Monday, October 12, 2009


Why I am at here talks about politic? Because the developing country need some stable only can deliver the good economic fundamental. On 10 Oct and 11 Oct, the 2 results at peninsular land of Malaysia have deliver a big impact. It was succeed created a difference meaning to our nation.

Equity market easy accept such news and divert you and me step into wrong direction. So, I must use some word to deliver some right direction for you and me to understand it before make any decision on ours investments.

The two results did not reflected the people needs. The two results only spread out some information in Barisan national only. So, i concluded that is internal action. Especially MCA result, there is some one use EGM to manipulate certain power. They use national resources to accumulated own interest. The Agenda truely informed everybody. That is nothing related our life in our future.

Equity market have certain stocks also monopoly by group of people monitor its price and volume. So, the unlimited positive up trend continues happen in everyday. But finally the stock go to hell. They concentrate monitor price up dan down, and forgot the needs of corporate. Of course, some positive signal or gain deliver to market. But that is wrong information for long term.

Speculating needs such info, but you must enoy benefit and run. I am hate by people on such transaction but I am not creator. I am trying capture some resources belong to social to diversify it. Hence, I am live without their support. I am also can dare to tell them, I am not afraid to critizied on every single bad issue.

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