Monday, October 5, 2009

E & O (Malaysia Main Board Share)

E & O principle activities are developments company. It hold a development land mostly situated at Penang Island. Before the crisis, it had hit RM5 and above. After that in last year, the price drop about 50 cents only.

This year its has a long rally since March 2009. Until last week, the stock maintain at RM1.50. When 2 days time, it drop more than 20 cents per share. Because one of the major shareholder, Goldman Sach believe the equity market trend going to have bad adjustment. Although they might plans hold these share as long term basic but They 100% believe market force can not against it.

Maybe they are planning sell it now and buy back later. So, what is your idea on your holding? As far as I concern, market should have an adjustment in these year is better. Otherwise, next year everyone will suffer again on trading of shares.

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