Monday, February 22, 2010

Why Market down only one day?

Why market only adjusted on last Friday? There were a fear US Fed going to withdraw from bailout. Asia Pacific scary and worries on last Friday. Subsequently, DJ up a bit on last Friday closed. So, investors ignore the fear on today. The reason is if DJ also not worries about that. Why we should bother about it?

This is funny and joke. Investors finally like a bird standing on the tree. Someone touching the tree and birds all run away. So, if there noted the man is not hunter. They flying back and sleeping and rest on the tree again.

Playing should not allow someone pull your nose. We are human being attached with good brain. So, never or neither because of one issue simply adjust yours portfolio or planning. It would cost you a lot.

Since your are negative on the run. Why your are never take a rest first? Instead of jump in and jump out like a bird. Why?????

Friday, February 19, 2010

Need Spend Money for Monthly Expenses

Like previous month, every month need to take out some money for house expenses. Now, this become as burden and pressure on me. Since after school, everytime I also attached with employment. So, never feel that kind of pressure in my life.

Since last month, must think about how to take out some money and paid for the bills. That is terrible life. It;s just like you invest on one share and hope for capital return. But finally it had closed below yours investment cost. That's bad.

Japan suddenly faced selling off in the closing time. So that it would affected most of the market with same Regional faced the same trend. One day hit down all the positive trend in the week. Market seems like looking another low level after a long rally of higher. Investors hard to choose stocks to keep and excersive the right issue become a big burden. Because although trying hard to lower down the cost but big amount of the capital must reverse for it for long long period of times.

Life is pressure same like investments. So, need time to deserve it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bore day In Genting Highland

As everyday noted, I have been unemployed about 1 and half months. So, today went to Genting Resort take a visit. Enter inside the casino, found that most of the table empty. Why? Maybe recent economic brought people fear and do not wants to spend.

I just took a short move and after a hour back to KL. On my way home, I just predict maybe some big player save money and planning fight at New Casino located at Singapore. So, is it affected Genting Business. That is hard to predict. Because as I know, people like new thing and enjoy new thing if the cost remain unchanged.

Look at today market, Like roller coaster game. Few hours down and finally recovered. Please do be happy, is just some investors trying to average down the investment cost. And some speculators aim for festival rally. This is all jokes. They have ignore some basic rule of equity investment game. We should trust every time the heavy adjustment come, you must not try to against it. Just wait some data tell you where is the support level instead of mistakely use yours own thought to identify it.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Some investors like to choose day to buy in or sell. Like very Friday, they do not want to take risk because they claim that long weekend may happen anything and incur big loss. That is wrong and funny. If they are have such thinking. They should not hold any stocks. Otherwise, every week they also not happy on that.

Some people say there is some window dressing on certain stocks to make the book value better. That is old strategy. As a good Funds Manager, they should aware which stocks can give good return on yearly earning. They are not depend on one day price to determine a good stocks. They are more likely love such stocks run at lower price when they are still collecting.

So, CNY coming soon. Are you plans to buy something or sell some stocks? So that if you are a good player should be able to read some data on certain period of the equity market movement. That is more important than specific day.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What should I say?

A bad situation was happen. I can't even write a note at here. Because when I was referred back my last month my note at here. The title named "My opinion" has been correct. If I continue said something at here. It may make more in hurt.

Basically , equity market did not worst than our expectation. It still can allow you make money. Of course it should not unlimited delivery money to you. Otherwise no one will study in future and no one wants to work again.

This situation mainly due to most of the countries' government did not clean the rubbish. In year 2008, actually base has been totally hit. But government through all the food inside without any proper planning. So that some powerful people use it as weapon and deny they has been made any mistake. Any group of people received such food, do not know how to manipulate well. Finally the gap become bigger and bigger. So assets price fly to high hill and certain investment assets unlimited up. But no one care about it. This round hit again will create more fears and suffering. Because Governments lack of weapon or maybe we can say they are no more effectiveness weapon.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Is it something?

Asia Pacific equity market today registered higher than last week. It were perform wild on whole day. Morning all running at negative and final hit up back . This is excited.

Malaysia lucky never take part on today. It was closed for holiday. Otherwise who suffer lose may faced sell off at lower price. Technical I have concluded today rally is good. Finally sustain at strong support level.

Most of the foreign funds manager expect US DJ strong rebound by few days adjustment. But that is mathematic and do not make sense in the equity market. Normally i should wait another down trend and check where is the strong support. It does not brings you any benefit if you simple confirm it is a strong support line.

So, tomorrow continue away from market is a better choice and give you more clearance picture on next move.