Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Objective and Subjective

Today local economic news told us, one of new IPO abandon on listed in board. That can be happen because our quota brings such effect. Every new listing require allocate some new shares to specific one, so they need to manipulate certain assets to meet the requirement. Quality become secondary quantity is more important.

IPO give a chance to business man put some useless assets liquidated by way of issue shares. So, funder take this opportunity to convert it as money although that can not be used or not necessary in the future. All valuation come by valuer and in this situation allow founder escape carry any responsible. No one take any action because of subjectively view or objectively opinion.

New shareholders objectively based on report but someone subjectively manipulate. Who is correct who is wrong? That hard to give correct answer because demanding on certain things cover all uncertainty.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Powerful Father

I was found a kid, broke down people's car. Before he wanna to come in this area, he told security he had brought some medicine to rescue someone. If anyone stop him, he would through all the medicine in rubbish drum. So, the security was no choice and allow him enter the area. After, he had started broke some car. When someone claimed from him. He got a good support by Press Conference and scroll people. That's now end yet. His father and step father told us, He did nothing wrong because he is trying recover back his image due to some one criticise him.

In the above event, let us know. In the Share Investment we should looking a powerful father to support. So that mistake can turn around to positive. No money to operate business can lend from bank with no repayment. Nothing more to worry because black can turn into colourful or white.

In the bank industries, we should choose Maybank and CIMB because 2 of them have a good Father (PNB).

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have been interview few jobs in last 2 months. Final result was bad. Not disappointed but understand I should change the present address of me. Those head after referring my resume and do not believe I am capable to handler the job. They won't believe that is true and hard to believe a person can survive with strong general knowledge. Maybe they are was born at normal life and have been enjoy the peaceful school life. They are not even know what is the meaning of poor. I do not have strong background as well as rich relatives. I do not stay at High Class Location as well as no Mercedez in Hand. So, why this person holding a high post in the past record. They wondering and surprised because they are only trusted good background and good enviroment only can build a skillfull person. That's my bad point in my life.

In my child life, I had to think about how to survive in the next 24 hours. Home without any more rice and all of my family members should work hard in the day. Otherwise, everyone should prepare suffer the empty stomach in the day. So, I was remembered if salary out 360, after tomorrow just left 50. Most of my colleague complaint me never join them in the lunch. I felt shame but anyhow I should take first prirority in my family members. Others are not important.

A good company with widden view on operating the business. Sometime gain some better status in the market. Why Maxis lose some customers and Why Telekom lose the privilege? They not need suffer in the beginning stage and now still protect by someone. So, is they Good to buy in as investment?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RMB- Currency of China

Recently, China has been changed the currency policy. This effect brought negative to capital market of China. Share price and housing price drop. Since 2005, speculating on currency been started. Now the chances of making money from that has been eliminated. Hot money start transfer out from the country. Soon, we can see property market turn down from high.

Who is benefit from that? I am predict Indonesia and Thailand are the big beneficiary on this circle. Hot money will transfer into the above said countries. Malaysia will enjoy some but not that so direct. Even though the amount is small, but the effects are big.

Malaysia's currency up slowly and now properties market start its rally. Next year, we can see high demand of properties and up to July 2011, the avearaging price will shut up about 30%. Those high class and quality location will shut up about 100% when compared with now.

So, which stocks we should pick in the shares market???????

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Positive and negative

Media today reported an article wrote by Financial Time (London) said Malaysia has a big chance to growth out by strong economic. If you read carefully on such statement, actually the writer warns us, we are not aggressive on pushing up our economic.

The write said total FDI from China amounted to 54 billion USD but we only can received about 57million. That is shameful. He further told us country outflow continues strong because of higher valuation of our shares price. It does not brings any attractive to foreigner to choose buy in our shares listed in Malaysia. They prefer Indonesia.

I think the media over estimate or too optimistic on our country economic situation. Most of the people now suffering on inflation but our government still in the dream. Maybe I am pessimistic but why not they doing some survey on that? How many people are suffering on current situation?

Saturday, July 10, 2010




Faithful, sincere guide you have better life. Cheat and bullshit attitude brings hazard. CEO should apply this rule on managing a company. Although there is a business risk but purely did not have any self interest be attach on every decision making. Shareholder will pround of it with such management.

So, I hate Kenmark, Omega and Union Paper's managing director. Respect Haio's MD.

Friday, July 9, 2010




Learn it and always have chance to execute it,it should be allow you earn some happiness.

A Friend who staying at far distance,now come here visit you. You should be glad full.

No one understand you, you are never felt desperate.
you must be a gentlemen.

Hard to be above attitude because now days most of the people aiming for earn more money to enjoying life. Who dare to allow you apply the unknown theory to his life? One day. if they successfully earn such money in hand but usually felt unsatisfied. When is the last day to stop hard working. When is the day to take a rest? They do not know and reluctant to know.

Hold somethings in hand normally need to scarify others. Hardly not feel desperate when choose a wrong counter in share market. So, hard to be a good gentlemen.




So, we should used above method to buy shares. So, everytime make mistake, do not blame anyone. Ractify it and start again.

Liquidation and bankruptcy

Kenmark had announced they are starting liquidation procedure. What is a difference between bankruptcy and liquidation of the company? That were always brought some misunderstand by ordinary investors.

Liquidation have 2 categories, one is call voluntary liquidation by shareholder, another one is apply by company's debtors. The second one almost same as bankruptcy but not 100% be bankruptcy. Bankruptcy need to apply another procedure to executed and normally handler by insolvency department. Liquidation enforced by debtors usually faster than applying the bankruptcy procedure. Usually debtors will appoint a receiver step in to company to safe guard the specific charged property and 100% protect specific debtors who appointed them. Bankruptcy procedure will handler by insolvency officer and all assets based on specific guidance for distribution to all debtors. The specific assets may not 100% well maintain by officer. Here hard to describe out one by one its law and procedure.
The company also can apply section 176 of company law to restructure it before the liquidation procedure. Because most of the outstanding loan and debts will eliminated by way of restructuring. It will help receiver easy to monitor and control the balance of the assets.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Genting Malaysia Berhad (Resort World Bhd) was announced Purchase a stake of England Casino from Genting Singapore. Why most of the analysis down grade the company? That's because analysis is a lazy man in the world, they hope people work crazy and earn money for them. They were sitting at there waits for the harvesting by way of gambler. They had beautify their money as investment although they have been done speculating.

Like your are choose a football team, definitely have one winner. If your are choose the right one, you were said the team is strong enough. Otherwise, you are penalise by people said you are gambling.

In these world, everyone hope pay little bit of money and wish gain extra. So, they are starting give instruction to you how to manage the company. Of course, you would said "This is my money, I have my right" . But I wants to tell those people, if your are not happy on that. Please go away and choose another company to invest. Rather than open a big mouth and keep on telling people are wrong. This is wasting yours time.

I am not 100% GENM do such transaction also. But if Genting Malaysia did that maybe they prefer use such funds to pay Genting Singapore instead of roll over the existing loans. So that eventually Genting Malaysia as a holding company of Genting Singapore can escape from any high risk of liquadation of assets. Maybe that is the right move.

In these situation. If I am a shareholder, I will prefer quite and quit. Not like others, continues blame because of small money and further guide someone should do this or do that.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


A lot of analaysis would like to classified some days, specific months as a bad trading day. I do not like use such theory to identify the trend. If you believed that, I think your lifestyle and daily necessity things all must be branded products. Otherwise you are feeling not comfortable in yours normal life. But such people carrying such burden will feel unsatisfactory all the times.

Every investment, I am just worry the shares price does not move. Up or down never mind, at least telling me it is stil active.

A rapid changes of technology, brings impossible become possible. So if your always set a trap in front of you. You can't move and enjoy the trading. Particuar on certain day not good or not bad, brings you hard to move and think positively on every transaction.

So, please do not apply traditional as excuse to block you mind. Can refer but do not apply on it while your are in the stage of playing a game.