Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good news From DJ

DJ index finally broke the strong resistance level at last Friday. It had stood above 9800, there is 14 months high. It was continue give a good signal after its break that level.

Stimulated plans rescue the big tycoon and they continue enjoying the rally. However, some people still need seeking a job to survive. The volume of money circular at high level people and not even allow some middle range people taste it.

Unfortunately we are in the middle range group. We are suffering the inflation and hard earn money not enough to pay debt.

Refer to KLSE and Singapoer equity market. Both are enjoying gain of strong currency and return on investment become attractive. But base of economic did not follow the current situation. So, people working for survive. It could not allow you and me relax on every second or minute.

Perhaps we should able ignore such pressure but every step you move, the cost of survive is running.

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