Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Recently Nasdaq at USA gave profit better than DJ. In the current economic situation, financial equipment seems like go to history. So, if we some new idea or IT delivery to market, I think this is positive to help us have a better future.

If most of the rescue from government had step into end. The new IT may help us see another new century or new rally for new economic. So, invest into IT stocks is a good choice.

I do not know why, GHLSYS started its rally from 23 cents. Although in between the shares coming down after a short rally. But its always has a good support from resistance level. Like broke 28 cents and when it was came down, it was stood at 26. After broke 30 cents and hit 38 cents and during adjustment it was sucessful stood at 33.5 cents.

Every adjustment would not broke the previous starting point. It was shown good signal. At last, I was found 3A going down trend and although that is technical rebound but better stay away from this counter.


Mike Forex Cable said...

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Gagan said...

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