Monday, February 18, 2013

Why Property Market could not last long?

Property market up easily build up the increasing of country's GDP. But property market in the circle of economic always can create a burble and then harmful the economic base. Why it can't last long like others consumer products? ( eg Smart Phone, Camera, computer or Television).

Politician need price up for property, it can create an imagination to population they have been rich with support by politician party.So, nobody will get blame in the election. Nevertheless the hazard finally reach strong and unavoidable. It hit all level of basic economic and bang the financial institution loss all the depositors saving.

 In my mind, if normal salary per worker need to spend more than 10 years to purchase a house.(3,000 per month * 120 months = 360,000). The property selling price above 360,000 in the market already unreasonable. Now days, in the coffee shop I can hear a lot of old man said they already is a millionaire but they can't sell the house because they can't get another one like now or maybe need to pay more than that to purchase a new one.

Every one growing up be a man or women need about 20 years. So, the circle of property demanding should be follow such trend to make it steady and reasonable. If every ten year or less than that, the property price shut up more than 5% per year, that become unreasonable.

Recently a lot of listed company proposed be a developer to enjoy such blooming of price. But that is dangerous because the year of development required about 2 years and the skill workers would not join the new development company because of unsure. So, the quality not meet the requirement may cause losses and the commitment of management become heavy.

Those developer proposed the project in oversea is another threat. That also loss it heavily on foreign exchange risk.  

Sunday, February 17, 2013


稻米成熟时, 人在何方。春来秋去, 冬天是如何的冷,并 不曾在意。 

天空一樣蔚藍 卻換了多少雲彩
那時的你讓我幸福百分百 是否為我等待”



稻米成熟时,拔丢了叶, 那时很痛。

Just like another song lyric said:

"Everything has a life,  has a spirit, has a name." 

With the sad emotion to purchase new shares, then would like :

Friday, February 8, 2013


每一个人都想做生意。 本意当然不只赚钱而已,并且不用给人奴役。 那不易,只因为如果生意理论错误,最终得不到应该所得,而往往在不知不觉已经给别人奴役。犹记得某一个电视剧里, 好像是”珠光宝气“。当某一个财团是强大时,它就利用这种优式去奴役别人。所有中小财团给它牵制的无可奈何。中小财团其实不用它也能活。不过在游戏规则里永远是小人物。妥协是生意里很重要的事。当然那必须生意理论相同。那时誏一步可能有好结果。相反的,如果不同而必须用假象来妥协,最终是一起伤害没人有好处。再有的是最高管理层也容易混浠在某一种思想, 那就是理所当然使用他所熟悉的业务来管理公司。当他把大部分时间专注在一个部门而突然了其它。可以预知那公司不会有永远经营的能力。