Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In the chat box, some people thought I am princessXinyun. Princess is my friend, if you wants to know her, please visit her blog at here.

However market penny stocks give a lot of surprise to everyone. Of course as an investor, the main topic should be blue chip. I think I am speculator, more interested on invest fast return stocks. I am still remember I am hardly recommend Time on 2 weeks ago. I bought it and sold at 2 weeks ago Friday, the main reason because I was worries about the index adjustment affected the rally. Although I am sucessful escape from the index adjustment but lose it to gain more. Luckly last week friday I had reinstate the stock and enjoy today its rally.

Yesterday, I had sold it and bought a lot of Notion. Because last minute this counter was stood above 555. This is my resistance level. If it broke these level. The 70 cents target easy to meet soon. Hope your are enjoy the penny stocks rally but this all subject to DJ do not have any big adustment.

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