Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Negative become Positive

Good turn to Bad or Positive turn to Negative . It was happen everyday in the world. But buying shares should learn Negative become Positive opinion. So, it was made people crazy on it until you can't stop the induce and take out all your money from bank to join in the game.

Just like a lady, when she was young it make you crazy on her. Finally brought her to your bed room and follow by married with her. If I am not mistaken. In year 2007, most of the paper continue recommend a stock from Malaysia Market. That is KNM and Gamuda. Your are easily obtained such data of these two counter. But finally after 2008, there is hardly see such report.

Now, Genting and IJM become a superstar in local newspaper. What would think about them? So, imagine your are be superstar in one day and dream it. Maybe you have learn something about that.

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