Thursday, July 31, 2008

Market index at KLSE may hang around about 10 points up and down

Although USA DJ hit another 180 ++ points, but seem like the Asia regional market did not follow the step. Because recently was happen DJ after break 11,500 points, followings is heavy adjustment again. Another reason is US dollar stronger also pulling some funds back to US.

If you are holding a lot of position on last 2 days and mostly the shares already hit the volume page. It will bring you a worry.

Today, after reviewing the KLSE index at 11am. My own opinion is their ware no any heavy adjustments on index link counter. But I afraid the top volume stocks will not given you any profit. The supporting will derived from others penny stock in the market. So, if you wants to playing contra game in market. It will bring you facing a lot of challenge.

I am also playing the intra and contra trading, because I was believed human lifetime is very short. It is guide me must be sure and sharp plus accurately to do every purchase, in order to minimise the loss on trading.

Overview market will move up and down about 10 points from this level for another 5 days. So, I still insist buying SAAG-WA and HWGB plus HSI-C6.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today Update

In the morning shift trading activities, confirmed market easily can break 1165 and may challenge 1170. A lot of people may not ezrn any single cents from this move. The oil palm future market hit the lower and heavy weight of KLSE index member, that is IOI and SimeDarby and other oil palm facing a heavy sell force. This mislead activities brings people no intend to buy any stock in last 10 days.

As a trader, we are should aware one or two factors does not bring any heavy impact to the overall run. It means a lot of investors still applying simple mathematic theory to invest shares.
Therefore, i won not surprise this round they could not make any single cents.

After reviewing 1st shift today run, i still insist the market will move up another 10 pts to challenge the 1170. I am here still recommend HWGB and SAAG -WA again for contra playing.

By the way, after market reach the 1170 points level, i predict market may have a adjustment around 15 point range. That is from 1150 to 1170, The funds manager will playing on this level.

At last, market may face a heavy adjustment again by the followings condition : -

A) OIL PALM hit low at 2300.
b) USA DJone broke 11,000

If the above bad issue does not happen in these 2 weeks, the marginal playing is very attractive.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Market Update - 29/7/08

A lot of people wondering, Why Bank Negara never increase the interest rate? Actually i do agree with the Bank Negara Policy, It won not follow other economist stupid view to adjust the interest policy.

Remember FED reduce the interest at USA to fulfil media need. The minority interest try to influence the market. Hence, the only benefit go to thier pocket.

The independence and long term planning by Bank Negara actually should meet and fit the challenge of the future.

Bank Negara brought very good step because they maybe aware that if we increase the interest rate we must face risk on the US dollar stronger in the soonest time. So, if US dollar in the next month strong, is it means that we must need to increase the interest again. Because, now increase interest to reduce inflaction finall eating/eliminate by US dollar again.

So, I think BNegara aready forseed this trend and plan ahead after the US dollar stronger in the world market only increase the interest.

By the way, this move already help KLSE hit 1150. And i forsee market can touch 1169 remain unchange. Today recommend, SAAG -WA and HWGB for short term by heavy volume

Friday, July 25, 2008

Monday - 28/7/08 Can market hit 1169 point on next week

On 21 July 2008, I had posted a article predict KLSE market should have a small up run. After reviewing transaction on today closing. This small run should continue another 4 days on next week.

The higher level on next week, I predict can hit 1169 points.

The first page top volume counter registered on friday may continue given market a god support. If you do not have good counter to buy.

Pls select,

Kimble - WA. IRIS and Dbhd.

Wish your are make a litter bit pocket money and enjoy trading in this small run.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Market Talk - KLSE

This run seems like heavy volume on index link counter leading and support by penny stock. Like Airasia, KNM and Gamuda. I believed this will continue few days, So, Resort and MRCB will follow.

THe penny stock from Kimble and its warrant, follow by today PJI, Who is next one, Some say is Nicorp, Kbunai, Iris.

I dun know, but if the data on the screen show me positive, i really will consider to jump in to buy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


As at today, after market faced a heavy adjustment in the past 6 months. A lot of counter listing in KLSE already broke their par value price. It was brought everybody in doubt, Why this can happen?

For me, I wont surprise because in the demand and supply theory plus the actual valuation on the said company. It is realistic and true. As I always claimed to the investors. Share prise actually starting from Zero. If one day they go back to Zero, this is not surprising.

The above argument theory always bring me fired by people. Because they believed this is impossible. Hence, if one counter price suddenly drop below historical price. They will not consider in details and will take immediate action invest all the money in to this said counter.

In my point of view, if anyone apply this theory. I believed the chances of winning are only less than 50%. Why?
Because of: -
a) This should have internal abnormal issue happen in this company.
b) This bad issue no ideal can be solved.
c) The previous good result was paint beautiful for publishing.

If you continue invest into the said company, there is no difference as throwing money into the sea. You only can stand on the beach to cry or screaming. Your hard earn money is not “Yet to return”, actually is disappear in the deep sea.

History price recorded in the chat or graft telling you, this is impossible and could be rebound anytime. But chat and graft never tells you. The major factor of pushing up the price of this company, somebody actually was eliminated it. So, the trap has cover by beautiful packing. Finally, this is zero price effect happen in this share.

At last, just remind if anyone who not believed the share price is started from Zero. I am here to advice, he/she should be quickly retired from investment market, otherwise the second victim may be is you.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Market has a small up run

Market seems got a small rebound, today market KLSE index hit as low as drop about 16 points. It seems like very bad but after 2.30pm has changed the sentiment to better. It is a signal of turn up.

Recomended buy KNM-CA again to enjoy the marginal profit.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Monday Market outlook

Bad Bad bad, Now KLSE index going to break 1100. if break there is another 20% will lose.

as an investors, this is very very bad news. no stock can buy unless u have special info.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

US market Vs KLSE

A lot of people always claimed that if DJ up, we should follow it. But this is stupid theory, because in the investment, no such things is same.

Like similiar business done by 2 diffrence company. The price of thier shares also difference. TMI Vs DIGI
Commerce VS Pbbank.

It can be apply a simple theory for investment. It seems like a 1+1=2 so simple and direct. If you are continue base on this simple theory, the losses may continue and consistency happen in you life.

At last, i am still insist buying KNM- ca to earn little money. Will you follow?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Circle of Life Vs Investments (人生vs 投资)

In the shares investment market, actually you could aware and capture a lot of meaning of life.

In your life, you are always face the difficulty on selecting one from others, because it may cause some parties are shame or blame. But in the shares market, although you are choosing the wrong counter to buy. The results only cause you lose or make profit. It would not be shameful or be blame. Thus, selection or make decision is same but the consequences is totally difference. So, I rather to select trading in shares market was my major agenda in my life.

In your circular of life, you always must face uncertainty. If you pick wrong direction, you may brings you lose everything. But in the shares market, lose money does not lose the future. It is only seems like an objective question for you to select or pick. If your are choose the wrong answer, the final results only is losing money. The important thing is, although your are wrong to select the correct answer but it will not bring any hurt to someone. That only is a money game.

To be a winner, important is “ Attitude of Individual”. This is a main reason for everyone to define whether he/she can earn money from shares investment”
在你的生命里。你可能时常要很困难二选一。只因为这可能会让其中一部分人难堪和指责。但在股市, 虽然你选择不对。 最终是输光,绝不会让其中一部分人难堪和指责。因此虽然同一个道理, 但最终结果不同, 所以我宁愿选择面对股市.

Monday, July 14, 2008

KNM - CA (superstar yr 2008)

After viewing few weeks of the KNM move. This KNM shares seems like powerful. I further believed it can be nominated by me a "Superstar for year 2008".

But due to market inconsistence at this period, Hence i recommend KNM- CA. It allows you use a small capital to enjoy the good return.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tomorrow - Market Bull ??????

I do not think market already turn to better although it on last friday hit 1150 point. It is a trap, the market will go back challenge again the lowest level.

For me, during this period prefer to stay away and wait the opportunity.

In the future index market, this week already play the trader all no direction. But this is a good lesson to guide you.

In the capital/ monetory market ,There is no such thing is "One plus One equal to Two". One skill or based on one technical skill does not allow you can swimming in the sea easily.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


看了许多投资股市专栏。每一个都说长期持有五星级股票是独一无二而不赔钱的方法。可以像WARREN BUFFET一样成为有钱人。


1) 时间- 您要保证您要活得比人长。
2) 在这段时时间,不受事件的影响。
3) 没有战争或天灾。
4) 买进时是股灾或经济灾难。


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


YTLPOWER- WB since listed already hit lower at 0.48 on yestereday. But yesterday also be the first time closed high. That is 051. Normally if one counter wanna to changing the down treand. It should be change its daily trend.

YTLPOWER-WB seems like happen to change it down turn trend. So, capture the opportunity now Hit and run to gain some pocket Money.

Monday, July 7, 2008

KLSE Market not stable yet

Today market trying bottom again, but I believed this 2 days market not like last week brings a heavy impact. It should be fluctuation around 10 points. If you asking me, it is a bottom is here. I am still in doubt.

Because the few factors below still affected me to comment that. It is: -

a) Oil and Oil paml may register higher and lower. If higher, the inflation rate shout up brings corporate profit in marginal. If lower, our plantation shares price may adjust heavily, this may bring composite index pressure. Because our index comprised the big ratio on IOICorp and Sime.

b) Interest rate up.

c) No solution on unstable politic in our country.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Is it Gamuda Be Private Company?

As an investors, i really cannoy believed this new has been announced. This is a rumours, it only help someone to gain some profit.

In the article from paper, no indicate any person or corporate are interested to buy Gamuda. The most important is Bursa should take immediate action to query management of Gamuda tio prevent any specualtion.

This is totally unfair to minority interest because the price offer should be based on 10 billion instead of 6.2 billion.

So, bursa and sc should query media. Why simply announced this new to try manipulate the share price.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

KL future index hit lower ar 1,117

The equities market suspended in the whole day on Thursday, but the future index still in trading. The bad news and unstable politic further deliver in the country. So, the future hit as low as 1117.

Is it a guide for 2morow equities market opening low to 1117. In my experience, if market plug down to previous adjustment lower record, usually another 10 to 15% lower from the breaking point. Previous record is 1157 to 1161, yesterday was broke.

Since may 08, in my article written in this blog . This is main reason, i am keep on warning to avoid the index link counter. 2morow is a challenging time.

Only i can do is " stop every trading in the market". Let 2 party fight each other, only plans u step.


Black Day For KLSE - 3/7/08

Out of sudden, KLSE announced that today morning suspend on 1st session. But after 2.30pm, there is also suspend.

That is very bad attidude and will impact the capital market.

Why ? Why ?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Investment strategy for Beginner

I aware that, a lot of people steps into shares investment. Firstly, they will buy a lot of theory books to study. It seems like hidden in the hole without knowing the neighbour.

In my investment strategy, practical is very important. Usually I will apply daily trading record to refer the theory. It may help you easy understand the actual situation in the market.
The second important is, you always must involved in the real bear run environment. It will help you know more the basic theory of investment.

Example, if market heavily adjustment on the particular day, you can understand which is the main factor to impact the market adjust lower. The book can not teach you and tell you today what is happening. It is better than you have study 20 years or 20 thousand books in your lifetime.

Of course, you can not totally ignore the investment book written by someone who experience. It consists of history and basic guide, its assist you understand more about basic/necessary theory. But in the current economic environment, rapid change or fluctuation is one of the important factor or issue in the monetary market. Without changes in the every second means no profit or gain. If you continue apply one theory or one book, it will bring you to continue registered losses in you investment profile.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is It Market finished Adjustment?

No, i confirmed that is not end yet. There is few reasons: -

a) The blue chip adjustment badly but index sustain
b) Volume low follow by index counter occupied volume page
c) Value on blue chip still expensive based on current economic envirnment

I do not want against any market trend in this period. So, i prefer stay outside to safe my investment funds.

Is it Gamuda cheap at 2.35?
Is it Resort cheap at 2.50?