Sunday, December 13, 2009

One step mistake

Sometime in ours life, we have did a lot of mistake. Just because of one step or maybe a thought. Investments bring a lot of guidance to you. So that your are learn more before your further move or a single step.

Last week I was bought in few counters but most of them given me a nightmate. So that the money for settlement is big and make me in trouble now. I was bought in DSCoil and Harvest-WA. The adjustment is little but I am bought in by big volume. So, lose a lot of money.

Another 2 weeks times, I am a free man because of retrenchment. Working in my life is bore. I will be rest for while and do nothing. Just a dream maybe a rich man employed me be a adviser to him and pay me some percentage of the profit. So that can settle my daily expenses and fulfil my basic lifestyle requirement.

Dream can make me lazy and Is it my another step of mistake. I do not know. Hopefully is not.

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