Friday, July 31, 2009

Penny Stocks

KLSE equity market giving the surprise when penny stocks hit good profit on yesterday evening. It was also continue gave more gain on this morning. So, the index together with the penny stocks running wild and it has deliver more confident on buying interest.
After a big adjustment on China at Wednesday. Market seems like going to turn down, but continue rally at development countries was gave investor changed their view on equity market. I do not join in this rally because it will not attractive me. The reasons are: -
a) No self confident on every purchase
b) The cashflow in the international market flood, but it did not give any substantial reason to stay on at one market for long period.
c) Durable goods maintained at high price.
d) Consumers market continues weak and can't absorbed the finished good at previous level.
US DJ after 2 days lose about 30 points and the followings day give a positive about 80points, its indicated player has more confident the economic is coming back.
KLSE market kick off those high volume stocks like UEMland, scomi, huaan and mulpha from first page. Is it a signal? I do not 100% agree but step of move up confirmed is slow. So, speculators must stay out for while and collect more data before jumping in again to play.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bad signal at China

China equity market only allows those specific funds and rejected individual foreign investors buying. This type of market maybe can named semi open finance equity market. So, the funds usually inject to Hong Kong and through HK to invest.

Long term, that is unhealthy for equity market develop. Like Malaysia, heavy weight listed company in KLSE equity market controlled by government. Foreign Investors classify it as unfair game. So, you can see FDI lower than others countries.
When equity market transaction mainly depend on local funds finally bring unfair. Like ASB funds every year can distribute about 20% dividend. The only advantage is, you are easy to capture the movement of the share. If you can make money from KLSE equity market, it does not means you are a good trader. Because you opponent party in klse market just a normal investors. In international and development market, the movement of the share price is totally difference. Skill of manipulated of share in Malaysia equity market do not suitable use at others countries.
The china equity market rally depend on their GLC company. The huge funds awarded by government to them and their speculator in shares and properties market. Malaysia also same, but ours intelligent public servants spend money on unnecessary things. So, difference approaching the funds bring difference effect.
Malaysia market will see 980 points soon. please trade in carefull and patient.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

KLSE Construction Stocks Rally

After a long period of sleeping, finally we can see second line stocks perform wild in KLSE market. Just in doubt, how much gain can delivery to investors. As most of the analyst predicted, after a rally of 30 index stocks, now the bullish come into second liner stocks.
Today, have a conversation with one fund manager. He said market soon have a big adjustment. I am not 100% absorb and agree with him. But certain points I do agree and no objection on his comment, Like : -
a) Blue chip start the rally first usually can not given more gain to others.
b) Need further fresh funds to support the base.
c) Durable commodities should not perform as well as equity market.
d) US dollar did not given a good direction to highlighted the demand
I have no objection on the above points of view. Usually a strong resistance broke by certain stocks. The share price will perform wild and achieve higher than previous. But in these 2 months, hardly see such rally on volume stocks. Its was means funds did not strong enough injected into market. Investors have more choice to select.
Current statu is dangerous but not terrible like last years. The maximum adjustment is about 15% on it. So, holding power strong investors have more chance to win this game. So, well prepare in advance always have a chance to well know the coming move.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

KLSE Equity Rally Day

30 index link counter at KLSE perform wild again. It was hit above 1160 points again at 10.30am. Speculators have been kick off by this rally because most of the counter need 5 days adjustment. Whoever playing contra automatic kick off.

Such rally brings me more fear because the durable comodities ( Gold, Silver) did not have any adjustment to support equity market continue has a good move. Today Genm hit above 2.93, it was confirm strong and steady move. But this is because due to adjusted its price to meet index point.

Recently, others index link has broke new high and now Genm follow the step. A lot of people ask me which stock can buy. I have give a warning to them. Immediately out from market because the technical issue would not apply on this rally. Like KNM has broke 89.5 but just showing a good volume but didn't give you any profit. Like US DJ broke 260 days MAV but hanging around at that level.
I am hoping I am wrong but if I am right at this round, market will face big trouble. For me I have set Middle of August is a turning point and would give me a clear picture on their move.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Second Board Counter Rally

If you read my article on Thursday . Now you are making so money. Why second board counter has a rally? Because next week their going to merge with main board. So, fund manager can buy in to restructure their portfolio. Perhap such a long period of ignore buying interest on it, now its the time for them be superstar in the market.

Although their are a second board but some has their value and doing a business quite reliable. So, with good fundamental value plus maintain a good turnover will attract more investors taken them into investment portfolio.

Of course, you need enough funds to hold it. If I have support about 300k. The return now is about 30% on it. Coming 2rd August is last day for second board. It become history in KLSE bursa.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bad Thinking

In my mind, just wants market fast adjustment because I do not have any holding stocks, that is bad. A selfish mind always in human being character.

Equity Market hard to have any heavy adjustment on this time. Most of the economic data indicate positive, especially in Euro and US DJ.

So, if you miss the boat. You are regretted. How far KLSE can move? How much you can earn? All is question. Note of USD like pipe water full supply into equity market. It was temporary remove the swith and non limit deliver the cash into it.

Finally the water direction will change. So, if you have some alert on it, you can save you hard earn money. Smart Trading and be careful.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Funny, my blog now become a financial center. Someone offer loan and someone needed some loan. Actually, cash or money required by us is unlimited. Today you might need 300k, tomorrow you may need 1 million. On my opinion, there is not so urgent on that, because without money you also can't died immediately.

I also need 300k to set up my own investment profolio. But I must proof it to investors. Base on my background, that is difficult. Sometime is not your porfolio did not perform but it is need time to proof it. Usually, investors do not have more patient on that. They prefer good return in the short period of time.

US DJ finally on yesterday broke the 9080 260 days MAV. But unfortunely it could not stood above that level. So, it may cause dangerous level to investors. Because if it has second time hit that level and turn down again at closing. Its automatic become a strong resistance.

KLSE equity did not given any surprise to small player and Bursa created more "tick place" to enjoy more cleaning fees. It does not help investors easy monitor and force investors wasting time to wait for the break even level because brokerage remain unchange.

This is a style of Malaysia authority. Always and purposely create more problem to population althought that is a simple matter. By the way, we are no choice and its has automatic kick more investors out from the market.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Market has some Changed

When you are analysis today move, you can found KLSE equity market has some changes. Last 8 days ago, although market index move but second and third line counter at 11am and 3pm coming down. Today it has changed.

So, Is it a signal of penny stocks come back? That need another day to confirm it. Of course, no risk no gain. Hence, I am propose buy in EMICO, Dataprep-WB and Frontkn.

Please observe the above counter before jump in. DJ had broke 8877, need 2 days to confirm whether it can broke 260 MAV. If there is a reach that level and finally break it. DJ will see 11,500, otherwise market may face heavy adjustment.

Bad indicator is gold price also has some rally, this is unusual. Please analysis it before jump into equity market.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


KLSE going to merge the second board with main board. Those good fundamental second board counter will attract some buying interest. In order to join the happy rally on that. Those speculating stocks also may given you a good profit. Like Emico and Dataprep.

Why choose Dataprep-wb because its going to expired. This is a good chance for major shareholders/management accumulated more funds to invest into company. So, they might purposely push the price of mother counter to attract investors buy in the warrant and then excersive on it at cost of 25 cents.
DJ had broke 8877 points on yesterday. The next move is breaking the 260 moving average points. It was given all good indicator to buy in now. But I am still watching because of limited trading credit.
Whoever still have holding index counter just patient a bit until DJ next performance. If coming 3 days DJ do not broke the 260 MAV, please realise some stocks in hand. Otherwise, you might face uncertain adjustment on it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Must Make Money and Donate

Warrent Buffet very lucky on his life. When he had found a stock, that time he has money in hand. My luck just opposite with him, when I wanted buy in. I do not have money. Share investment need right timing to do the right pick. If you miss you are forever lose. So, ask anyone donate money when make money from investment is hard.

If you hold some stocks, down or up you deserve it. But overall market up do not 100% reflected on you holding stock. You also need to accept it.

This 3 weeks I have face hate by my friends. They start lose confident on me because I use to give them a wrong stocks to buy in. But they forgetten, while I pick a right one they never award me. I am understand that is normal human being. As I always mention, I am not God and not manipulated on said share. I just base on in hand information inform them what is the next move on particular share.

Friendly speaking, I am also lose on it. Who can I blame too? They have zero fees to taken away my info but they won't paid my losing time.

Talking about Donation I use to buy food for old man when I see them hang around the Hawker stall but I won't give them any cent. I just think let them enjoy the food and deliver them a note "life is meaningful by full stomach."

Why KLSE market everyday up so much?

I found a forum talking about this topic. Actually market up or down just base on direction. Like last year, everyday you and me saw market everyday come down. Its does not surprise by any investor. Because market only performance at 2 direction, that is either up or down.

Just like you travel form east to west or west to east. Of course, some people like to use South way to east or North way to west. It was caused difficult and complex. I have never asked Why Market Everyday Up So Much? Because I am aware the share price have 2 directions only. It is up or down.

Actually, shares price can continue up 3 days or 3 days did not move at all. It also can down one day or up one day. There is a lot of possible. So, I do not waste time on that. In Malaysia, short sell on equity is prohibited and you only can do one direction. Buy in and wait its up.

Actually, I am also predicted wrong on last weeks. Its signal was turn up trend happen on Wednesday 11am. If you missed the chance, this rally for you is a tough game. So, I am prefer stay away and merely watching on it. Every single changing on that is important. That is not right time for you join in this rally. Just wait and patient.

Monday, July 20, 2009

If US DJ break 8877 points

If US DJ in the coming day break this year higher, What is happenning? Actually the 260 moving average more important than this level. If coming day US DJ break the 260 day moving average level, the 20% of rally will start and run higher than what you are expect.
Current status of KLSE equity rally on giant and index link stocks. Small player hard to earn money on that. Rich investors will continue enjoying the capital gain. Like me just only can stand outside and watching the rally.
Thus, that is a reason why i need to invite rich partner join me. On this rally, you must have enough funds and strong account to purchase. Remiser will worry on this move, because they view is limited.
Some stocks left behind these rally, like genting and Gen malaysia (resort) and UMW. Penny stocks must wait another 20 points only can start the move. Of course investors would said, market already run about 60 points. It must have a small adjustment on it. Is it True????

Sunday, July 19, 2009

If bought in at Jan 09

If you had bought in equity at share market and hold it until today. You have multiple you gain and capital. Of course, any adjustment on it you must be patient. Perhaps you had did it but unfortunately sold it too early.

As a Human being, we are hardly learn the same skill like Warrent Buffet. Because he has long life and during such period he bought in, he had enough fund in hand. Like me, during 2006 Digi and Spsetia are my priority selected share to buy in but that time I do not have single cents in hand.

Back to history and talk about it brings more regret. Perhaps dreams can bring you happy but could not bring you any success. Navy and imagination always attached in my mind. Its giving me another energy to move on. Otherwise, there is no more fun to buy in and speculating.

Middler East countries and China now full of demand on finance equitment and seems like a leader bring world economic back to stable. Recently Iran plans to build up own infrastructure to meet the basic requirment. So, the arguement is whether comodities demand is the boost of the future economic or basic internal demand of the country is more important.

Oil, gas and steel become next world economic tempature to identify the basic economic direction. I believe wall steet people now thinking to come out more CDS CDO or CDB on comodities to replace house and properties. That is another war.

By the way, please set a rule to control it otherwise the economic war will turn it to real war.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Signal

Equity Markets in the world all shown positive sign on that. Its hardly to say any storm will destroy it. In the KLSE, most of second and penny stocks did not run well,. So, it wasn't attract more investors interested buy in.

Index shown brighten but small player prefer to stay out for while. Like me still watching and did not hold any position in hand. At home just dream about some one support me be a trader.

If we wants to jump in to market. Must wait the index run about 30 points more. Its only will brings some penny stock follow the trend.

Next week, index will consolidate for one or two days and will continue move again. Hope i can join in fast. Last few days, has a joke among of my friends, they said if stockname tell buy in better stay off, if stockname said down quickly jump in buying.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Storm after a Bright Day

As a speculator, aim for some comfortable field to trade. I do not like those day rally. Because it seems like go to casino playing at 3 times only. If you are a "god" and jump in shares market bought in at Monday. Then sold it today morning. You might have a good profit.

I do not like to play like that. Furthermore if i have such skill i will prefer go to casino gambling. Usually I am select those data shown in positive and that time world market should not have more influence on KLSE equity market. I only start to trade and speculating. Hence, I only concentrate on specific stock movement to decide my purchase.

A lot of people laughing on me on these days. They further claimed that I am stupid and mislead them stop buying. Friendly speaking, actually they also do not have any guidance at all. If they trust me means that they do not have own skill trading. So, if I am stupid they are worst than me.

On my own theory, market life is longer than me. It wont die. So, as long as you have life you always can jump in anytime. One or two misplace do not hurt you and me. As far as you can escape from storm, you are safe and steady.

In the environment theory after the sunny day, the horrible storm will arrive. If my in hand data is correct. The storm is in the next corner. So, let me lose the chance at this period of time and enjoying my negative direction. Maybe I am wrong but I won't lose.

In addition, I found someone use ARAB as surname wrote some note at my chatbox. If he is a professional man, I believe he won't just leave a msg at there and simply said going to pump in money to me. He must have a proper channel find me out. Furthermore he had never read my plans wrote at here. So, how to be my partner???????


Everybody knowing that middle East Countries full of cash. Our government also aim on that funds can help us develop. So, Islamic fund and Islamic Bank is Malaysia's main finance policy. But, we are not enough intelligent people or skill people to convince them bring money into country.

Our education policy and others policies brought people hardly free trading at here. Everytime you created something, someone plans to take away. So, skill people jump to Taiwan and Hong Kong. One become a pen drive manufacturer or pioneer at Taiwan. Another one is HKStock Exchange CEO. Malaysia is born place for two of them, but just sent them earn money for others countries.

I am gald to see some people from middler East countries enjoy my post at here. But I am not super skill as those professional. Of course, if they wants me work for them by higher pay. Maybe I will consider.

Friendly speaking I am not suitable working for some one because I am lazy and bad attidute. My own point of view hardly accept by others. Like these days, I am recommend stay away. It was totally brought people lose a chance to gain money. Is it a good analysis on share investment? No, Definitely not.

I am born at poor family. I am always aware that me, hardly seeks any recommendation by someone. Everythings you must hard working than someone only can get some return. So, seeking some resources to support own dream is impossible.

In the share market, most of the company same like me. They totally ignore by investors to buy them. So, some smart and powerful people use to set some rule and control it. They manipulate some shares to enjoy the profit. Like today, KLSE future market shut up about 30 points by some one controlling play on certain stocks. Is that a fair game? No, that is not.

Due to the above, I am happy be a speculator in the market. Recently, as I say I do not want people control my limit to trade. That is a reason I seeking some good partner to trade together.
That concept is simple, I selling my skill and they provide that ground of trading.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good Move at KLSE Equity Market

Today KLSE equity market in the morning closed off high. Normally this situation encourage me jump in to trade. Honestly, I do not have any holding position. So, it can called me stupid trader. Equity market unpredictedable like wheather as well as like charactered of human being. Is it really I missed the boat? Soon, market will telling you.
I have admitted wrong prediction on these 2 days move on KLSE equity market but I am still insist stay away from that. because: -
a) My data in hand on US DJ still negative
b) I assume that this rally short and fast.
c) Others comodities price do not given me any positive direction, which also showing negative trend on that.
e) One factor happen on certain stock bring others stock follow the trend.
d) Good factors do not join up together.
Unless the above has change in the coming days. Otherwise, I am prefer stay away for while. Maybe after this week, more data will appearing for me to futher analysis. That maybe can convince me jump in.
During this few weeks, my blog view by some Arabian people. Of course, I am always welcome them visit me. On the same time, I am dreaming they are rich people and employ me be their advisor to trade for them.
Dream !!!! Dream!!!! Dream!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Double Higher -Low

The above situation happen on that said share hit the two time on same higher price but it couldn't broke it and registered more higher. Usually I would classified it as signal of adjustment. Sometime the said shares not necessary hit the same price, it only closed to it at second time.

Like UEMland, recently after an adjustment on it, after that was hit 1.52 and past few days was touched as low as 1.36, today had reached 1.48. So, I also classified it double high. If tomorrow this counter hit above 1.52, the signal of buy in is confirm. Otherwise, This share would not going up and chances of hit down below 1.28 become higher.

Due to the above signal happen on most of the high volume done stocks. I have no buying interest on KLSE equity market. Friendly speaking, today market give me a lot of data. So, i had recorded it in my diary for future plan.

I am not confident on oversea market. US DJ market still weak and until today the chance of heavy adjustment higher than last month. I am prefer stay away.

Why I need (PEF) Private Equity Funds support?

In equity market, if you have some funds. You can easily step in as a normal investor. But its do not apply and not suitable for me. Because I use to be trade fast and cut fast. If the up trend is there, I will continue buying in. Maybe this theory suitable for PEF because they are looking the yearly yield about 12.5% per annum. Furthermore they can absorbed such lose if trading wrong on short term basic.
Today, world market surge due to US DJ shut up. But investors forgor one important factor. The main factor of shut up because of strength on USD. They transfer back all their fund back to US and use hedgeing theory to reduce the risk of adjustment on others countries' currency. So, I am still negative view on the rebound of today.
World Fund Manager buying USD and throw the funds into US shares market for short term. Later on they will start buying the bond of US to enjoy the surplus of USD. Hence, recently Japan Yen strong due to demand of loan.
Base on the above analysis, equity market soon have a big adjustment on it. The panic will kill all holders and day trade players. If this round happen such heavy adjustment, maybe is good for next rally. After this heavy adjustment, the bullish will long and strong. So that why we want to jump in at this time to waste you funds in hand. Just wait and patient a bit!!!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Why Private Equity Fund never offer?

The penny stocks now going downward. It is hardy have any support because the buying interest reduce sharply. These trend will spread over to heavy weighted stocks and bring such index adjust heavily.

I am looking about 300k to 500k funds to support me when the signal of rally coming. Why private equity fund never offer me, although I am willing pay them 12%pa margin interest plus 14.6% profit gain sharing. I think better than they offer a deal with low return.

Private Equity Fund full of cash. If they willing invest here, they only take out about 100k USD. The said sum is less than 0.0001% of their total funds. They should engage more speculators like me as an instrument. Like bank, they offer HP loan to 1,000 people, the doubtful chance is little. Rather than offer a big loan to a borrower and join a high risk with big tycoon.

A small fly like us, worry the bankruptcy because of small funds. As such, We will more caution to trade and minimise the lose for them. Furthermore, they no need give me money on that, just allow me trade on behalf of them and charge me accordingly if there is a holding cost on that. I am not interested on their money and not even want the said funds holding by me. They easily control such deal by overwrite me at anytime. Of course, they should follow my instruction to buy in at anytime at any stocks.

However, that is a hard deal. Because they not even know me and they prefer employ those with HIGH Qualify people from Wall street. But, please do not forget. Last year crisis was created by them, but that period I was never get any hurt on that and run it faster than them.

At last, speculator should avoid playing market at now. Unless you are allow to short sell it. I am predict Market adjusted like rocket again and every level going to break easily. I do not know what is the day market rally can come back.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Need big Funds

Overall market full of cash and rich people, but maybe i am no luck to meet them. Since I was young, all effort must do it by my own. That is a miracle in the world, but it couldn't happen on my life.

Equity market always deliver a miracle, so that I am searching for it. In view of trading, I have learn some special skill on it. It has deliver some miracle but could not hold it long. That was happen a problem when trading in smooth. That was out of control by me. That is market force.

I am always ready to accept a big funds and share my skill to whoever need some special gain. Until today, that is miracle and impossible.

Next 45 days is a darkness day for all investors. KLSE equity market and Asia pacific market will facing an adjustment. That is a heavy adjustment, market full of panic and hit below you support level.

I am believe market full of Private Equity fund, Why they are never come to him? Maybe they wont gain much but at least can minimise their lose.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bad situation

Some investors panic when market has a litter adjustment. But, to identify it is small or light adjustment always difficult. In the market, when you are really take part on it. You can feel some fear, it was derived from the surrounding data as well as the volume been done.

I have accumulated some fears data. Now, try share with you are. There are -
a) New shares listed at KLSE bursa with open high closed low performance.
b) US market going to hit below 8,000 and challenge 7800.
c) Commodities break strong support
d) USD strong
e) Regional market weak and no direction.

If above factors accumulated and continue in the 5 days time. It would bring heavy adjustment on whole world equity market. That is an excuse but may become as a fact.

I am continue watching every moment of transaction done. On the same time, seraching funder support me continue this game. I do not want like last month situation. Out of sudden, all purchase order cut off with not enough limit by remiser.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Market bad signal

Why? that is a strong rebound at 4pm, why i am saying that market had bad signal. Refer to early morning transaction, I found some index link counter occupied the volume page. There are registered high volume and almost 50% of total volume in the morning session.

Another reason is oil price going to hit below 60. If anytime the strong support of oil price hit down below 60. The support will go to 42. So, finally the palm oil also follow the trend and hit below 2000 per metric ton. Finally our composite index would bad performance because heavy weight counter represented about 30% by plantation company. That time KNM I am predict its price will goto 50 cents again.

Today evening equity market sudden turn back because of one factor only. Tomorrow, new china company will list on bursa. Investors assuming Government would not fail new foreign IPO. So that others china company may prefer our market as priority status. I am believe so, but it would not last long. Another signal is 4 days down one day up, it shown market no support at every level.

Further more USA drift at lower position, any heavy adjustment will bring very bad influence to KLSE.

I am still looking funder support, but feel sad until now is bad respone. How come rich people do not have any skill of trading but poor people had such skill? funny?????

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to Earn Money

Market now drift at one level, it could not give you any surprise. I have a plan, if can accumulated about 300k now, next round the profit is about 500k.

My plan is offer funder at margin account interest to him. I just give an instruction to him and allow me trade about 300k value stock. Example, buying 100k at now. If T+ 3 days not selling, he help to pick up. During holding time, if any deficit incurred on such stocks. He can cut it if I never pay him the difference on 3 days time to top up as purchase level.

What is he gain from him? If such stocks gain, he should eligible received 14.6% on total gain. Based on this calculation. If I gain about 100k in one month and I have been full utilised the 300k, he will received 3k + 14.6k = 17.6k per month. If during a month, I am not gain anything and fully utilised the funds at 300k, he will received 3k and holding the 300k value of stocks in his account.

The above idea derived from recently I have face remiser trading limit is out. So that, if i trade use some support fund, it would not stop me buying at bad time. That is win win situation to those funder with placement his capital at deposit without knowledge at shares.

I have never remove his fund out from his pocket as well as minimise his risk. I am using my skill to earn money and he is my boss.

If I failed him anytime, he just sell the said share immediately to reduce the loss and chasing me money.

Is it this idea can work???? I do not know, but pray from god someone can join me. Especially now is a bad time on share market, is a good time start planning and accumulated some stock to enjoy the coming rally.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Low volume market and Need big fund by me!!!!!!!

This few days a lot of investors claimed that they will stop buying anymore. Because those days no one stock giving them a surprise. Myself also continues lose again. I am still remember somewhere in Jan 09. I am lose about 12k, but after that i make about 3 or 4 times of 12k. Now I am lose about 50k, but I am believe soon I will make back 200k.

That is a dream, but that is possible. Because equity market rule is like that. No one can take away all but some one must left somethings behind. Maybe you are saying this is bullshit. Let us imagine, unless market like 2008, the fundamental is spoilt. Otherwise one day it will be back. If you are dare and continue support, it wont fail you.

That is nothing concern about the holding power. If the said stocks everybody had holding power, it will not move up more. Like those stocks, Orient, Digi and Tanjong etc.......Holding power just happen on one situation, that is everybody pull each other leg together.

I am hardly looking a fund support me to be a full time player. Furthermore I am going to retrench by company soon. If someone interested join me be partner I am welcome. Haha, Just dream just dream.

Actually my plan is simple, just require about 300k and aim for one year earn 300k. Needed such money because I do not wants to use remiser limit to trade, because they always stop me buying.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why Ramunia Postpone the deal again?

Why? Recently najib had an announcement about our local listed companies. He proposed that big companies should prof on one sector instead of have multi line of business. So, I have a small little imagination on that.

Sime Eng will join into listing of UMW's gas and oil business. They maybe also use the Ramunia and UMW 's gas and oil business together for new IPO. UMW will acquire all vehicle business from Sime as exchange. That is an advantage for both company as well as fulfil Najib's plan.

Foregin Fund manager always claimed that our big companies business non prof and hardly to identify the risk, turnover and profit margin. So, GLC companies at KLSE become complex and non attractive to them.

The information from Najib's brother had delivered to him. This is first step and second step will encourage foreigner open a research office at Malaysia for investment. Hence, the 30% quote has removed.

Ramunia holders will gain more profit because automatic enjoy the new IPO share as excahnge and the price is better than Sime Eng's unquote shares. It is also may use Ramunia as listing vehicle(back door listing) by UMW's gas and oil business for new IPO. Three parties enjoy the benefit together. If I am a CEO of both of them, this is my plan.

I also hope GLC companies fast restructure their core business to meet current status of investment requirement. So, that is a begginning step we can meet the speculators from oversea and learn some skill from them.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Good Day

Finally I had found UEMland support. Today lower was 1.32 and previous lower was 1.28. So, the next support is about 1.36. If next adjustment coming, investors can try buying at this level. After 4 days consolidated, KLSE equity market has created a strong base. It was gave an advantage to holder and if holder apply a 9 step strategy to buy one stock. He will gain a lot.

What is 9 steps? Fisrt he bought in at 1.00 at 2 lots, second he bought in 92 at 4 lots . Third he bought in at 86 8 lots. Forth he bought in at 80 16 lots and then................................

If he had used this theory and the said shares do not have any bad news apply on it. When the market rebound to his first bought in price. He will gain pletty of money.

I am not a rich man. So, I have only can use own skill to looking the support. Now, I am trying monitor few stocks and concentrate on its. If someone lend me 1 million, maybe next year I can give him back by 20% profit, because I will use 9 steps to monitor few stocks. Haha! Just dream.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Golden opportunity

After two days adjustment on top volume traded stocks. Today those stocks had finally found the support. Although UEMLand still bad but others just ignore it and run on own way. Tomorrow is a good day for everybody if today you have bought some stocks.

Of course, after big lose I already trade by caution. My selection are Time, Hovid and Emico. However, reader must claimed that such stocks did not have good fundamental. But I am a speculator, I do not care about the company background just hope the shares got trading margin.

I am believe today adjustment have bring fear to someone. I am ready early morning jump in and buy the above said stocks. Hope can gain some profit. Now, I am in difficult position because the stupid broker has restricted buy in more.

As a speculator always is a big contributor to broker but they eye vision is limited. They always said I never parking in any share to them. But please do not forget, such holders trade at minimum and contribute them litter money. Speculator giving them a good fees and good turnover.

Furthermore they had scarify our buying right when market have small adjustment. They claimed that we should not buying and keep on asking payment. I am experience on that recently, although i am prompt payment with settle on following day. They also stop me buying. They hope for no risk on their business. Hence, he is better go back school as a teacher rather than be a broker.