Friday, June 29, 2012

2 pigs on the road

Italy and Spain gain into Euro Championship football final. Do they can help the economic in their countries? In the past, a sport game actually never help a country economic improve and those game is controlling by strong country. Now, every sport game attached with commercial issue. Then, the chances of helping economic better is impossible.

The stability of market support by trading business stocks. Today is BAT, last week was Nestle. The trend of the market move around 10 points. So, what is the next move?

Entire world of the circulation of monetary and illegal funds take this chance to laundry the money be legal. So, helping direct and indirect way to improve a country be better. Nevertheless, after that the funds circulation out also is a impact to specific country. Like Greece, after organisation of Olympic games. Now, they need a lot of bailout. Country very poor, the rich man run away. 

So, the above situation is a good experience to developing countries. We can not build up some riches man by way of awarded the contract with zero risk support. We can not inject some money for specific society. 

Planning a long term austerity should attach with health and stability. The bursa stocks become a die pool for certain group of people and so encourage someone collect money and then run away. It was created a image encourage packing rubbish to sell into market. No one is happy except the seller. 

The listing and di-listing a company too frequent happen in the market bring unhealthy of stability. Today, sell at 1.00 tomorrow said is undervalue. The justification like a joke and funny. The quality of judgement must be very firm to value a company.     

Thursday, June 28, 2012

why now?

With the good prospect gain the good future life. If you has been passed away more than 20 years. Now only can received your identical card, how you feel???? " 首相纳吉今天宣布,政府正式承认拉曼学院超过70个文凭与高级文凭,作为送给拉曼学院的一项“好消息”。他承认之前因“技术问题”............" Suddenly, passed out such information to market. Those Human Resources Department in Private sector panic on this morning. They must quickly checking back all resume of the employees to double confirm who is qualify.Why can qualify to build the university for further study. That's a big shock...... Those people has been qualify be a professional now noted that medium education course is illegal. How they are feel.....????

Now, we have to identify which things is real & what's thing is wrong. Build a highway suddenly received an annoucement say now only qualify to use. If one day your are noted a public listed company have such issue for listing..... Who will pay you compesation?

Furthermore, Is it the dividend and bonus have been received must return?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Why I do not have?

Recently, Malaysia Government paid out a lot of money to people. Why I can't qualify? I am a tax payable, every year compulsory contributed few thousand to country. I do not have car and house, nor have any saving because my earning must share by 6 family members. Those austerity not even benefit me at all. Is it the tax system problem?

The 500 pay out you can see those people owned few shop lots also entitled, but they are not a tax payable. The tyre for taxi driver who is the beneficial, is Continental and Goodyear and those who have multi license companies. Why tax payable should bear such unreasonable distribution.

Government would said, because you are good enough to enjoy the high paid in your employment. But refer back my student time, I was ignore by education. I was started from ground and never enjoy any support from government.

I could not benefit any free text book nor any fees exempted because they said my parent earn from ground hawker. In my childhood time, I also must worked as construction worker during school holiday because that is my fees for next new semester.

I went to applied job from government but no one wanna to sign my form as reference. So finally I was disqualified. But now, I had sat a high post from my own effort but government still treat me like foreigner by way of high tax.

I can't study further and stopped school at form 5. Who will pretty me? I do believe during 1960an, a lot of people suffer on such a situation. But now, the big contributor to KWSP and Tax is this group of people. Why government need to ignore us?????

So, fairness is important than privilege. Who is entitle? Who is disqualify? Who is fully enjoy the resources? Government should aware.

From the unfair system, you can see now local tycoon had slowly transfer out some resources to enjoy the luxury life. The beautiful excuse is expanding the business. Who know the behind story?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why wanna to invest out of country?

Few big companies enjoy privilege granted by government. So they wanna use such fund to expand their business. They are trying hard to diversified the risk but the main reason is created a giant liabilities to social. So that they are not so worry the politic affected their wealth. Do you mind such deal?

Actually if you are refuse it but you also can't do anything about that. So, please do not hope government help you to do so? Such a deal should impose certain condition. Like if the extra gain from previous price more than certain percent, it should tax it accordingly. If they can private it and later on list again, the next public listing should pay some levy tax on that.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Invest?

Investment consist of multi theory inside. How to use such theory? First at all, that all attached with risk. Why got risk? Because that is due to timing. Right time buying and right time sell. Right time select the business category and right time invest into it. Right time manage plus right time arrange. Right time production with right time market.

So, the right timing reduce your risk of loss. Some products need spend time to allow people absorb it. The longer time spend bring such product more value. Change because time require and efficiency bring cost reduce. High cost because of delay. High production because of less burden of cost. So, how to invest bring how to manage. Manage your time and not allow someone mislead you on the wrong way. Like our investment on retirement funds, the local news show positive news at front page. The risk of investment hidden behind. Lend 420 million to buy a cost f property value about 370 million. Why? Wrong direction bring wrong timing.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Fears to extend the time of retirement because of already planning about 56 years old pass away. So that can withdraw all retirement funds and spent all out in the one year time. Not easy to achieve it and hope can do so.

Loss confident because the trading transaction about the local retirement funds too aggressive during this period of time. Bought some property but loan amount higher than value of property. Some how also worry the staffs enjoy most of the benefit from that although the contribution of effort is not there. Wondering they never public out the advertisement but the staffs keep on increase time to time. 

Recently we had saw a good show for tender a number. Maybe the next good show will out from there. The 12 billion dollar from local worker contributed and the out flow about 6.2 billion. One day the net flow be turn into negative because when 60an born population start retire. So, one way to turn it and maintain it only can apply a tactic like these " extend the retirement age"

From that a group of business man voice out, that is impossible and can't acceptable. The data shown we should not employed any foreign staff. Refer back to previous, is a same group of people voice out, the policy of foreign worker is bad and ask government help to employ some foreign workers. What is the funny show of them???? Be a good man, or wanna be a bad man.

For me, definitely I am dreaming to strike a 4d number. So, I can retire now. The foolish of banker now outsources the credit control to third party. The third party use such information to threat people and enter to any one account to check their balance in the bank. The smarter one also go to DIGI and EPF buy information of people and use it. I do not know what happen and when was it start such things can trade like that. They named it that they are carrying a super attendance job assigned by bank. They also have own multi purpose excess pass and legalise it so simple.

The bad things left behind and accumulated day by day. I do not know when it can become as a Bomb. Such explosion will kill the stability of market. The extension will be unlimited and destroy the roof of the country. So, as a good Parliament member should something to prevent it happen.




I do not have big ambition because any extra demand become luxury. So, i just hope can live until 55 years old and then withdrawn all retire money, follow by 56 years old can pass away. That is my little wish in my life.

Too long life become a burden because need to work for daily living cost. In my history, since i was twelve years old, I had started working. That's tired life. So, now a days i have try hard to share my experiences to my subordinate. Hope that in the short life of me can pass over something for new generation and wish them can survive better than me.

Actually I am fear enough while one day I am sleeping on the bed and then people force me sign some documents for transferring my little money to them before I am pass away. Of course that is too much of demand and wish of me on that and hope that this things would not happen in my life.

In the world that is nothing 100% can ensure that your wish will come true. But at least that is a dream. I am very worry when I was only 60 years old only can spend my money. Actually I am not confident on our local retired funds can good manage our money.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Not stupid because you have buy an unique number for your car. Not stupid because you are well know 2,700 people loss job because of Olympus bankrupt. So, why need to spend so much time published the number plate have been earn about 10 million, why wanna to spend time to explain. Because initially they thought the game rule control by them. Actually that is not.....

This way of tender should not encourage anymore. Every one will own a number when he is die. Nothing to worry about it. Definitely you have one number for you. If such number can trade it. So, one day I also wanna to sell my Identical number or maybe a new born kid need to tender a new number.

So, rich people just said he can paid about 23,000 to buy a number. So one day if you carry a number with 15, he will tell you:- do not take away my grandpa number. I wanna to keep it and i have got such right to own it because I am minister.

Now, do not wait, Just check it out whether you IC number got 15 or not. Maybe someone wanna to call you grandpa........... Is it stupid?

Monday I should search stock code with 15 or not, Maybe It can limit up............. Not stupid but fool only>>>>>>>>>

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is it good return?

Today all Malaysia local media reported country retirement funds achieved better result, it was about 7.7 billion. So that the high range officer come out to show off. But reading details of report, you could see an investment at London cost 350 million pound sterling but need to borrow about 490 million pound sterling. Why so funny? I thought normally we should pay some down payment on such purchase and then the loan amount normally lower than cost of purchase. So the difference of 140 million pound sterling use for what purpose?

That is so funny Malaysia retirement every month can registered net cash flow. Why we need to borrow? Is it the loan interest lower than our investment yield? Look at the results, maybe but not necessary. If the 7.7 billion can maintain at every quarter and they have about 170 billion funds in hand. That is about 18% return. Very good!!!!

Wondering is 18% return the contributor only can received about 6% interest. That is impossible. Where is the difference. Maybe use it to cover unnecessary loan, because the money has been misused. Just like London Investment. Maybe but not of course.

Sometime, they should think some other excuse before call for media conference. Otherwise, those unnecessary investment become a big mistake and let people loss confident on them.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A new number plate

A new economic theory said, if you wanna to well know by people or famous among your society. You must do something extra ordinary way. So, a paint can sell 100 million and a number can expensive than a house. Like we buy stock all by number code. Something unique cause you rich. Something old tale with the thing also more valuable.

Some people be a cartoon in youtube because they wanna show themselve unique.An advertisement spread over your life time with every second. Then, Google can earn more than it expect. A dictionary now can create million million dollar because they name it as search machine.

An economic must attached with a dream. An economic must support by people's likes and needs. So, in our share market, which stocks shown such behaviour. Is it Digi? No because they sell all people info to someone, the ethic is not there. Is it Tenaga? No, because it carry a social burden.

A new era with new economic soon out because traditional way of trading and business strategy all gone by crisis. If it refuse to change, the crisis is continue.