Saturday, October 24, 2009

Details and Understand

I was remember when I study my course. I can't differentiate the chargeable income and taxable income. Today a lot people thought may enjoy yesterday budget Income tax proposed reduce 1%. Basically you should earn more than 120,000 per month and your relief is less than 20,000 only can enjoy the above proposal.

As a market player, we should more concern on development cost for every sector. So, you can calculate the public listed can enjoy how much on the proposed budget. The reducing of development cost means that infra and contruction company earn less and follow by affected the financing services.

Based on the above, we should reallocate our investment for 1 year plan. A lot of people also mislead by deficit did not increased promptly because government never taken in the stimulate plan cost in to the said budget. It cost about 150 billion and ignore it by this budget.

The details of budget should careful analysis. please do not influnce by head line of newspaper.

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