Monday, March 30, 2009

Resort and Genting

A lot of investors worries Genting and Resort would one day call for the right issue. Actually Tan Sri has many advisors can assist him propose better deal to the market. Like : -

a) Call bonus with warrant by Resort.
b) Call warrant by Genting.
c) Bonds attach with warrant by both companies.

The above ideal plan can assist Resort at Singapore obtain more funds to settle the loan due in the future. Currently interest rate lower but cant' easy to obtain bank support. Furthermore more loan from bank will give another impact on share price. If Tan Sri now plans to have issue warrants attach with low interest rate as a package. It will help entire Genting group have guarantee cash flow in hand to settle the loan in Singapore. It will bring advantage on operation teams do not have any pressure on targeting the high turnover and could have comfortable cash flow environment in hand would help group maintain better status to face any new challenge.

The stupid and bad imagination by those analyst will automatic eliminate and I am believe the price of share will hit higher than now. Because warrant is sweet and Bond is honey.

General Motor at US is a Bad Factor?

Today entire equity market had faced the heavy sell force. It was because of Obama instructed General Motor CEO quit and there is no any bailout for GM. This result finally given Japan and HK each had adjusted more than 4.5%. KLSE did not escape the impact on such bad news. Down 16.09 points and stood at above 869 points.

Is it a so bad? Is it so tragic? Is it a real bad news? Every one in market had received such bad news of GM in the past few months ago. This news almost repeats on every month. Why investors still can’t absorb it?

In my opinion, because this 3 weeks US market had shut up about 20% and others market were follows the step. This is a good excuse for who had realised the profit. In order to buy in again at lower price.

Refer to the past few adjustments on KLSE, some specific counter would start the adjustment in advance and subsequently entire counters in the market were followed. This round had a difference style and did not have any bad signal shown in last Friday.

On the above analytical, I was found I had made a mistake to identified it on this morning. But I am confident market will come back soon because there is a bad factor happen, it could not be last long.

So, let us identified the following factors. Is it enough to have a strong rebound in the coming days.

a) Appointment of NEW PM at 3rd of April
b) Gamuda and Resort stood above 1.95 and 2.05 respectively.
c) Market did not hit down below 869 points
d) By election campaign is on
e) Ringgit Malaysia still at 3.62
f) Oil price at above 50.

Today, I do not have any gain or lose because I am still holding it. But tomorrow is my cruetly day.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not Easy

Market after adjusted heavily in the past 9 months, most of the analyst had lose confident. Recently market had came back from 837 points, but they still wrote some negative points in the media. But, market up or down definite not as they were predicted.

Hence, while they were commented market soon have adjustment. You should try buy some stocks and keep. For me, last week was traded in good profit. Hope this week given me same profit.

In US, market was touched 7900 and friday was adjusted about 148 points. But that is not a signal turn down. It should be reach 7,500 points only could know the trend. UMNO election was over did not 100% pull market downward. Please do not forget, 3 years only have once UMNO election. It does not means other days market all registered low. So, please consider there is one of the factor to KLSE.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Gamuda, Genting, Pelikan, Equine and Wct-wb.

In this morning, a lot of investors had decided sold their holding stocks. Because they had been thought UMNO election was over at last night. They also were gave the strong reason, market soon be turn down. In fact, if the market sentiment could be allowed us read it as such simple way. I am thinking we should not have registered any lost in our investment book.

In my experience, well know or just understand about market’s movement is not a easy task. Since I am 18 years old, I was started trading in the market. As at today, truly speaking “in equity trading sector actually I am still classify myself is a “kid”. “

After reading today’s trend of KLSE equity market, I was found: -

a) No signal turn down
b) Gamuda and WCT strong
c) Resort only faced profit taking trading
d) Volume maintained.
e) Penny stocks still traded at above support level.

Although economic data still negative but had been absorbed well in the beginning of this month. After these data accumulated I have been concluded market still have a chance to make money but it would be applied it to selected stocks only.

My decision is buying Gamuda, Genting, Pelikan, Equine and Wct-wb.

Gamuda and Genting

A rally again at KLSE in the yesterday afternoon. Now, I am here recommend buy in Genting and Gamuda because both of them broke the resistance level at 3.80 and 2.03 respectively. A market trying to continue the rally. So, other counter is a right time come out to support the rally.

IJM had hit above 4.30 and Resort touch 2.19. If based on normal valuation, Gamuda should be able touch 2.30 above and genting will hit above 4.00. Otherwise the balancing of index will out of calculation.

As normal, I would not chose buying the mother and searching the call warrant to enjoy the rally.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Resort and Pelikan

Resort had performs as per predict. So, in order to notify when it will turn down. Please take note on the profit margin per day. Last few days, daily profit was in the range of 8 cents. If one day the profit margin shut up more than 12 cents, there is a signal to realise you profit immediately.

Most of the counter I have been taken profit and closed the deal. Asiabio hit me badly, total lost for it registered about RM2.2k.

There is no signal market will coming down but profit margin for every counter will not as high as you predicted. So, please careful trading.

Pelikan last week bought at 67.5 cents and was took the profit on Tuesday. Now, it was come back to 74.5 and volumes reduce. Normally, I will try on the technical rebound and earn some money. Hence, I am unambiguously jump in again and bought at 74.5.


Usually a stock faced open high and closed lower with traded high volume, the followings day would faced an adjustment. But Resort at Tuesday open high and closed lower but next day (Wed) had a good move (up).

Normally, if this circumstances happen on one particular stock. There are support by few reasons: -
1) Good news announcement (Bonus or High dividend).
2) Speculating
3) New shareholders comes in
4) Over sold

Please analyst the above possibility and decide you investment. Market on today will starting another rally. If you successful average you cost, you could enjoy some profit. US DJ move strong at openning, it will give KLSE another good news to carry on the up rally.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

LCL and Sealink

I had bought in at this morning. My own opinion these 2 stocks will continue move because of: -

a) Good supporting
b) Overall Market steady
c) No news in the market

Under circumatances of ( c), usually people would like to buying because of a lot of good news. But I am prefer no any news in the market only start buying. In my experience, if there is only news in the market and these news subsequently affected the market up or down. The market up or down rally short and fast elimated.
Recently, I was decided bought in again no because of UMNO factor. I had been accumulated all factors in last Thursday. So in the last friday, I was the only one started bought shares in our group.
Based on yesterday noon and today morning market performance. A lot of people started worries these rally soon be ended. In view the performance of last 2 days, my opinion is buy it your existing in hand stocks again and try to average it. You should be able enjoy a litter bit sweet.

I am Busy Body

I am still remember a Blogger name Khoo88 was collected KNM , AMMB and Resort last month. He had leave some note at my Chatbox at here, claimed lose a lot on these 3 counters. But after a small rally on 2 days, I am believe he had recovered some lost.

Nothing much to mentioned about him, Just wants to said congratulation to him. Finally, he had suceed brought some money back.

If you are listen warning from my yesterday morning 7.30am post. I am believe you also can taste the some sweet. Yesterday market perform as my prediction, it had brought all hot volume stocks had an adjustment. It would not run as year 2006 and 07. A lot of investors would facing a worry at now. Similar with me, because I had bought in Asiabio and Resort CI.

Asiabio in this year had registered as low as yesterday, that is on somewhere Feb09. But closed at high on the same day. A mesdaq stocks in Malaysia now less attractive and most of the people worry to buy in these categary of stock. But, as a speculators, we should not scare any type of stock. We should categaries all stock is good stock, if they could provided a profit.

Resort started its rally from yesterday and in these 5 days I would classified it as good stocks, because it had broke RM2. All bad news had well absorbed. Of course, I would not wasting my bullet to buy the mother counter. So, i had selected join into the rally party and bought the call warrant to enjoy the sweet derive from it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Asiabio had faced the selling force at yesterday and today morning. It was hit as low as 9.5 cents but successful obtained a good support at 10 cents. The trend of these counter finally created a round bottom after morning session. So, I am strongly recommend buy in at 10.5 cents. I had concluded the 10 cents is strong support level. So, I will not surprise it can given you a good profit at these afternoon.
Finally, Resort had sucessful broke the RM2 in this morning, although market in this morning faced a strong profit taking but overall trend is maintain. I am believe the penny stock hard to given you any more profit but blue chip and index link counter will continue register higher price until they meet another level of resistance.

DJ Soar 497 points - Sell future?

In order to minimise you lose, you should goto future market made a "short" deal in the morning. It would help you enjoy a hedge to you equity stock in case it have a adjustment in the morning. Today equity market given a surprise move and most of the penny stocks had broke the resistance level. I am hard to select any stocks from market and advice take profit immediately in the morning.

Market should go back to 864 points only can obtained the strong base for further move, otherwise it will turn back as low as it can.

Careful trading and keep you eye on daily volumes. It would help you knows the support level. I am a bit worry on today move because it could not given me any good signal to well know the shares price movement and hope would not drop back to starting points. "I am blur and confused, hope you are can understand what I am trying to say at here."

DJ up 497 points given a good chance to whom bought in at yesterday and realised some profit at today.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Muhibah and Resort –CJ

Today KLSE market performing as my prediction and had given a good profit to everyone. Of course, this move had contributed me some profit. As normal, enjoy the profit and chose others stock to enjoy market continues up. People would surprise I am select Muhibah and Resort –CJ. Recently, Muhibah had touched as low as 64.5 cents, If you bought in at last week, it was given you a good profit. Normally, it would hard to up again and should be faced heavy adjustment on today. But, it did not happen on this morning.

For my own analyst, if one stock hit above 20% from the bottom. Normally the strong resistance level would be appearing and high volume of sell force will be delivered. But, Muhibah did not meet the resistance level and further hit above the closed price of last Friday.

Like Pelikan also did move above 20% on last Friday, today still given a good profit. Hence, I was believed this counter (Muhibah) still can given holders some profit until the resistance price appearing in the quote.

Resort had faced a heavy adjustment on last 2 weeks. It was hit 52 weeks low and touched 1.84. But this 2 days hardly see the lower price again. Based on my own analyst, the adjustment is over. If resort can hit above 2.00, the profit of this share is about 40 cents.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Good News

A good news from newspaper, finally our assemblyman found population's needs important than their politic agenda. They had analysis the north south highway cost and proposed to government privatised it. This is an ideal proposal.

Last 2 weeks, we found a lot of stupid news like: -

a) 28 assemblyman surrounding a tree. (cost us pay them salary RM 300k per month)
b) Keep on concentrated fighting on their post at government

The above agenda wasted a lot of cost and time, people of Malaysia spend so much of money to everyone of them, but they wasting on that. Finally, Barisan easily manipulated the first plans of 7.5 billion as well as 60 billion from "mini budget". No one politician helping us to query EPF why the dividend rate so low, why ASM doing so good?

The above politician agenda brought KLSE finally registered as low as 835 points only. KLSE market at last friday touched the strong base and predict have a small rally in the coming weeks.

I am suggest buy in Scomi and Pelikan. Good luck! Buddy

Friday, March 20, 2009


After reviewing today movement of stocks. I had found most of the stocks have been created a base. It’ s mean that the lower price hard to touch again in this period of time (at least 10 days). Today 1st shift market volume accumulated by oil and gas related stocks and their also had given some good profit to investors.

I had been tried analyst more about the movement of stocks at last few days. Finally, today I found some bad factors had gone. Like: -

a) Malaysia Ringgit steady.
b) Oil price hit above 50.
c) Politic game by PKR and Barison ended. Now focus on UMNO internally election.
d) No foreigner selling.
Due to the above, I had decided bought in Scomi. Today, this counter performs surprising, in the 5 minutes time hit about 2 cents. This is rare on last few months. Usually a counter was hit below 30 cents, it would need few days to hit above 30. But Scomi had done it on today. Some more Abdullah going to retired on next few days. Is it a celebration party for him or a good retired fund for him? Let us view in these days

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I learn a new word from CNBC. Actually we are all tragic because through out the year we earn nothing. However, tell you are a joke. This morning when i was said Citigroup shut up to 2.80. A lot of tablemate complaint that they should bought in at one dollar. Now, everyone just disappinted at now. Lastly, I was asked them a question "how come no one said he is luck enough when citigroup at 30, they were never bought in" Finally all quite on this topic.

Shares investment always faced such situation, you could not or hardly get the bottom price to earn more. Because we are all is human being. We would felt fear, felt tragic during trading and sometime we are control by external issue mislead us to wrong direction.

After 97/98 crisis, I had learn it. I do not want buy in at bottom but I must aware every share i buy in must have movement. Buy in bottom hardly succeed because you always must jump in by your own imagination or own prediction. You would to tried more than 10 times only manage to get the bottom price, the cost is huge and terrible.

Come back to KLSE, today i was still watched a movement of stocks but found that no signal can allow me jump in and buy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am wondering today market hit above 850 at 1st session. But it would not encourage me step me bought any shares from market. In my blood, share up and down already giving me some excited. Sometime must avoid such mood to ignore some pain.

During this period of time, I am watching the movement of share. Trying to known more about them. Of course, some stock already told me theirs movement. On the same time, they had also told me and warns me, it hard to earn any cents from that. Maybe need more days to study about that. I hope I got such chance and talent.

Today local news talks about ASM and EPF, i had read a lot of their news. All expert trying to give some excuse to help EPF although it had only declared at 4.5% dividend. Actually base on my own analysis, ASM could not earned so high profit unless they can manage to borrow some funds from others. They further announced that they have keeping a lot of cash in hand. But refer back to last year, shares market hit down about 700 points. How can it escape from such adjustment? Is it ASM hold a crystal ball? Is it ASM always can buy in low and sell it high? Is it some market still contribute 7% profit in last year?

So, if ASM performance so good. Why EPF cannot purchase the units from ASM to earn more than 4.5%? Why EPF cannot employed such good manger from LTAT help members earn 16% per annum? Why we should pay such high bonus to EPF' commitee board and staffs if they ablity lower than ASM staffs/manger?

I am whole year playing shares in market. Finally, I had manage to minimise my lose by way of run fast but could not totally escape from that crisis.

So, I am sitting here make a lot question in my brain and it had keep on shown me a word "Wondering"!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today KLSE market opened good and stable. It was attracted me searching a stock to buy in. After analysis some stocks, I had found that Axis supported at 6 cents and hard to hit 5.5. Usually such situation had happen, I will take an immediate action buy in. The reason is: - this share did not hit below recently lower price as well as had supported at higher level, although today price trading lower than yesterday closing price.

Before I want to step in and purchase this counter, I had decided walk away from securities firm. Because some data in hand still confusing me. My mind giving me a warning and alert.

I was walking to canteen and sit down. While I am start thinking, I found there are few reasons stop me purchase at today.

a) Yesterday DJ Open High Closed Low. Chances of heavy adjustment at tonight is high.
b) TMI and Genting faced a heavy selling pressure at today.
c) Market volume did not registered lower yet.
d) UEMLand and MRCB moving around 1 cents margin.

The above negative analysis stop me buy in at now. I do not know I am right or wrong. I think one or two days will confirm.

Monday, March 16, 2009

USA DJ Rally

US DJ has a small rally in this 2 months. It can climb to 7,900 points but KLSE would not follow. A lot people still guessing Resort and Maybank lower price. But it does not help you althoght you are correct. No matter how is 1.60 or 3.00 respectively. If it does not give you any profit, why you are wants to guess it?

These few days I am watching some counter broke the lower price, that is UEMLand broke 68 and Ranhill hit down below 75.5. It were given you a warning, market still bearish. US and Euro seeking a resistance and hard to drop at this five days. But it will pull all funds back to their market, because better turnover and easy to manage.

Malaysia market lose the momentum as well as traded at high PE. So, at least 30 days could not given you any profit. Careful trading!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


In equity market everyone had a dream. They are hoping one day can buy in a counter everyday limit up. It is impossible task and also hardly to have.

Last Friday KLSE follows the external market registered a positive move but some famous counter still faced a adjustments. If you bought in and were not taken profit on the same day, that is dangerous. In US would had a good result in equity market for month of Apr to June. But it could not be happen in KLSE.

All data in my hand still shown negative and should not easy eliminate it. Of course if you had a super tips on specific counter, that will be good for you have a speculator chance.

Some more I was hear a lot of people claimed that MINI Budget spending future money but they still insist buying. What is the funny theory? So, i was in doubt why they can continue claims some one is wrong, but on the other hand still support such counter.

The funny world created the funny people. So, please do not accept such people's theory. Because they had always complaint but they did it the same way and did the some thoery.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hard to satisfy !

As a normal people, we would always use a lot of excuses blaming. Like market today performance, i was listen a lot of complaint about the MINI Budget. So, he had hold zero responsibilty about his holding stocks in hand while registered lose. The main excuse is others people fault. You are hard to listening a word from his mouth. He would not blame himself had made a stupid mistake.

If the above attitude is continue in his life. I am believe his is hard to earn money from equity market unless he had own a lot of fortune in his life.

In fact, the investors like to set a price to buy in. Example: - he always assume that Resort would not fall below 2.00 or after fall 2.00, he had set a buy in price at 1.80 or 1.60. This theory does not work because it was used you mind to set it. (This theory i had named it as "I thought")

Finally, after successful bought the share at target price and its share still falling. He will start blame and keep on telling you. "It should not be happen."

As I understood, equity market is not work as simple as mathematics. that is 1 + 1 = 2. It was comprising a lot of factors to close one deal. Hence, why you are insist that you bought in price must be 100% correct? Why people selling price is wrong? Why people cannot buying such shares lower than you? Why you are named yourself is a GOD in the first place and set such target price? Why you are confirm this price can grant you a profit?

Please find out the reason, maybe one day you could understand it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Open High Closed Low

When this morning in the coffee shop, I was commented the market will close low. A lot of people thought I am crazy and during the opening time of equity market. They had concluded I am 100% wrong. Finally the end result of KLSE, proven I am correct.

How come I am confident in this morning I would not wrong? In fact, the data was told me. If blue chip like Pbank also facing a heavy adjustment, that is not reason market could sustain at high level. Another main factor is USA just come back from bottom, it would attracted most of the funds back to equity market. If Investors choice USA as a play ground, they wont facing the impact of exchange rate lose.

If my prediction is correct, Asia pacific market now starting seeking the bottom. It will needs at least one month or 3 months. Until the bad factors one by one eliminate. Remember your are again, I am a speculator player. If I also cannot cant' earn any single cents from that,or not interesting playing in the market. It will confirm market sentiment is weak and profit margin is little.

Keep on sell future as far as any technical rebound, you will see a lot of profit through into you pocket.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mini Budget at Malaysia

The announcement by our Finance minister at 4pm given a some positive news but it is can support market continue sustain at this level? My point of view is negative, because I am always believed if the support has been broke. Market should looking another strong base. It can be needed 10 days or maybe 100 days. I am not holding any crystal ball, so i couldn't tell you.

If there is happen, no point we wasting time to search for it. We should stay away study more and let market telling us directly. Who is trying day by day will waste in hand bullet in the air and cause lose heavily in this period of time. I do not wants be a experiment frog in the lab. Are you willing to be?

Of course no one happy be a frog. But some time you are induce by false data and maybe mislead by certain issue. So, carefully study the said data in hand before made any buying decision.

Sell Future Index

Even thought today our Finance Minister going to announce a mini budget. But I am believed market still weak and would touch below 850 points. That is not important on the amount of budget. Because the economic base in the world actually has been destroyed.

If the Mini budget is per people expecting about 30 billion. Market would not up as much as expectation. If Lower the amount it could be impact the market seeing the lower. So, stay out for while to avoid this factor.

Usually as an ordinary people, you are hardly can feel the allocation from government. The inproper working of system made our country lose a lot of unnecessary resources. So, sometime you would think " Better do not have any new allocation". This is cause by frustration and disappointed. Otherwise certain group of people become rich and riches, and most of people still waiting until his/her died still haven't receive any allocation.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shall We pround of it?

Today newspaper highlighted a news about Maybank and Commerce total market value have been higher than Citigroup. Is there a good news?

Malaysia always like to compared with bottom. Hence, they had believed the slogan "malaysia boleh". So, everytime some famous group in the international had been fall to bottom. They would like making a special news to highlight it.

Therefore, our local politician smart use these strategy to convince people of Malaysia. I am always feel "Sad" because most of them had accept it and believe it. Sometime I would asked "Is it our education system going to wrong direction?" How come nobody use ours study skill to "Listen, Understand, Analysis and Conclude"

Listen= Listen the market data.
Understand= Understand what you are listen
Analysis = Analysis the data is false or good
Conclude = Conclude it "is good accept, is bad immediately reject it."

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad Indicators

As I was mentioned here before, if few bad factors join and meet each other at one point of time. It could be serious hazard. There were not had any support at all. Yesterday evening, I found some stocks indicated the signal. MRCB, UEMLand, Gamuda, Ramunia and etc. These counter moving back to Tuesday opening level, it could not given Monday's buyer any profit. Usually if there is a strong rebound, price would show a certain profit to new buyer. It was allow some holder see a confident level. But would not happen in Wednesday eventhough there is a mini budget will announce on Next Tuesday.

Apart of the above, some finance counter still downward to new low price level. That is Maybank and Bursa. Forex Malaysia against USD still weak. Oil price touch double top at 45. US and Euro still registerd lower index. More news on right issue call. Singapore seems like going to decrease again in 2nd quater.

The above factors join up in time. Giving a warning to me stay out immediately from equity market.

Do you Feel the same?

US Plunge 281 points

That is bad news again because that is represented above 4%. Malaysia KLSE will fall as much as its can. The few bad factors going to join up together soon. Please be careful.

Today I am decide sell out everything because that is meaning less to hold stocks against the odd. No more averaging will done and stay out a while. Until new signal reach again in the market. Please go to Future market doing sell contract to enoy some profit. The bad news mainly derived from GM and Sitigroup at US as well as AIG.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Buy In Ramunia - WA

Buy in Ramunia - WA because of: -

1) Limited lose - Recent record was shown lowest touch at 11.
2) Higher gain - last month higher is 20.

As per yesterday price closed at 13. There is a good chance to earn at least 6 cents if predicted the resistance at 19 cents. Another good news is Energy Oil up about 9% at international market. There is a good chance to made a pocket money.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good Signal

As per last two days commented at here. The KLSE market moving as per my described. It was stopped at one level and cheat all the good holders selling cheap to certain group. Like TMI , it wasn't hit below 2.50, MRCB wasn't hit below 68 cents as well as genting and resort were not see any historical low.

My own judgement is correct and accurate. Market still drift trading at this level. Few bad factors was not joined up to pull index to new low level. This is a good lesson for me. It was given me a guide in this 2 days. I found the strong supoort of KLSE as well as found some stocks be my indicator.

So, in future if market broke this level there is a alert for me to run fast. Happy is not because of making money from stocks. Happy is because found the alert level and allow me clear all trading in time if have any adjustment coming in the corner.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lose was Increased

Accumulated lose has been increased due to heavy adjustment. KLSE slump about 21 points today. But i was still hold some stock in hand, That is Ranhill.

Actually, if economic did not recovered. Share price is still expensive but if I am not taking an opportunity to learn something. I would lose the direction. Of course, we should pay some fees on that but trying to minimise it.

Some people think I am crazy and will continue through money into dustbin without sense. Crazy usually attached with me all the time, because I am always against the odd. The reasons I am continue buy in are: -

a) How bad economic in Malaysia was hit by this crisis? Actually You do not know and I also do not aware, because we are depends by media provide such information. We are no choice to believe it.
b) Is it USA given any sweet in the past 20 years? Maybe the trade between us and USA clearly stated. That is not more than 20%. If there is an accurate data, the index had adjusted more than 50%, the adjustment has been reflected in year 2008.
c) Most of the investors would not surprised market drop further as those analyst was predicted. They further concluded it will adjust below 800 points. But please do not forget. They have been tell you in the last year Aug 08, market still strong and continue provide a lot of data to recommend certain stock as well as confident our oil price continue strong. They never stop recommend buy in.

Based on the above, market was adjusted on today. Most of the people happy and would said, "market will continue drop and given them confident sell out now and plans buy back later. "

Is it a good planning? In fact, the bear still exist but not as per "we thought " that "Bad".

Normally, I am only trust few bad factors join up together only given a good excuse for index will registered new low. At this point of time, if you try buy 10 counter and hold it. you chances of pick bankruptcy company become slim. In year 2008, your chances to pick a stock would adjusted the price more than 70% is high but on current status, the situation was changed. Hard to seeking a stock will adjusted more than 70%, unless there is bankruptcy applying into it.

So, nothing to worry. This period of time should spend some money to understand the move of stock. You will enjoy the sweet soon. I also believed the honey is close to you in the next corner. As far as you wouldn't tried smart to play index counter at now and purely selected some stocks below RM1. You chances of lose is minimise and limited.

The above analyst does not means you should play as crazy as me. But just a warning" Do not trust super hero in the newspaper".

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lose money game

As a small investor, lose 10k is a big deal. But in the equity market, like GIC of Singapore, FED of USA they must paying more than a trillion to maintain National Assets and Goodwill. Similar with Malaysia Khazanah Holding, they also need some funds to do such deal, although they not even enjoy anything in the past ten years. Nor dividend or gain.

Equity market having a big problem because of: -

a) Wrong direction of Education- Everyone study in the school had started given an information must earn much much money in life. The teacher, lecturer and parents had warns kids must study because of enjoy luxury life in the future. Civic and ethic had totally ignore.
b) Selfish - Management and BOD enjoy big sum of bonus although the actual yield had not registered in the book. There is a invisible increase of asset and sales in the book ,even though selling a same product by multiple times.
c) Goodwill- The politician and government must maintain the goodwill. It was given a chance to group of people manipulate and threaten them. They had created a big liabilities and influences in the society, it was indirect brought innocent ordinary population involve in the game for their self benefit.

The above would continues in the coming days because no one is penalty. All those CEO, directors and top management still enjoy the money had received by them in the past 10 years. They are riches and media will continue promote them as VIP in the world.

During past 2 months in this year, I was started again in these game. As at today, the result of me is lose. Of course, people will say my strategy is wrong because of I am buying by way of speculating.

But refer those stock I had bought. If I had not used speculated way, the loses would registered more than 20k. So, although is lose money game but playing with smart decision on current situation.

In fact, lose in the game shouldn't have any excuse bring into maintain personal glory. But understood the mistake was made become priority and necessity. Otherwise, it will continue in the future.