Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is it Window Dressing happen on Monday?

Overview the local market move and overseas market plug down again on last friday. The effect on window dressing may not happen.
But, in Malaysia big and blue chip counter mostly control by PNB, kWSP and Unit Trust Manager. It seems like have some chance for small investors run on Monday to avoid the classification by analysis said " Adjust 20% low fr higher point may bring market turn into bear run/move"
In fact ,in my own investment theory. i won't trust any window dressing move. Because market wanna to up or down must support few factors. If only one factor effect happen usually the move will be short and dangerous.
I still recommend penny stock in this week. If you dare to buy, pls select

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today viewing Positive

Today, i am starting buy shares. This is due to: -

a) A signal from Properties and Finance stock close substantially.
b) Bat and Public-01 and Digi close high in the morning

I always believed if the top ten volume plus is an index link cuonter move positive, market should have a small run.

On the other hand, if the top ten volume plus is an index link move negative, market consider still bad for trading.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Short Selling Disallow By KLSE

Why KLSE always face heavy impact in the bear run?

In the development country, the monetary (share) market performs well 5 times than Malaysia share market. Why?

There are few reasons: -

a) Free on cash inflow and outflow. (Liquidity easy).
b) Short selling allowable.
c) Transparency on procedure or law.
d) Enforcement democratic.

That is very important to investors, because the investment funds could not tighten up unreason way.

To develop a healthy and quality shares market, The short selling system is very important because: -

1) Easy to stop the unreasonable evaluation on the company assets and turnover
2) Retain back national fund. Because while bears market start, the foreign investors usually manipulate the news/media and sometime purposely declared that negative analysis report to divert people attention. So, if short sell allowable. National people can sell share in advance and buying back in the lower price. It automatic created a group of supporter in the lower price.
3) The company NTA and substantial turnover become very important for every company. Indirectly promote company was listed in KLSE is a quality proof company.
4) Directors hold more responsible to retain the assets and business.
5) The paid up capital for every company may increase to another high levell.
6) The turnover per day of trading shares in KLSE increase substantially

If preventing short sell, we indirect: -

a) Agree our listed company is no quality proof.
b) Encourage someone created a bomber on valuation.
c) Allow small investor discrimination by major shareholders.
d) Allow directors less responsible to company assets.

If we compared with Taiwan, HK, DJ, FTSE100, and Tokyo shares market. The said develop market never worry about short selling system. Because the quality company has been listed and never worry about the company will be devalue by investors.

The system applied by develop coutry proven that alraedy minimise the impact on lower price and recover soon in the future.

Sunday, June 22, 2008






Thursday, June 19, 2008


In the KLSE's today performance, it seem likes bottom. But i maintain my view, there is not bottom yet.

Today transaction did not shown any positive move. Hence, index still looking on lower support.

I continue save all money to waits the opportunity. Is it you will do the same?????

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Adjustment is good experience for future

KLSE"S Shares not cheap yet. If u r a fundemental investors should at every level of adjustment buy in.

Example, It should be divided u funds to buy every shares from. If u r conservative type, it must be divided by 10 times.

As i known, every investors is human not god. So, we do not know what is the lower price. Plan ahead to buy stock is good for long term investment.

Pls do not worry miss the boat, because as i predict u 3 years profit from market can be easily hit by this round.

But as a good investors, every adjustment is a good experience for future. Do not fears any adjustment is u first lesson.


Market today hit lower as yesterday night i commented. By the way, this is not a good time buy in.

Please take rest until next month. Maybe got cheapest stock u can collect it.

I remain unchange my negative opinion on KLSE index. By the way, if ur a index link sharesholder. Pls take a step or reorganise u portfolio to reduce you loss.

Aparently, i never hold any stock in hand for long term investment. Only consider daytrade to minimise the lose.

Wish you are good luck on today afternoon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This few days busy because create another blog. Because i need some technical support on my blog and finally had someone helping me. Hence, to shown appreciation to them. I create a new blog to introduce thier efford.

So, this 2 days not day tips for everyone who view my blog. But after reviewing today blog, i found that market soon to adjust again on index link counter. It could be another 20 to 30 points adjustment.

By the way, market still have some penny stock can play day trade, pls consider play

For other related to index counter, pls avoid further investment. The 1230 break again and last 2 minit the heavy range stock sell down is a bad signal. Pls CAUTION

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today market opening high and now registered at 1235 points, but the move did not have any supporting. It seems like a trap before it will adjust again in the coming days. Hence, it you want to play contra or play intra day.

“Please caution before invest.”

Market moves up or down hard to predict. Usually good player (trader) will obtain some information from daily data. But this is not an easy way.

One of the book writer today in Malaysia press said” Every successful investor must use 30 years to continue buying share only can be a millionaires” The theory seems like correct.

But in my opinion 30 years is not a short period and compulsory you must maintain the same strategy for 30 years in your life is very difficult. Because life carry with a lot of uncertainty. If your life style is moving at straight line, before you died you already feel bore.

Human life must have a lot of unforeseen challenging only beautiful. Like a white paper must put in some colour only can attract some attention. If applying one rule, one system or one way only. Your life is meaningless.

Are your agree ?????????????????????????

Sunday, June 15, 2008


TodayI feel good , because a lot leng lui visit my blog.Actually i am chinese educated but i do not know how to type chinese into my blog.

I had a lot of investment theory but nobody can help me type into this blog.

I also aware that a lot youngest need to earn more money to enjoy life because the living cost and inflation totally out of control.

I feel bad cannot teach them directly but hope at here they might learn it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

DJ market closed HIGH on 13/6/08

Be normal, If DJ high close normal will help Asian Market perform better. Is it KLSe will follow the up trend in the morning Monday.

but i always commented that :

Malaysia economic base is difference with USA.
President is not george bush.
KL is not Financial Centre.

The above condition does not matched with KLSE.

So, caution is a strategy invest in KLSE

No market at KLSE

Be a Brave Army in the Shares Market

Financial Risk is one of the new equipment to help you konow yourself more.

Read below article to help identified your risk

Financial risk management refers to the practices used by corporate finance managers and accountants to limit and control uncertainty in the firm’s total portfolio. Financial risk management aims to minimize the risk of loss from unexpected changes in the prices of currencies, interest rates, commodities, and equities. In the context of international accounting, financial risk management also contains an element of political, legal and “culture” risk—exposure to uncertainty in the outcomes of business transactions and asset transfers that comes with most international business operations. Accountants are closely involved in the analysis and evaluation of the financial effects of currency movements and exchange rates, tax regimes and business laws, as well as risks of hostile takeover, expropriation and economic downturns that differ in every country from Singapore and Malaysia to Japan, America and beyond.

Risk management has become an integral part of international business strategy, and accountants use quantitative tools to measure and analyze risk. The job of the Chief Financial Officer is to identify and address all types of risk, establish support and control mechanisms for dealing with it, and set the course for the risk management team in terms of its policies and objectives.

This study examines the financial practices employed for this purpose, including diversification (the combination of dissimilar investments that offset each other); asset allocation (use of safe or low-risk investments to mitigate losses from high-risk holdings); and hedging (use of financial contracts such as currency futures, options or swaps to cancel out possible losses in transactions or holdings). These practices are examined in light of their applications for international business, where accountants must cope with many more types and degrees of risk. The study also review the areas of financial analysis that concern the firm’s long-term strategy, such as investment risk (market analysis, portfolio management, asset price volatility), credit risk (individual and corporate), and insurance risk (property, product and business liabilities). The study argues that the specialist in international accounting needs to familiarize herself with local conditions, regulations and policies that affect each of these areas of finance.

To keep track of the myriad details of a risk management system, managers now rely upon a wide range of new tools and technologies- computer-based trading systems, telecommunications technology, decision support systems that quantify risk factors, and so on. Intelligent risk management helps a company stabilize cash flows, reduce risk of insolvency, manage foreign taxes, and focus on its primary business in each country and market. It is particularly critical in Southeast Asia today, where complex overseas operations are common for resident, host and guest firms alike.

In this study, the financial risk management is examined from the perspective of international accounting, to show how risk mitigation applies to the multinational firms with complex global transactions and assets. The studies analyze the interplay of currencies, exchange rates, interest rates, and accounting systems. Financial risk management is a specialized area of international accounting that requires specific training, tools and techniques, if one is to be successful in mitigating risk for an international business.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Is it market can maintain at 1230?

In market trading people all aware that today is a boring activities in KLSE perform. If you only read from paper, you may mislead by index point up. It seem likes market turn back to up.

I am one day in market watch the every transaction, i found that oil palm stock help index registerd in the positive close but the fact is market very very weak.

On next week, what is the strategy you should apply, i will say " please continue stay outside to watch, unless you have a good corporate news to support"

This week, i had some profit gain but very little. however, i am happy and enjoy trading in this week.

Wish your are have Happy and good lucky weekend.

Bye and good nite

Young Teenage in the current economic situation(what should they do)

A lot of people said investment of share needs a lot of money. Is it true? In the normal circumstances this is true. If every investment need to hold for long period of time, it can bring you and me a burden.

Hence, buying share or investment for young teenage is a luxury item and not reliable. In this century, young teenage look for modern way and fast way to earn money. Hence, if you ask them to hold for long period, they will reject you offer. When you offer them a Hi tech mobile phone cost RM3K, they immediately pay and purchase it. On the other hand, if you ask them purchase 1000 shares of Resort at RM3k, they may consider 10 years. The attitude of approaching assets/wealth in hand brought you surprising.

In this century, Finance Institution offers a lot of products for investment. But, these products attracted mostly from old man to buy. Young Teenage will be interested on how many credit cards they can apply.

The bumble of economic created by way of unbalancing of demand and supply. If any extremely apply to one side, the abnormal situation may arrive. Hence, the economic based will be spoilt and need some time to recover.

The difference group of people brings difference vision and opinion. Old man needs to save for retirement but youngest need money to spend. If the economic base created inflow money and outflow money is equivalent. The economic based become strongest. But usually sometime the unbalance may derive to hit the base.

As a responsible leader, he/she must good to adopting the policy to maintain the balancing. The policy should not attach any self-interest because it may bring another impact on unstable base. If self-interest applying into the policy, it similar likes an earthquake plus nuclear bomb into same place. Finally brings a forever hazard destroy.

At here, if the young teenage still enjoying at wonderful dream and not given a hand to support old age people. Eventually, both groups of people may fall into unhappy life.

Wake Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Malaysia culture affected our investment portfolio

In Malaysia KLSE stock market, we had number of shareholders in every company. Hence, during the AGM you can see crowded in the meeting hall. In this scenario, we should proud of it but fact always be disappointed.

Do you know why so many people attend the said meeting? I personally noted that the shareholders actually interested on: -

a) Free food and drink
b) Free door gift
c) Free voucher

The Board of directors if wants to divert the shareholders attention on performance of company. They could given more the above items to the shareholders to ignore query.

Is it this all is culture of Malaysia? As a human being, desired on free cost things is normal. But, actually we had indirectly given a chance to bad quality management team to escape the responsibilities on manage the company in the healthy way.

Hence, while the said company surprising announced the company has been group into PN4 or PN17. Minority shareholders only can stand behind blaming. Finally, the own investment fund has been burn without any notice.

Based on the above illustration on our Malaysia investor character. In future if you or me attend the said meeting, we should ask ourselves

“What should we do in the AGM?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is the lower price for KLSE shares

In this period, KLSE index link counter perform badly. As normal, a lot of people waiting a chance to buy cheap counter. But there is not easy to select the right and best buy counter. Because this round blue chip never ending registered lower and lower.

Let us study the move of the blue chip. Started from May 08, Maybank is the first to break the support level RM8.00 although the index maintained at 1290. Genting and Resort also break the support of RM7.00 and RM3.50. While index lower at 1270, Gamuda and MRCB break the 52 weeks low in the record.

After record the new lower price on above counters. On June 08, KLCE index one day broke 3 support level, that is 1269, 1253 and 1219.

Today, market hanging around at 1220 to 1230 points. But Genting, Resort and TMI registered the history lower price again. Is it a signal shown that market index may hit lower again.

In my opinion, the chances of hit lower will soon presenting in KLSE. History already guides me, usually the lower adjustment will be 3 times repeated. It brings you unbelievable and surprise. The lowest price hit attached with a lot of impossible news. The bad news seems like true and may happen on any minute.

But, the 3 rd round of heavy adjustment is a good opportunity to buy lower price for blue chip. Although there is a lot of rumours tell you avoid buying.

Hence, please do not waste your bullet (money) at this movement. Save it and waits.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bad bad market

Before i sleep, DJ market get badly run. Of course, now telling do not buy blue chip is too late but i will continue to say that.

2morrow i will buy :
a) knmCA

a) Tenaga
b) Resort
c) Genting

good night!!!!!!!!!!

Recently a bit busy, so no article to talk about shares and investment

By the way, i had a blog name if you felt bored pls read my another blog


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Home is your safe place for your to dream





House is a place for you to start your dream but before that is a heavy burden on your life. It can not follow you to heaven but may brings your second generation happy or suffer.

Think before your react to buy a house.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sharing Experience 出自 - 冷眼分享集

出自 - 冷眼分享集


Today my activities in KLSE

Today market open pluge at 19 points and lower at 25 points. I am online trading and found that at 9.30am KPS move from lower (fr 2.14 to 2.23). I quickly watch out the KHSB and JaKS movement. After study, i jump in to buy KHSB at .65 and Jaks at .68.

But 1st session closed, the above 2 counter did not perform well. But, after 3.30 KPS start a moving show . It break 2.28 and up to 2.40. it brings another hit the higher.

Hence, the above give me some profit. Of course 2morow maybe not that lucky to pick share to earn. But i felt happy because that is not easy to looking the right counter.

I got a friend he maybe can do it. If your are trust him, pls contact him 0193318319 mr teen. He is nice and friendly.

i am still remain unchange my view on KLSE 3 months run. Avoid index counter and play penny stock.

Thanks your spent time to view my blog.

write on 9/6/08 9.30pm

KLSE - 9/6/08

As i predict, index counter badly perform. By the way, i am still look negative on index link counter.

As usual, Tenaga today still is a leader in the market. I believe it may hit RM8.95 again, but there is small move and would not standing long at this peak price.

Overall Tenaga still need to back to RM7.35 and looking its strong support. Today, i am like to ask player to watch out the KPS group. KHSB and Jaks. It may bring you some surprise and gain.

At here i also predict market will close at down 10 points at 5pm.


Thursday, June 5, 2008


Bad situation at KLSE on 5/6/08 at morning

Composite index at KLSE hit low at 1216. It was break the strong support level of 1219. I am here to predict the market may come down more because of: -

a) The volumes of trading in the early shift still maintain at low.
b) The value of index link share still close at unreasonable value.
c) There is no panic selling.

Based on above, the technical rebound hard to present in the afternoon shift, Whoever buy must hold a high risk of lost.

I am still recommend buy for short period of investment


And recommend sell

c) IOI

Government imposed a new rule for oil and gas price. The impact actually brought by our newspaper. Last few days ago, they very hard working write about this topic. They also interview few rich people to claim our government not fair. Especially those who have own Singapore ’s vehicle. But they already enjoy the benefit about 20 years and they earn salary in Singapore and paid tax in Singapore. But all cheap things are support by ours. Finally, BN Government need them continue support in the election. Hence, imposed the above new system for whole Malaysia to bear the cost.

Thank You Mr Editor of Chinese paper. High living cost because of your are

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Want to be a good investor

I am a common people but i like to play share.

I am a ordinary people but i like to guest share up and down.

I am a poor man but i use all my funds to play share.

If you had above experience same like me. Please write small note to encourage me.

Of course i do not mind you pay me single cent but that is encourage to me.

Thanks ! Thanks!

However, let me tell you KLSE index will registered lower in next day. If your dare to buy . Please follow me : -


But as normal still discourage to buy index link share.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Best and worst investment in KLSE for 3/6/08

Today market break 1260 support. that is a bad news for all investors. If i wanted to invest, i will consider buy:-
c) SAPInd

and hardly recomment sell :-
1) Maybank
2 Public bank
3) Commerce
5) Bursa
6) Gamuda

Please look at above counter to restucture your investment plan at KLSE share market.

3/6/08 at 10pm

Sunday, June 1, 2008

回家後打開連絡簿,才看到作文題是 [ 媽媽的毛 ] ,這下可難倒這個三年級的小女生了 ,妹妹絞盡腦汁想了半天,才寫了兩行:『媽媽的毛,最長的是頭髮,最短的是睫毛』,就怎麼也寫不下去了,於是跑去問媽媽。
老師:『這作文題目有什麼問題嗎?我覺得小孩子越早寫這種題目越好。』 ﹝老師覺得這樣可以讓小朋友早一點知道感恩。﹞
老師心想,是不是媽媽不好意思在小孩面前自己誇讚自己,才不好意思寫? 於是說:『要是真的不會寫,也可以問問爸爸啊,參考一下他的意見。』
老師嚇了一跳:我出的題目是 媽媽的手 耶!


Gamuda - How to determine the lower price?

In my opinion, the stock price is hard to define the actual value. The various opinion in the market can affected your own decision. As a smart investor, usually will let the market force to decide the market value.

Stay away and avoid this counter until coming wednesday. It is easy for your to decide what price you should buying in.

In the KLCE market index, this month may see another heavy adjustment. So, any delay could bring you a good chance to buying in.

No one can escape as long as your are stay in hold some position of stocks.

Careful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Write on 1/6/2008 12noon