Sunday, October 11, 2009


In this world, some people grouping themselves together play a game. Usually they are not allow others stranger step in or join in. They are trying monopoly some social resources and play their game.

Politician form a party and group them together. Every step their move on, just used some beautiful word covered it and cheat ordinary people. On the same time, they ask for support by way of give them some power. Finally, they manipulate the national resources for self interest. Every toxic they brought in to social, they do not care. So, they fight among into party to grab more power. One day they lose but they won't admit. Finally the unlimited desire of him destroy the humanity necessity in the world.

A group of riches man, created a equity market and Financial equipment. They did the same things as politician. When one day broke the resistance line or some equipment out of control. They need ordinary people pay for them. They are not shamfull and continue monopoly because we need them be our good example or guide. But the end result is, they are the only one in the world.

A distraction human being brings distraction direction. So, in order play the smart game. Speculating help you and me in some times realise you still have some better character of human being. You stop and move again. You stop because you are think twice before move forward.

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