Friday, November 28, 2008

Third Quater Results

In order of build up investment portfolio, usually required a substantial result to support. While economic fundamental hit by crisis, that earning for corporation become uncountable. This is why I was mentioned at here, no forecast on lower price of index counter. To identify the value of them, it would need another quarter result to analyst. Therefore, I am always advice next six months only can build up the new portfolio of investments.

Yesterday and today, the results announced by Resort and Genting registered declined. Although the impact of economic crisis derived from abroad but internal economic based seems was followed the down move impact.

The above results highlighted there is no one corporation could escape from the crisis. Of course, there is not easy to maintain the previous results but investors were definitely felt disappointed on it.

I am maintain the "short" strategy on KLSE Future although i was need to pay extra money to maintain the said margin. But i am believe that would not disappointed me in the coming 10 days from now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Future Market

Future market closed at premium when compared with spot market. There are 2 reasons: -

a) Roll over by long player for November contract to Dec contract.
b) Assume that overall oversea market soon recover.

The above situation had happen normal in the past 3 months. Everytime a new bailout proposed by one country, equity market seem like going to move back uptrend. But, actual result always disappointed.

I had several time mentioned at here, one factor does not help the equity market soon change the current direction. Equity market change the direction have to support by few factors join up together. The proposal only help market go back to middle of the road or overhaul the economic engine to "restart" again.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good Monday at EURO

Usually while market slump at Monday, we are classify it as Black Monday. But today UK FTSE 100 at 2.30pm soar about 7.69% or 290 points. It was brought the entire Euro equity market outstanding performance.

After US DJ open, the good news delivered from MSN.COM: -
"Stocks rise again after the US government steps in to save the troubled bank. A report on existing-home sales is better than expected. President-elect Obama announces plans for a huge economic stimulus package. Democrats leave it up to the Big 3 automakers to come up with a bailout plan; GM reportedly considers bankruptcy."

Other media like CNBC also detailed the" bailout of government's plan" about the rescue of Citigroup. It was a good news to Financial Institution Sector. Highlighted US Government would not allow any big bank step into bankruptcy. Hence, after 45 minutes of trading, the DJ shut up about 3.87% or 311 points.

By the way, there is another surprising news. Gold price hit USD822. There is a funny move because normally while market up, gold price will not follow. Why this time so funny?

Latest news
Russia closed at up 7.74%.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Selling force at KLSE

KLSE index today closed at 855 points. When compared with 1st shift of closing, it was increased another 2 points lower. It is indirect given a warning to investors, tomorrow it could be hit lower again.

Actuall, if you had read the report about USA financial crisis. You should aware the hole of outstanding loan amounted to 45 trllion, It was represented about 2.5 times of yearly GDP of USA.

USA's Bank created MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) for sub prime loan. Investment Bank created CDO(Coliateralised Debt Obligations), CDS (Credit Default Swap) and Sythetic CDO (CDO plus CDS) to accumulated the funds for leverage loan about 20 to 30 times. Hence small amount of 500 billion(sub prime) roll over it as bigger as 45 trillion outstanding loan in the market.
Based on the above data, I am here to say actually in this period of time, I am disagree invest inividual equity in the market. Unless, the said outstanding had been absorbed.
In this period of time, I am ensure my "Short" future contract maintain until spot market touch or close to 830 points.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

DJ up 494 points

DJ up 494 points could help Tokyo Nikkie and HK Hang Seng surge in the coming Monday. But how far it can be go? Malaysia market index at this week had broke the support of 860 points but successful covered back at above 860. How far it can go?

I noted that about 11.30am, the penny stock had a small rally from the day low. But How many people can earn money from that?

If you are asking me what is my opinion on coming next week on KLSE index.?I would still remain my last 2 day strategy. Sell Dec future and ignore buying any stock from equity market. Because i still insist that after broke 859 points, market should search another confiden support level to build up another small rally.

KLSE market must provide me more data to allow me change my above opinion. Otherwise, I will continue sell future index at this level.

I do not like to guess the daily move because i do not wants to take over GOD's task and his duty.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tonight DJ!!!

Is it any strong rebound at DJ at tonight? After broke the 8,000 points, usually market seeking the 1st support about 20% lower from 8,000, i.e. about 1,600 point adjustment. Hence, I was projected that DJ will touch 6,400 points or below only can rebound.

A lot of investors assume that after 2 days adjustment, it should have a technical rebound. Because in this year had happen few times. But, I am here to given a warning, DJ market could be continue has a adjustment at tonight. Because equity market up or down can not measure by formula or mathematics instrument. If the strong support break, it is mean the confident was lost. It will search another group of confidant to make a new defend line.

Lets me give you are a few example to support the above theory.

a) Recently MRCB touch higher price at 89 cents, after broke my first support price at 79 cents. Today it was hit as low as 62 cents; that is about 17 cents or 20% lower of 79 cents.
b) Zelan was broke RM1 and today hit as low as 80 cents, that is about 20 cents or 20% lower of RM1.

But it is a new defending line for MRCB and Zelan. I do not know yet. Because it also can adjust it more than 90% if the said company internally had own bad news. So, usually I will advise stay away from that. The reasons are: -

1) Profit Margin limited.
2) Every level hidden a lot of holder want to release the holding.
3) Bad news will continue appear on this particular share.

The above is my experience.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Malaysia Market Bad Performing

Why this morning I was decided cut loss, because of:-
a) Gamuda hit down below 1.55 at this morning. Although there were a rebound during transaction but technically broke had been shown this stock up trend move become negative.
b) IOI broke 3.00 at opening
c) PBBank and PBBank-01 shown weak.
d) Zelan seeking the first support at 80cents.
e) Yesterday good effects in the market had changed.
And the main reason is, I must control the loss not more than 25 points per contract. This is my own rule and guidance. Similar system I had been applied on equity market, I am always set the loss margin for below RM1 shares should not more than 3 cents. I am strictly follow this guide to minimise the loss.
In my opinion, current status on equity market are: -
a) Although DJ rebound on tonight but Malaysia equity market could not follow because in the currency market USDollar against RM strong. It will give another reason for blue chip stock make another adjustment.
b) Oil Palm and Crude oil price would drop further because of recession fear.
Refer this week transaction done by me, you are should awared that I was make the correct decision on last weekend but lost the patient of wait.
This is an another good lesson in my life of investments. I hereby wish I would not repeat this mistake again in the future.

Cut Loss

As yesterday mentioned, if Dec future index broke 854. The "Long" position would take immediate action to cut loss. The bad situation maily due to USA DJ broke 8000 points. There is not a bigger adjustment but technically broke the support level of 8000 points bring fear and panic to entire Asia equity market followed the down step.
I had been turn to "sell" position and waiting the spot market break 860 points of KLSE composite index. If really break the said support, I will further sell another contract to enjoy more profit because the 829 points would reach anytime from after breaking the said support.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Closed "Short" at KLSE Index Future

Today i was succeed closed the deal with little gain. The cruelty game make investors panic in trading. That is not easy to closed it at today because the heavy adjustment had only happen in the 4.30pm for KLSE index future.

In my opinion, all penny stocks could not delivered any profit and stability cause our market lose the 880 points. But is that a good reason for index follow the step? A lot of investors plans to hit down the future at last minute because they assume USA market tonight would hit down/slump again. The excuse based on Future DJ currently hit low as 120 points.

Actually, my strategy in this afternoon was buy "long" for Dec future contract. I had been done at 867 and 865 points.

But, I had plan if the DEC future hit below 854 points. I will immediately cut lose. My reasons are:-
a) No any bad news in the market
b) KLSE would not 100% follow the trend of USA DJ.
c) Hong Kong market would not seeking lower support at this morning
d) China market rebound strong at this morning.
e) Pemodalan Nasional Berhad will close book for financial year ended for this month.
f) Gamuda never break the 1.55 after breaking the 1st support of 1.74 and 2nd support of 1.68.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tomorrow i will take Profit

After analyst today market trend, I found that few index link counter did not give up the support level. It were brought my "Short" position sat on the dangerous level. So, I have decide tomorrow close the deal to enjoy the profit or minimise the lose.

Let me analyst some data for you are understand why I need to do that: -

a) Yesterday and today, I found that Gamuda hit 1.68 per share but did not broke this level. Especially this morning touch one time at 1.68 during market index touched lower. Afternoon hit another time again at 1.68 but also never broke this level although during that time was index lower than morning session plus had another more bad news from oversea market, that was all closed off low.

b) MRCB touch 70 and bound back to 72 cents at market closed.
c) Scomi also hit back to 40.5 cents at market closed.
d) IOI did not search any lower support at entire transaction, although palm oil future traded at lower.

Based on the above, I am assume that market soon be recover. So, any short position on KLSE index would taken a high risk. I am always rely on "in hand data" to decide the next move. This time I also apply the same theory.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wrong Prediction

Market index did not adjusted heavily as my prediction per last Saturday. But last few days that high volume stock has been registered at off low closed, i.e. KNM, MRCB, Scomi and LionInd. So, if you are a trader on those stocks. Will it be face sell force continue on next day? If referring to my own dedicated support level, I would say it could be continue searching the new support level. That is mean that the above said stock still can not given you any profit if you are done the purchase on today.

Index support by blue chip due to abroad countries’ equity market did not given any direction to follow. But, it automatically accumulated more bad factors together. If any bad news through inside the market. It will be heavily impact market to search another lower support because currently entire world equity markets actually standing at teeter base.

I am still insisting hold the “short” position on future index of KLSE, unless more realistic data given me a signal, market has a support level. Otherwise, I would only close the contract if the said contract expired on last day of November or done at 830 points in the coming trading day.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Waste Money

Every time your are buying a stock for long term investment. If the stock fall down more than 20%, do you feel disappointed?

Every time your are buying a stock for short term investment but immediately given you a 10% return and your are never taking the profit and next day fall down to you buying price, do you feel disappointed?

The above 2 cases almost everyday repeat at equity market and derivative market. Do you want be same as above?

Waste money equivelent to waste life opportunity. The more you had wasted means you life opportunity become less and less...........

Grap the golden opportunity while you are ready, instead of everyday sitting there think or imagine of you could graped the day low and day high price on every purchase or sell.

Trying to well know the move of daily trend given you would hold the positive position. Unless you are sitting in front of display screen of equity market just dreaming.

Please do not waste you in hand bullet when you are uncertain.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Market Heavy Adjustment (Monday)

I am here predict equity market heavy adjustment in the coming Monday. Because of: -

a) Heavy Force Selling on Penny stock.
b) DJ plunge 338 points due to retail sales drop
c) Indonesia currency control

The G20 meeting today would not give any good incentive to our country. That is mainly to restructure the related countries adjust the financial system in order to minimise the risk expand to hit again to teetering others industrial.

THE ABOVE MEETING DOES NOT GIVE Malaysia equity market gain any advantages. oOf course, our financial system did not applied any bad system as USA, but our currency registered weak and less demand in this period due to commodities market been hit as low as we wouldn't expected. Hence, the currency drop heavily against with US Dollar indirectly brought our overseas' debts increased substantially. So, Good slowly turn into Bad.

The above 3 reasons join up as "Bad Factor" would bring Monday or followings week equity market challenge lower points of KLSE index.

As Thursday build up the "short position" on KLSE index future. Maybe could bring me a good profit margin. Although yesterday I was compulsory paid extra money/deposit to top up and maintain the said margin.

Is it a good day for me and bad day for equity market holders/investors.?The answer will out soon in the coming 48 hours from now. Please remember, "how low on equity market should not be a big problem but preparing in advance to face economic depression/recession is your main task in the coming season/year."

Monitor the pulse of economic closely give you an advantages to face any major changes in yours life. Good luck and Good weekend!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Decision, My Character

While people read my blog, some time they were in doubt. How and where I had obtained the guide to decide on my buying or selling.

Actually my decision on such is not important for others people because that said decision has been attached with my style. It would not suitable for others. Investors should choose an own style to build up the own investment portfolio.

Some people would like to enjoy dividend, some people would like to enjoy capital gain. Some people would like to buy in volume and some people would like to enjoy more than 10% gain per shares by limited volume.

Difference style and character on individually were affected a person apply differ way/method to handler on his own investment.

I am glad reader continues support my article but please do not try to apply the same method as me. Because every decision I was made actually has been refer/study or has been joined up a lot of issue/reasons. During the period, if any major changes happen on every issue, it would bring me take immediate action change the direction of investment.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Build up Short on future index

Today, i was built up some future contract for my friend. Morning sell at 867 points for November contract and evening sell at 874 points. Expected take profit at 830 points.

This is a dangerous game and more cruelty than equity market because it only can hold until month end.

In order to sell or buy every contract, there is require a deposit of RM5,000 per contract. A difference of every point cost RM50.00.

I wish i can help my friend earn some money.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good Trading day

Malaysia's equity market today had disappointed a lot of people, but if you had follow me traded in the future index trading, it was given you a little profit margin. As yesterday I was mentioned at here, today I has been help my friend to earn a little money for day trade for doing a "Long" position future of KLSE's index. Bought in at 881 and take profit at 890 points. Small profit but we had succeed avoid the equity market fluctuation and unstable move.

Today is a good day for you, it you dare to buying future after 1st shift closed of spot market. However if you still holding the "long" position on future market, please take profit in the next day morning. Because tomorrow you could face the heavy adjustment. It is due to Gamuda Berhad today move was told you, that is a risk. Why?

Gamuda berhad last minute hit above the resistance of 1.84 and closed at 1.85. If you based on normal circumstances, it shall be provided a good up move. But, the others high volume counters did not follow the step, especially MRCB and Scomi still traded at below the previous high of 89.5cents and 48cents respectively. That is a dangerous signal and indirect warns you, market hard to touch new high level. i.e. above 915 points

From this data, I am classify it and understand it, there is a weak move of coming few days for KLSE's index. So, long position of index does not provide you a comfortable level to enjoy benefit. Furthermore, current global economic situation still weak plus lack of confident of investors. Any bad news would heavily impact the equity market plunge again.

Due to the above, I am suggest here is, tomorrow investors should start build up you short position on future index and take profit from equity share immediately or cut lose to avoid the maximum losses happen in the coming days.

Good Luck!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Circuit City Bankrupt at USA"

This news from USA, a retail electrical shop has been file bankruptcy note at High Court. This news hit the DJ closed at negative on Monday. It was brought this morning whole Asia Pacific Shares market plunge.

Malaysia equity market also follow the down move step, in between there is a good move for KLSE's penny stock registered positive but finally seller won at last hour. The 2nd shift price and index registered lower than 1st shift. It totally spoilt the index could achieved higher than recently record of 915 points.

After study the today trend, I am note that although market was closed at negative but the up trend based/ground still haven't destroy yet by today adjustment. So, I am classify the impact from selling force on today mainly due to lack of confident in the future.

The recent economic data all shown negative plus surrounding rumous bring you more fears. On the same time, daily bad news are appearing in front of you become realistic, seems like it could also happen on you in the next coming day. Hence, a little bit bad news easy hit down the up trend.

I am still positive view on the equity market for this week performance, but the profit will minimise when compared with last week. But careful on the traded volume per day, if it has reduce substantially, please cut lose and run.

No stock recommended and advise to "select those stock standing at the middle on the volume page may help to minimise the risk".

However, I would prefer quit from equity market today in the morning and buy in KLSE index future at status of " Long". Good luck!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Good move on KLSE

As per predicted as Saturday. MRCB and SCOMI given a good profit on today. But I am still highly recommend this 2 stocks for short term play.

But, in order to enjoy your maximum profit, please take profit at index point touch 935. I believed this up move was disappointed a lot of investors who could not bought at 800 points. But equity market is always bring such surprised and disappointed together. If you still continue sitting there to understand it, the golden opportunity will go soon.

By the way, please do not apply one factor to understand the market up or down. Market move up or down depend on various factor. If you the move up or down is long period, maily due to all good or bad factors have been join up together in one period of time.

Due to that, I predict this move will end up about one week time. Please careful to select the share which can give you easy to realise the profit or minimise your risk.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cruelty Game

Shares Investment is a cruelty games. Without any signal or alert can eliminate you assets by single minute or single hour. But, if you know that tactic to manipulate it, you are enjoying. After read today newspaper, I found some analyst said coming week still do not have any surprise.

But playing a cruelty game in this world, you must dare to play and accept some risk. Next week, I am preferring to challenge the game or negative trend.

However, please do not expect the lower interest can give more incentive to share market. The instrument already outdate especially the fundamental has been hit by Tsunami.

Hit and run is a best strategy in the coming week. By high volume with marginal profit to enjoy these cruelty game in the world.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Another Good Day

This morning at 11am received a new assignment again. Ask to buy in MRCB and Scomi again. After i study the trend on KLSE index. I am agree to accept this assignment but only start buying at 3pm.

The target price for MRCB is 96 cents and scomi is 50 cents at next week before due day. KLSE index move today due to Wednesday jump up open at 915 points, there is a gap between 905 and 915 points. It was still not cover yet.

But this morning open low at 880 points, there is also a gap at 880 to 895 but evening sucessful covered up.

Next week is a good time for KLSE cover back the gap at 905 points to 915 points. Based on this move, there is a good opportunity to earn some money. MRCB to day break the first resistance level, it was 79 cents and closed at 82.5 cents.

My prediction MRCB still can further move until 98 cents but in order to enjoy the profit. Will take profit at 96 cents.

Hope you are good luck at Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What are you doing?

Some time when you are study the activities done by EPF and Pemodalan Nasional Berhad. It would able to know the market short term activities.

In malaysia, most of the big company related to government. Hence, although global face a bear run in equity market but KLSE seems like not follow the step.

EPF in month of November always very active and this month is a last month for every financial year ended for PMB. PMB always perform better than other unit trust. Refer the record, the performance always is above the average and continues well performance about 30 years. Although in this 30 years, we had face 3 adjustment, that is year 1987, 1998 and 2002.

Based on the above, what should you do? Actually is a good time for you adjust you portfolio to face the bear run. Please grap this golden opportunity.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My prediction is wrong ?

Actually, my prediction on today KLSE move is "wrong or accurate" is not so important. Investors should care on his own investment which could be gave/brought him more gain, instead of spend more effort/ focus on other people view.

I am appreciated it they could spend such golden time to visit me and further give me some advice. I only wish my article did not block/spoilt you intelligent brain after you're read my little wild point of view from my blog. I am really in doubt and wondering. If they are a famous/good analyst,Why so particular on my wild opinion?

I am not "Najib" or "Warrent Buffet", my little opinion definite can not influent, instruct or manipulate on the daily trend of equity market. Honestly, i do not have any super magic.

However , every one holds a difference way of approaching on his own investment. Like yesterday, a guy name GUEST purposely point out my prediction is wrong/nonsense Subsequently brought any blogger name KHOO88 join in protect me and help me fired back MR Guest.

In fact, I really do not wants to care about it. Because, the most important was, today i has been help my friend realised the profit. Every time, while I wrote a note at here about an activities in the investment. I am strictly follow and honor it.

I am greedy. So, argument by way of keep on criticize some one does not give me earn any income. So, normally i will refuse to do it. Usually i will prefer stay away and watching the show. Ha ha

For these incident, cause me remember during and after Lehman Brothers' case. That period I had never involved any investment planning, because I always believed while 2 elephant start fighting, small rat like me should stand far away from them.

Until last Wednesday, I had only started a new investment. By the way, these assignment is over at today 5pm and after that I was received my hard earn fees. Now, I would be do the same action like August 08. Became as a rat again and hide inside my home "sleep again".

Wait ! Wait again! Wait again!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Up Rally is almost over

Malaysia market seems like strong in today trading. But my indicator was informed me, the market will come down in the next day.

The market will support at 865 points. If you are a short term player, please take profit immediately to avoid the adjustment.

A lot of people blame never bought at 800 points. And felt lost these golden opportunity. Be patient, maybe you got another in the coming month.

Monday, November 3, 2008

FBM100 - Winning Tips

My friend had wrote me a short sms to post a tips for him. But i was refused to do that. Because after reading a CNBC news in the Monday morning, US dollar against with other major currency is lower except Japanese Yen.

That is not my mistake. Just now he was send me a SMS again and blamed me. Never update his blog.

Friendly speaking, this morning he gave MRCB at 65cents buy in and LionDiv 39 cents buy in. But I were really busy on my job in this morning.

However, my point of view/prediction, USA will close negative at next morning. It also would bring no support at Malaysia equity market continue up trend in the next morning. haha !!!

I wish I am correct!!!!

Market Upset People

While market starting run downward, a lot of investors pretend not to view it. While market further down, people gave an excuse to avoid it.

While market deeply downward, people seeking for advise. While market started bear run, people try to save other necessary expenses.

If your are above type of people, you life may always suffer. As a good investors, knowing life follow by enjoy life is a basic requirement of one human.

Investment is one of the game in you life. Face it and overcome it. You life will give you a more beautiful colour on your every step.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sick Day and Rally day

Friday morning wake up but entire body pain. Equity market on Thursday perform a good move and also bring some people's confident back on investment.

This morning while I read the newspaper and also noted that some analyst has been comment positive for movement on next week.

Is it like me sickness is over? Investment is a long journey of road, one or two days won did not classified you are better. So, every step and next plans will be more important than what you had won in the past two days.

Please ask youself! Is it a right time for you to step in?