Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today I went to one securities firm and started bullshit at there. Haha. Because the firm bought a 40 inches LCD and fixed at trading hall. I do like a new things and commented should install another 2 units more at there. One for local market top 20 volume stocks and another one for world market indices.

I have make some imagination if one day there can full occupant by people and I am sitting in front of monitor screen and scream UP! UP! UP!. Behind people also follow my tune and excited on every share we had bought. Remember there was happen in year 2003. That time really crazy and excited. One of my friend just told me. He could not believe every day he wake up. He had earned about 300k per day. So, would it be repeat again in the future?

Today, penny stocks continues shut up with ignoring the deficit of index. But I have play Gpacket_WA and had earn little bit. So, I assume tomorrow I am intend to play REDTONE and GHLSYS to try my luck. Are you agree??????

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Who is winner? Today equity market climbed up difficult. But penny stocks enjoying some minor profit on that. The stabilize of the index give penny stocks a good chance to move. So that player ignore good stocks and earned some fast money.

Currency rate still registered weaken against USD but it has totally ignore by speculating. This is misleading and if it is continues about month then it will happen again big adjustment in the coming days. Hopefully there is not happen.

Blue chip should be able perform some rally and better in this coming days. Otherwise, it would not unable market steady and break new high record. Penny stocks has been monopoly in those days, Should taken some rest and reflect more on fundamental value. So, penny stocks next move will be better and stable.

As a speculator, I do like penny stocks move it faster and strong. But i couldn't ignore the facts and major direction of economic derived from blue chips. If blue chips continues hang it at this level. Speculating become harmful and meaningless. Finally I will facing big losses.

Monday, December 28, 2009

US Break 10500

US DJ break 10500 points on last Friday. It had help Asia Pacific change the direction, from adjustment turn to up trend again in this morning. There was not surprise Malaysia also follow such trend. Success stand above 1272 points.

Most of penny stocks come back at lower and give some profit to short term player. I am busy on packaging my stuff at office. This week is my last week in the company. So, do not aware anything was happen in this morning.

I am prefer buying GENS-CI to GENS - C3. Not only there are cheap and also is time for them enjoying the opening ceremony of new casino at Singapore. My funds all have been locked by some penny stocks and could not realise it to buy the above stocks. I do have some motiviation and agree that I am induce by them at this trading price.

Hopefully tomorrow market still positive and allow me sell my in hand stupid stocks. Otherwise I could not enjoy this rally again. There is " No money no talk".

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Warning

Yesterday last hours of trading, Asian market have some bad news. That was happen at Indonesia. The rate of currency sudden bang down sharply and make some panic selling on equity. After that Central bank of Indonesia step in and support. So that the adjustment did not continue at this morning.

By this outstanding movement. Normally was tested by some group. They used it as guidance to aim for future plans. It will happen again and similarly Central bank will support. So that they know central bank support level and next round will double of bomb to hit down.

They have a enough funds in hand because they have easy money support by USA and Euro low interest policy. Especially Federal reserve been printed more more note in the market to easy pressure of financial crisis.

I am predict most probably the next economic bomb crisis start from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. So, the hawk will start testing whole regional countries and check the support level of individual central bank. When they find it, the bomb will double on short period of time. It makes no one central bank chance the policy to protect that.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Week for Rest

Certain people have certain plan on his holiday. Equity market 's fund manager always choose holiday on last week of the year. So, before that period comes. They have plan it in advance.

"Interesting" and "Funny" is Malaysian people still trust on windows dressing on last day. Actually professional trader can choose any day for book closure. If they can make money on certain day. Actually they had meet the target requirement and choose it as profit taking day.

On holdings stocks in hand. They also do not mind on little adjustment because it will help them gain more when they used it as comparison.

So, carefull think about it before any action on it because of these stupid window dressing.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not Easy Quit

If you are under employed, definite you are easy to quit it. But if you likes certain game, you may not so easy quit from that. Life is bore, 99% people searching some meaning of their life. Of course, everybody aware he/she will die. So they are still enjoy the human life and ignore the bad issue.

They are chasing somethings meaningless in their life. So, to create it as history for the coming generation have easy life. They do not like their present life. They trying change it.

In the mind equity market do not solely give me some pocket money. It also teach me some theory and meaning of life. It is comprising a lot of meaning and guide me some lesson how to handle it. That is cost if i am lose. That is profit if i am gain. Dual way also benefit me. Currently market faced some adjustment. Similar you are some time you are live in the low tide. But time is going on, one day the good things will come to you again.

Just patient and take care of you health. It will help you enjoy the funs.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I did some mistake

Last week, I was bought in DSCoil and Harvest -WA. I had did a very serious mistake. I have elaborated that to some of my friends. Unfortunely they were not cut lose at early stage. So finally they have been lose heavily.

Something I have confident but final result was disappointed. Is it my mistake? Overall performance on equity market at Asia regional was done at negative. There were further brought it into Malaysia.

What I am doing now? I should sell Asia currency and buy USD to earn some money. Seems like USD may closed higher in the coming days. Am I correct at this time? In the equity investment was trained me be brave and understanding meaning of life. There is hardly read from book. Sometime althought the theory was there, But hardly to understand it. What is the things I suppose to guidance my friends? I do not know yet. Just waits.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

One step mistake

Sometime in ours life, we have did a lot of mistake. Just because of one step or maybe a thought. Investments bring a lot of guidance to you. So that your are learn more before your further move or a single step.

Last week I was bought in few counters but most of them given me a nightmate. So that the money for settlement is big and make me in trouble now. I was bought in DSCoil and Harvest-WA. The adjustment is little but I am bought in by big volume. So, lose a lot of money.

Another 2 weeks times, I am a free man because of retrenchment. Working in my life is bore. I will be rest for while and do nothing. Just a dream maybe a rich man employed me be a adviser to him and pay me some percentage of the profit. So that can settle my daily expenses and fulfil my basic lifestyle requirement.

Dream can make me lazy and Is it my another step of mistake. I do not know. Hopefully is not.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Currency drop

Recently, Malaysia note traded at low against USD. With the more funds out from Malaysia by sell force of foreigner. Equity market have to face some adjustment. The new IPO did not help buying interest and further assist cashflow in the market lose faster.

In order to maintained such level, everyone busy at media promote KLCE market. But the more effort bring more negative effects. Last 2 days, at shares firm I did recommended the new IPO. But the price rally stopped at 80cents. My own opinion told me, this share been cornered by a group. So that the new issue shares are limited.
The specific group use the small liquidation shares in the open market and tried hard push this shares gain about 50 to 60 cents per share. Is there any good rally on today. Yet to know. If there is a case, please chase it after it has break the level of 91.5 cents. DSCSOL (0152)
Currency note has been drop 3 days, please careful on strength of USD before put in more funds into equity market

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A day without index

Yesterday we had a day without index. If you have holding a lot of future index contract. You may afraid and worry. Speculating has this problem because too many uncertainty.

Yesterday I was pick harvest_WA to play. But the result of it was disappointed. I am foresee AWC and Gpacket today have little small adjustment on it. Please ignore this stocks.

Jerneh -WA moves similar with previous 3A trend. Seems like non stop rally. As usual Malaysia market lose its direction again. KLCI follow other market to trade.

I am careful on USD and Japanese Yen trading trend. If anything unusual move, that is a signal of adjustment. Resources war carry on in world. So that Oil and Gold and others commodities always have some surprise and make the stocks move wildly. Either up or down heavily.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hard to be

Hard to be a good man. Hard to be a good investor. Sometime you are planning to buy cheaper than people. So, you hope some lose and sell to it or maybe during heavy adjustment time you go in and buy. That is a time definite someone feel sad and sell to you.

The 2 difference things not in level. So, if you wants to be good man, you maybe feel to be a good investors. Is it the above theory correct?

No, as a speculators never hope people sell cheap to me. Because I am buying during the up rally . So that I am always be a good man. Buy high and sell high.

I have never wait those stocks face heavy adjustment time jump in and buy. I am waiting when the rally going to start only start buying. Tomorrow I have choose buying in Harvest _WA. Do you want to follow me jump in together????

Thursday, December 3, 2009

2 Million

In Malaysia, statistic showed 2 Million people have been migrated to oversea. If they stay at here, hawker at daily can do extra 2 million people business. If they use mobile phone at RM1 per day, that company would registered extra 2 million dollar turnover per day. The effect is big and long term basic.

Now, Jerneh was changed hand. I think soon Mr KOK may announced his have been migrated too.So, the number one riches man title in Malaysia should changed hand. Maybe he had done it but Government Malaysia refuse to declared that. Otherwise the equity market will face bad effect.

There is a step, First was PPB, second was Sugar business, Third was Insurance. Forth is ?????????. Maybe shang or Maybulk???? Who knows? These is a bad signal and red alert to malaysia equity market. No one interested to own company registered at here. Number two was dislisting his business before. Now transfer out good prospect at India and Indonesia business and listed again. Is it cheating us again?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 days Rally ( Over)????

After Dubai Financial problems been absorbed by market. There were a small rally again for KLCI as well as those penny stocks with good for day trading. I am here need to watched out again because that is technical playing and wont last long. So, if you were took profit on that. Please take a rest.

Dubai Financing problems will create some trap: -
a) USD agianst with Japan Yen shut up soon.
b) Petrol and gold price must have adjustment because speculator need to repay USD to cover the leverage.
c) Some deal in international lapse
d) No more incentive from government can help financial market.
e) More debts will created to cover the existing outstanding loans.

The above scenario anytime can happen and World Factory like India, China and Brazil economic will face bad impact. Finally they had to close some factories to slow down the supply.