Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Warning

Yesterday last hours of trading, Asian market have some bad news. That was happen at Indonesia. The rate of currency sudden bang down sharply and make some panic selling on equity. After that Central bank of Indonesia step in and support. So that the adjustment did not continue at this morning.

By this outstanding movement. Normally was tested by some group. They used it as guidance to aim for future plans. It will happen again and similarly Central bank will support. So that they know central bank support level and next round will double of bomb to hit down.

They have a enough funds in hand because they have easy money support by USA and Euro low interest policy. Especially Federal reserve been printed more more note in the market to easy pressure of financial crisis.

I am predict most probably the next economic bomb crisis start from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. So, the hawk will start testing whole regional countries and check the support level of individual central bank. When they find it, the bomb will double on short period of time. It makes no one central bank chance the policy to protect that.

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