Monday, December 28, 2009

US Break 10500

US DJ break 10500 points on last Friday. It had help Asia Pacific change the direction, from adjustment turn to up trend again in this morning. There was not surprise Malaysia also follow such trend. Success stand above 1272 points.

Most of penny stocks come back at lower and give some profit to short term player. I am busy on packaging my stuff at office. This week is my last week in the company. So, do not aware anything was happen in this morning.

I am prefer buying GENS-CI to GENS - C3. Not only there are cheap and also is time for them enjoying the opening ceremony of new casino at Singapore. My funds all have been locked by some penny stocks and could not realise it to buy the above stocks. I do have some motiviation and agree that I am induce by them at this trading price.

Hopefully tomorrow market still positive and allow me sell my in hand stupid stocks. Otherwise I could not enjoy this rally again. There is " No money no talk".

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