Friday, October 16, 2009


This morning with some friends talking about shares. So, a friend was told us a bad news in Public bank. Actually I do not aware is there would have any bad effect on its share price. So, just be carefull if you have own some stocks in hand.
Pbank is a good performing finance stocks. Everybody would said if you hold it more than 20 years with 1,000 shares. You are now closed to be one of the millionaire. But please do not forgot, the funder been spend his own life time to manage it.
Pbank be one of the stable performing bank in the Asean. So, people like it and hold it to enjoy the bonus as well as its dividend.
As i was mentioned, no one corporate in one century can escape the disaster. It have good time and also have its bad time. Please using your intelligent brain to define it what you should do in the coming impact. Plese thinks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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