Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hard to be a human. An ordinary people in the world needs some excited in our life and also need some expectation to continues our journey. If you do not have any interested game to relax yours mind, it hard to be human.

Some people choose equity market as playing ground. Some people choose a sport game to enjoy and relax. But ultimate target is win. GHLSYS in KLSE still trying hard to meet its target of 70 cents. But others penny stocks faced heavy force selling. So, it has stop GHLsys climb another higher level. But it was broke 56.5 cents and touched 575 cents high. It was a good signal because had broke the strong resistance.

Hard for me earn some money and lose a lot of money playing the 4D game. Now, must save some money for retrenchment. But seems like hard to achieve.

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