares in KLSC steady and calm.

After a day, some people were regret on buying and also told me I am correct. I just tell them shares investment does not help me gain any appreciation because the fluctuation of shares price very fast. This minute you are right but next minute your are a looser. So, what is your step planning is more important.

Technically, In my opinion if shares price broke certain level, it hard to come back strong. Furthermore there is low volume on sell down. I do believed it can come down more because the volume and price did not run at same direction. So, there is a very weak support and discourage to hold any shares in hand.

I am not smiling because i am so sad about the disaster. Especially the natural dilemma happen on neighbour countries.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Japan drop 455?

A good investors like to use own imagination to monitor his investments. There is no signal of end for the earthquake in Japan. So, to avoid heavy adjustment and accumulated more bullet in hand. The investors prefer sell off and buy later. What is the right timing??? Most of the people guess after 3 or 4 weeks time.

Japan share market opening hit down and registered below 10,000. So, panic selling not so heavily and others market hit down lower than 1%. Because they thought have a technical rebound on today.

So, in my mind already can see. Asia Pacific shares market will close lower than opening session. Because everyone just watching and delay the action of selling. So, going to end of the day. Shares will through out like water without any reasons. So, advisable sell it at now.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lawyer don't want KPI

Why lawyers so worries the KPI? Others professional like doctors, they must follow the guidance to rescue patient in time. Every operation case must do it in time. Accountant also must follow statutory time to submit the report. Why just only lawyers can be exempted?

As a Lawyer, they should aware every defender or plaintiff must work to pay their fees. If the case always postpone, it will hurt both parties. So, lawyers should not assume that law only applicable to rich people group. It belonging to every human being. So , every delay or purposely excuse will hurt ordinary people bear higher cost. The bar council some more said that judge did not allow them take medical leave. It brings me a surprise, Does he means if one of the bank manager take medical leave, does he should close down the branch for non servicing provided to customers. So, replacement someone attended to the case is their duty. No excuses!!!!

Come back to shares investment, if every one like ours country lawyer. Investors must pray everyday our bursa CEO do not fall sick. Otherwise, the dilemma will occur in capital and monetary market. As well as we always must pray Bank Negara's President also don't fall sick. So, every day our market will not base on profit or company performance to buy or invest shares. Everyday must guess who will fall sick on each day.

Market continues adjustment about 5 to 7 days. Most of the funds will looking the safety place. They are not going to take any risk on disaster.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I do not want be a PM................

If I am a PM of one country, when Australia's state was suffered in flood. I must call International Trade and Agriculture Minister give me some advice. I will ask them" How many type of foods we should export in from Australia. " Is it our local foods enough to support people in coming 3 months. If the answer is "No". I will ask Finance Minister buy in some commodities future to support our country demand. So many things need to do to prevent dilemma and also must ensure foods enough to supply to everyone.

When I have aware Egypt or Tunisia happen some politic turmoil. I should call Bank Negara to temporary stop any big trading of USD in International Market because most of foreign funds will prefer select keep USD as funds' reserve. Immediately stop any selling of Government Link Comapny's shares by KWSP, LTAT and Amanah Nasional. Further add in a rule to those funds out in these period if come back in next 3 months must inject at least 2 times of previous outflow.

So, the above step was taken in these period maybe could reduce market down like Thursday. A lot of people claim that most of the sell force by Foreigner. But referred back to daily transaction, foreign trading in Bursa less than 30%. So, local funds easily divert some attention of investors and mislead them market should have further adjustment.

I am believed market should one U turn. But not as those reporter or professional commented. My points of view are:-

a) Recently KLSE market started abnormal moved up about 3% but nearest regional market were fall down about 5 to 10% .
b) USA or DJ starting its rally.
c) Politic unstable applied to those countries who has one monopoly politic party.
d) The lower of USD brings shares price in DJ become cheap.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sell your in hand Penny stock

Sell all yours penny stocks at these two days. The heavy adjustment coming soon on those stock. The index climb in Jan 2011 and now rally on penny stocks but it can't be sustained long.

Most of the penny stocks give a good return at these few days. But now is a time to pick it all out from yours pocket. Maybe you are predict these rally can spread over to others. But it hard to know. Euro open good by uncertain of middle east countries turmoil. That is not a good reason to give power to share market. Commodities starting its rally again. That will affected most of the people in the country suffering.

The high price of food and necessity stuff make most of the people care to spend. So, money depreciated fast and useless. Government feel out of control and less power on that. Recently you can noted most of the middle range of China commented "China was stand up in front of world". But based on what circumstances it can be last long. They spend few days back to hometown by costly transport, they spend few days to buy a ticket of train. They jam in traffic few day because of delivery of goods. It that all means countries already classified as well developing.

Nevertheless they can spend a lot to buy luxury. It is mean that they are always can do that. Power of currency is not because you can spend it easily. In my book, power of money is one day you can through it into water like shit and people tell you has been crazy. People care your pocket means that is value. If you spending it by way of buy things for own use, that is nothing.

So, prof will tell you. Use 72 rules to formula your to plan future wealth is positive thinking. Base on that 72 method can help you in one of the day be millionaire. Before that, your should please some one offer you constant rate in next 7.2 years or fixed rate at 14.4 years. Otherwise that is a stupid dream.

I do not know what is 72. I only know 72 can allow me spend it for few days. It more realistic on me. Without 2 dollars in hand, I can't buy a drink, without 70 that means I must hungry on coming few days. So, plan how to earn 72 is better.